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  1. Hi Everyone, My brother and I continue to having fun getting our Melges 24 (USA041) ready. This forum has been very helpful in the past, so figured I would give it another shot. We are rigging up our Jib, we purchased a new forestay (old style) from Melges and we have the Harken furler drum. From reading the manual (Devoti) we understand that: 1. Jib should go clockwise around the forestay. 2. Furler line (in the drum) should go the counterclockwise. Where we are a bit confused is that the forestay has two small wire blocks (picture attached), any insight on rigging this line? I have attached a second picture from another Melges but again the manual is unclear on what this line is actually doing/used for. Thanks in advance for any insight. Cheers, Drew
  2. Drewm513

    melges 24 bow sprit seal maintenance

    Thanks everyone, this is a big help!
  3. Drewm513

    melges 24 bow sprit seal maintenance

    ok, great, I bought the hose clamp as well.
  4. Drewm513

    melges 24 bow sprit seal maintenance

    makes sense, how did you mount your second seal at the end of the sprit?
  5. My brother and I are prepping our Melges 24 (USA041), we purchased it last year towards the end of the season. Our brow sprit seal was in bad shape and the previous owner had some tape (clearly to help keep water out). Last weekend we took off that seal and the tape, only to find another seal that was connected to the seal mount. Attached are a few photos, but it appears the seal and mount are ok. My plan was to simply clean them up and make sure we do not have any major leaking around the mount. First picture is the bow sprit with the tape, second is what I found the outer seal and tape. My question (as never having owned a Melges 24 before) is this a common setup to have two seals? If so, what is the best strategy for mounting the second seal over the existing? I purchased a new bow sprit seal and mount from Melges, but wondering if I really need to install them? Any help/guidance is much appreciated. Cheers, Drew