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  1. mpenman

    Bi plane rigged wing mast cat pros and cons?

    I have sailed on Saphira. She is very quick, especially in light air. She is also quick (in cat terms) down wind. Understanding airflow over both rigs in terms of sail trim is above my pay grade, but even an idiot like me can make that boat go fast. Pros She's light, simple to sail and goes downwind very easily. She's easy to furl on all points of sail because of the mast rotation. The forward cockpit has the wheel all the way forward against the bulkhead and is very, very roomy without the pedestal in the middle. She is a beautiful looking boat (IMHO). Cons The freestanding masts take up a fair bit of hull space. You have to reef two mains, which I believe are inherently harder than a main and a sail on a furler. Saphira has furlers on both her mains, so she is in those terms easier. There is added complexity in the bearings and mast housing, but you have some of that on a large cat with mast jack or hydraulic tension of the forestay (ala Skylark) I think that all boats are compromises. Soma's post about the Sunreef still has me laughing, but there are a segment of people that want large apartment like accommodations on their boat and will sacrifice sailing performance for it. I just spoke with a friend who delivered a Sunreef 74 and said it sailed very well up until 10knots boatspeed and that was it's hull speed no matter the wind. Boat apparently weighs 110,000 lbs. Me, I want to sail fast. Fast is funner!!! Simpler the better!!
  2. mpenman

    Is this what we have come to?

    A boat needs to be fast and easy to sail (all things being equal). I'm still laughing at Soma's comments. He's like 1000 million percent spot on.
  3. Only time I'm racing is when there is another boat around . Gotta pull Soma in!!! Reach the youth, they'll make the change that adults won't.
  4. mpenman

    Is this what we have come to?

    No flybridge, don't need one.
  5. mpenman

    Is this what we have come to?

    That is just f'n funny that right there. Twenty minutes later and I'm still laughing out loud.
  6. mpenman

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    On boats it sucks being tall. Even on our 57, I'm close to the ceiling around the corners but not in the hulls.
  7. mpenman

    Over the horizon

    That boat is in good shape. Our daughters met in St John and they became best friends. I think that the headroom is fine IMHO. I'm 6'4". Joe just finished his circumnavigation. Very nice family.
  8. mpenman

    Goetz's Red Foiling Catamaran

    Agreed in principle, but I don't need a boat either, but I love mine. His commitment is to finding solutions to these problems even whilst having multiple carbon footprint monsters.
  9. mpenman

    Goetz's Red Foiling Catamaran

    He's not delusional. He's aware of his footprint. There are numerous other pieces to that puzzle in play here.
  10. mpenman

    Goetz's Red Foiling Catamaran

    Larry is trying to make his island and his carbon footprint neutral. The electric foiling boat was one step in that direction.
  11. mpenman

    Best out of the box French Cat

    My boat has visible fasteners. In many ways that's smart. If the inside of a boat is fared and painted, many times that is more costly than a headliner, that you can hide all sorts of crap behind. T42 would be my call but I'd take an orma 60
  12. mpenman

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    We're doing great. Boat still on schedule. Looks like we ALL may be heading back to the NE for the summer. Groceries have been great here. Just giving Nils a hard time Starting to get warmer. Time to head north.
  13. mpenman

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    I'm stuck with Soma here in the USVI...………..Dave, have you seen Alan on Skylark? Soma has been very protective of his dang beer and wine!!!
  14. mpenman

    Pro Surfers on a Gunboat

    To have someone like John John represent sailing, surfing and being a steward of the world is awesome. My kids love him (I have 6). He's humble, well spoken, has no tattoos, no drugs, just a zest for life. Perfect role model...….and he loves to sail. I surf a lot, to be able to surf like JJ and his brother surf is off the charts hard...….. I'd embrace these guys even if they're on a gunboat. They are great ambassadors. Give a shout out to GB and their efforts in promoting them. #ChrisWhite72Forever