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  1. BeerMonkey

    Better broaching for singlehanders

    Actually, no, I don't subscribe to keto. However, I am well versed in the science of it. Like I said, wasn't attempting to start a debate on the merits/otherwise of keto v anything else. The danger is in ascribing values to 'diets' that are unsupportable, given the myriad of other factors that impact on 'performance'. Energy availability to the body and cerebral function are well understood, if not well synthesised. Very few and far between are those who have made a study of more than one discipline. Endocrinologists don't study liver function, diet, digestion or nutrition, for example and 'sports nutritionists' don't appear to study anything. Dieticians are mostly working off an ideology invented in the 1970s by the sugar industry and everyone and their dog has a 'miracle cure' diet book to sell. FYI, the adaption to keto in 48hrs is predicated on a nil by mouth except water fast. I would agree that otherwise, simply reducing CHO to sub c50g/day can be a drawn out exercise. Lots of stuff out there by reputable folk (Dr Jason Fung for instance) on fasting, keto adaption etc. Agree, by the way, on the evangelical keto bollocks.
  2. BeerMonkey

    Better broaching for singlehanders

    Nope - not interested. There is no debate. The question being answered was about fatigue, lethargy and ability to focus in what is, to use your own analogy, an endurance event/lifestyle as opposed to a sprint. FYI - adapting to keto take 48hrs. Being 'competitive' takes rather longer and will be a function of your own attitude/skill. Ketogenic endurance athletes are beating hight-carb ones - perhaps you've read the work of Prof. Tim Noakes? The paper you cite - really? Have you actually read it? As to what people are or aren't 'willing' to give up - well, if its a competition I guess that comes down to how much you want to win, if it's life, then hey - whatever floats your boat. An informed choice is the best choice. Rubbishing some of the choices isn't particularly helpful or informative. If you are genuinely interested in why keto is of intertest you could also study the work of Dr. Joseph Kraft, the 'father' of the insulin assey : (should get you strated). His models are being born out in all studies so far, which should worry a lot of people.
  3. BeerMonkey

    Better broaching for singlehanders

    Hi Foolish, Just read your paper on meal planning, lots of things almost right about it and quite a lot not. For a detailed understanding of the roles of insulin and glucose you may be interested in this a book by Dr Ian Gallen; Type 1 Diabetes: Clinical Management of the Athlete. It's a great starter for 10 and hits on a number of the issues you've collated in your paper. For more I would then suggest a study of the data on keto/fasting and their impacts. Adaption to a ketogenic primary fuelling approach to endurance activity is very well documented. For the uninitiated, all this means is; stop eating carbs, only eat protein/fats and your body will transition to burning ketones in preference to glucose, preserving glucose stores in the liver for 'explosive' need and keeping a regular and consistent energy supply to the brain which will then not be competing with insulin mediated glucose need elsewhere. Insulin causes, and initiates, multiple cascading regulatory and counter-regulatory responses in the body. Minimising insulin expression to glucagon control has whole body benefits.
  4. BeerMonkey

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Anyone seen these two: When trailer-trash go sailing...
  5. BeerMonkey

    Better broaching for singlehanders

    Thank Foolish, Just ordered your book - looking forward to reading it.
  6. BeerMonkey

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    still crossing the Pacific...
  7. BeerMonkey

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Yep form me too - Free Range Sailing, RAN and the Sailing Millenial Falcom couple look like they have their heads screwed on.
  8. BeerMonkey

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Isn't a registered charity meant to have a purpose? Do they actually 'do' anything other than beg for money?
  9. BeerMonkey

    American Dumbass

    You can have mine, lightly used, going cheap... DM me you bank account details for a secure transaction...
  10. BeerMonkey

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Shouldn't you be posting advice for "outfits" on Grindr.... different kinda 'cruising', but all power to you old man.