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  1. It's sad that you attach meaning to such things.
  2. Sorry Wuss, I'm not angry. Just making sure everyone knows who you are supporting. You should probably examine why you love this place so much and how that effects you on a personal level. You clearly have issues. Spending countless hours in front of your computer in an attempt to be the smartest person on the internet will likely lead you down a very unfulfilling path. But that is hard for people to see when they are in the moment.
  3. Wuss, HBR can be very relevant to this situation. Here is an article about an inept CEO heading an inept company through an ineptly managed business situation. https://hbr.org/2011/01/how-i-did-it-maclarens-ceo-on-learning-from-a-recall Certainly we should stay away from working with people like this if we want to have well run organizations supporting our sport.
  4. It's OK Wuss. Just relax and regroup. You have another hard week of absurd legal innuendos and unsubstantiated rumours to spread. You deserve a day off once in a while.
  5. You should log off and go sailing. We all completely believe that you are on the beach and actually rigging a boat. Nice touch. You too have put in a hard week of work and I'm sure that all seven people who read this forum are now very concerned about a pending lawsuit that will lead to the immediate downfall of the world's largest youth and adult racing class. Go put your feet up, talk to the boss and get ready to go Monday morning!
  6. Don't sell yourself short. You are doing a great job!
  7. Your statement points out very well a classic example of trademark dilution and how it is very likely that Velum's trademark is mainly worthless. You've put in a hard week of work and really think you've finally turned the tide on this forum. Everyone now believes that LP is a great company and will lead us into a bright new future. Well done!
  8. No, it's pretty obvious that the prick is responsible, not the kids out playing with their Lasers. It is an excellent analogy. And how to do you fix a hole in a balloon anyway? You could use tape, but that would never last long. Best to get rid of the prick and inflate a new balloon. Another good analogy.
  9. I like the analogy. I think we all know who the tiny prick is that is causing causing our balloon to lose air.
  10. But world sailing HAS NOT countersigned. Please try again.
  11. Not true. Please try again. The agreement shown on the LP facebook page is adulterated. Rastegar has not signed a licensing agreement that has been accepted by World Sailing or any of the other parties. Please come back when you can show that World Sailing has accepted Rastegar's marked up version of the agreement. And if you want to get literal, please show me Rastegar's signature. That was weak. Please try again.
  12. I think you have just disqualified yourself from participating in this discussion. If you don't get the basic premise by now you never will. World Sailing has required that any qualified builder should be able to make Olympic equipment. This is not breaking up a monopoly unless the monopolist chooses to be resistant to an evolving business environment. So far it appears that LP/Velum would prefer to fight rather than license. This is their choice. No one is forcing them to do anything. LP/Velum can continue to use the Laser trademark as they wish, no one is trying to stop that. But LP has breached various agreements that makes its rights to produce class legal boats for ILCA racing questionable. Either you understand this already and you are just being contrarian for the sake of eliciting comments on this forum, or you are honestly too dense to understand what the previous 3000+ posts on this subject have been discussing. I'm afraid it might be the latter.
  13. JimC don't be such a wuss! Or should I say, don't be so much like Wuss! Sorry, I couldn't resist!
  14. lemonpepper

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    They are malicious. In many cases, yes, they stand to gain like the monopoly european dealers and the european chairman who would be in line to take the lucrative paid executive position that LP have so overtly offered. In many cases, yes. If they are not corrupt and do not stand to gain, then yes, mostly they are too dim to realise what they are doing and are just parroting the same babble perpetuated by the european class and dealers like Negri and Kenbeek.
  15. lemonpepper

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Those sails are terrible. Wow!