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  1. opinionated

    Bad end to Daytona 500

    If you knew anything about racing. Velocity and inertia you would have known from the first view that it was a horrific crash. NASCAR isn’t sailing. You can’t go from 190 to 0 and end up ok. Jfc
  2. opinionated

    Shortening an expensive oar shaft.

    This. The other bits are good for flat surfaces. This is your best bet for this shape/material
  3. opinionated

    boy do i hate pvc

    If you need to hold 90 psi this might not work. I have replaced fittings by cutting pvc pipes 1/4” into the fittings and chiseling the 1/4” off of the remaining pipe. Or you can cut the replacement tee by 1/4”. You reduce the glue joint but gain a little working space.
  4. opinionated

    Router Burns

    I had good results using 2 bits. Use the first to get 90% then switch to newer bit to finish. Still had some sanding to do but overall that’s how I got my best results. YMMV
  5. opinionated

    BurningMan 2019 ..... livestream

    Wanted to go to BM 25 years ago. Not so much now. It’s changed and it’s not better. Just bigger.
  6. opinionated

    Random PicThread

    Thanks Hobot. I was being polite about endless conversation on a thread about pictures. It seems to be a pattern as we approach spring in the northern hemisphere.
  7. opinionated

    Random PicThread

    Hobot: Thanks for the random pics. I keep seeing different slices of history.
  8. opinionated

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Thank you Sol! I mean really!!! Thank you Sol!!! BTW: Your slogan is a creed I adhere to. Your avatar pic happens before the trade of brains for size, I think. One of my favorite movies. I'm not sure that Mel Brooks would have made it in today's world. That sucks for today's youth!
  9. opinionated

    Drone anarchy

    I love losing my privacy More power to those who put cameras mounted to drones. Everybody should have the power to look over their neighbor's fence