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  1. mpenman

    Smallest top-down furler?

    or a Doyle cable less Code Zero!
  2. mpenman

    Smallest top-down furler?

    We use a winch to put it into the sock. Our spinnaker is big one and that's how we get it down. You can get a soft sleeve if you take that route.
  3. mpenman

    Best folding prop?

    Soma, we have FOF 3 blades and they're nice props although heavier than the Gori's. There are a few A57's with them and they get positive feedback. The new composite prop from FOF is something I would definitely look into. Most probably what I'll stick on the next boat if it's permissible. I like FOF because their delivery times are good and they've got great customer service. I'll not rule out the Gori's though. Charles had these on Leopard and loved them. I'll also take a look at these for the next boat.
  4. mpenman

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Fit and finish with regards to the woodwork/fairing and fit etc. Labor costs for that in SA are way lower than in France. I'm not saying that the Outremers are poorly built (I should have been more clear), it's that the fit/finish in the 526 is fantastic in my opinion of course. There is a ton of time/faring that goes into a hull of that length. Either boat is fantastic. I would choose the 526. Mark would have my biz if they built a forward cockpit boat.
  5. mpenman

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    My bad, I meant the SA boats only. With regards to the 45, I have not spent anytime on it. Had a number of the 526's at our dock. Built very well. I also know Mark, he's knows his stuff.
  6. mpenman

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    This year...Think that it's on Facebook. I don't do social media
  7. mpenman

    Gunboat 68

    Damn fine looking hulls there. Good to see you selling boats. I'd have no hesitation with a 68 with Greenflash in the mix. I think that Soma would agree on that matter. Boats are very, very dependent on the person overseeing the build.
  8. mpenman

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    At the Georgetown Regatta around the island and then around the buoys, the 57 took line honors in both races by a large margin. They were given a Gunboat 60 full race ready rating...….they came in dead last on corrected
  9. mpenman

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Balance is a very, very well built boat. Better than that Outremer (IMHO), way better. Paarman and his team are good. Both them fellas know how to surf as well. Interior is way better than an Outremer. I'd take one of Phil's boats and be very happy with it. the 526 is a great boat. I don't think there is a comparison between the two.
  10. Soma, running into this problem on the next boat. We have a symmetrical which is just a tad cumbersome to get up using an ATN snuffer. I also have a UPS sail but cannot get enough tension yet to make it a reaching sail. The top down furlers, along with their torsion ropes are wicked and crazy expensive. What about a symmetrical with a cloth snuffer to a winch? I use the winch now for the snuffer on the symmetrical. Just keep it rigged on a bag on the net. OR, figure out a an A3 or similar with a regular furler?
  11. mpenman

    Used cat market

    Well said Soma. Cruising boats that sail well will far outlast the joy of a cheap buy. One nice reach on a full moon night, with the stars out, and damn, money don't matter
  12. mpenman

    Gunboat 68

    Indeed, I prefer a stiff boat even if it's a little noisier. I'm a greenie, but am still a fan of a diesel for propulsion. Main reason is that the density of batteries does not equal that of diesel. I think that retracts on a cruising boat can be problematic. Watt & Sea's are what's going on the next boat. Will have two of them. I know that Greenflash is a fan of the units. Plus if they hit something, they pop up (most of the time)
  13. mpenman

    Gunboat 68

    I think that the Tesla is kicking the hind legs outta most 4 door sedans...….electric too
  14. mpenman

    Coppercoat Redux

    Yup, next investment. I want one with a hood too. I'm a bit of dope for not having one.
  15. mpenman

    Coppercoat Redux

    Roger, I currently have Sea Hawk Biocop Tin Free. It's been pretty decent, although I would have liked a smoother hull finish.