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  1. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Australian Sailing

    Bugger it’s behind a paywall
  2. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Australian Sailing

    Here’s a simple exercise for AS and clubs.... (for AS works best if done over a geographic area rather than just a single club) 1. walk down a marina (AS this means you have to actually need to leave the office) 2. count the number of yachts (AS these are the funny looking ones with stick things pointing to the sky) 3. check out the race results online (AS do this for all clubs in the area) 4. count the number of entries (AS if you scroll to the bottom the generally give you a figure so you won’t need to take your shoes off if there’s more than ten) 5. divide answer at 2 by answer at 4 (use a calculator) 6. Open mouth and look shocked when you realise that way less than 10% of yachts actually race
  3. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Australian Sailing

    Not sure that the club has actually been involved - the article only references the court case and a plea not to be convicted as it would affect standing - personally I think the article itself has had the same effect as a conviction with respect to bringing a club into disrepute.
  4. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Australian Sailing

    Let's put this in context: Throwing chairs at a woman - no conviction Handbags at 50 paces - short holiday Calling someone a muppet - life-time ban
  5. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Australian Sailing

    Apparently so
  6. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Australian Sailing

    A bit more googling:
  7. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Australian Sailing

    It is a Royal club after all; probably just following in the footsteps of one Prince Andrew....
  8. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Australian Sailing

    Welcome to the world of internet accounting!
  9. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Australian Sailing

    Karma takes her time
  10. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Sailing Popularity Past Front Page Topic

    I think those Opti’s just called Port!
  11. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    At least she’s got acceptable tits
  12. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Documentary about the infamous Russell Perdock

    As long as no one shoves s sock up his arse it’s all ok
  13. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    You mean there’s more?
  14. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Greta Rides Again?

    The place won't be the same...
  15. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    I’m in Envy of your ability to get these changes to the IRPCSSEQ before anyone else.