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  1. Dave58earl

    A-class insurance

    Hadn't thought of a broker, cheers for the tip.
  2. Dave58earl

    A-class insurance

    Thanks for the tip mate, appreciated, I'll give them a try.
  3. Dave58earl

    A-class insurance

    Thanks for that, I'll try the composite construction instead.
  4. Dave58earl

    A-class insurance

    Hi all new to forum, im in Aus and ive just purchased an A class, a foiling DNA, carbon fibre hulls, beams, mast etc. lovely boat, still getting used to the speed, and foiling. It's a hell of a lot quicker and agile than the hobies I've been sailing. anyway, I'm trying to get the thing insured, but everywhere I've tried (CGU, NRMA, club marine, nautilus) won't touch it, with nautilus saying they just don't insure A class cats. As soon as I mention "carbon fibre construction" they all run for their manager, the come back saying we won't insure it. i need insurance to be able to race it, let alone for theft etc... Surely people are insuring their A's as well as other carbon built boats was hoping some forum members may have some tips on who they are insured with especially A-class sailors? cheers!