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    Solo/short-handed inshore/offshore racing+cruising. Interested in buying a SF3300 ex-Polish factory and sharing ownership/racing/cruising in N. Europe, Med, Caribbean, and US East Coast en route to ultimate home in Vancouver.

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  1. C34 Happy

    Sun Fast 3300

    Congratulations, robalex. How did she fare in the first race? Is that the water ballast streaming high off the port transom? Did you find you needed/wanted the water ballast even with at least five aboard?
  2. C34 Happy

    Sun Fast 3300

    Hello Kass: Thank you for your inquiry. Since my November 28 post that you quote, we have tweaked our SF3300 sharing proposal - see below. If you put it on your FB page (or invite me there somehow - I am an FB luddite), that would be great. In any event, I will try to find your site. It would be good to know more about Au Large a Deux. We (a Brit and a Canuck) seek 4 to 6 sailors to join us in buying a Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300 to race and cruise (sometimes together, probably mostly in turns) in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean over the next five years. Ideally, you would have relevant experience and time to sail for two weeks to two months a year in Europe and be willing to help spec and commission the boat, select races, decide cruising itineraries, and manage her. Brand-new, race-ready, and delivered on the Baltic coast near the Polish factory, the SF3300 will cost approximately $250,000 US ($300,000 if VAT must be paid). So, assuming 6-8 participants and depending on the VAT situation, buy-in would be $32,000-$50,000 each. Annual common costs (insurance, maintenance, moorage when the boat is not being used, etc.) would come in at an estimated $3,200-$4,200 each. You will see preliminary boat specs in my two November 30 postings on this thread. We originally contemplated bringing the boat to the Caribbean/US East Coast after a few years but simplified the proposal to "Europe only", although the group could decide otherwise. We would welcome participants from anywhere. My English partner in this venture is in insurance in the City (where my daughter also lives, so my wife and I get to London fairly often). As a young guy, he worked and raced in Italy. I'm a business lawyer and have taught various Power Squadron courses and shared sailboats for about 20 years. My racing has mainly been short-handed or solo in duffer round-the-cans races. If you or anyone else on this forum wants to follow up, please don’t hesitate to contact me at “liamknuj at mjmacleod dot com”. That’s an alias address but I will reply from my own email. Regards Michael
  3. C34 Happy

    Sun Fast 3300

    Greg, thank you for those PHRFs for the SF3300. Roleur, I see that there is a PHRF rating (basically 72) for a J/99 called Agent 99 owned by a Jeff Johnstone at the other side of the country, in the Long Island fleet, at https://www.yralis.org/phrf_cert_list. Regards. Michael
  4. C34 Happy

    Sun Fast 3300

    Has anyone seen how this boat might be rated in PHRF?
  5. C34 Happy

    Sun Fast 3300

    Thx, Robalex. We are ad idem on the carbon rig (mast and sprit but in our case an aluminum boom), water ballast, B&G H5000 (except as noted), and Raymarine linear drive pilot ram. We are having some indigestion on the price of the Li/ion, too, but haven’t the bravery for a DIY installation. Good luck on your install. Some of our other stuff: seawater foot pump, world nav lights, 12v fridge, lee cloths, Zeus3 9” MFD in cockpit, 2 H5000 pilot controllers (with rudder reference unit), H3000 speed sensor with flush mount fitting, 3 x 20/20 Mast displays, NAIS 5000 transceiver, carbon VHMU (another pricey item), WR10 autopilot remote, DT800 Depth/Temperature, modified hull transducers to flush fit, Echomax ActiveXs dual band on pushpit, dual 110-220v shore power, Webasto heater (which we might re-spec to Planar), cunningham system,... Regards.
  6. C34 Happy

    Sun Fast 3300

    Like Roleur, I would be interested in knowing how you spec'd your boat, Robalex. You will see the bare outline above (my Thursday, November 28, post) about how we are spec'ing our SF3300 (although we don't yet have enough participants to order the boat). If you have time, I would appreciate an on-line or off-line discussion with you about your choices. One area of our indecision is lithium ion batteries. We anticipate cruising the boat a fair amount between races (from delivery in the Baltic to the Med, probably back up again, eventually across the Atlantic once or twice) so while quick charging (when cruising) and light weight (when racing) favour the Li/ion, safety might still favour lead acid. Another question is the main sail handling system. We are spec'ing a carbon mast but have not yet heard what the mast builder (Axxon in Romania) could do to accommodate a storm trysail. I was ruminating on a short second track feeding the main sail track. Any thoughts?
  7. C34 Happy

    Sun Fast 3300

    I am trying to get a group together to share a Sun Fast 3300 for racing and cruising in northern Europe, Med, Caribbean, and US east coast. Can anyone recommend where to look for participants -- websites, forums, publications, etc.? At this point, we have dealer specs/pricing for a SF3300 with B&G (H5000) electronics, carbon mast, water ballast, and racing and cruising sails, for delivery near Jeanneau’s factory in Poland where SF3300s will be built. Ideally, delivery/commissioning/maiden voyage would take place in early summer 2020 in the Baltic, with the boat bought free of value added tax by non-residents of the European customs union. At this point, we have interest in buying up to one-third of the boat.
  8. C34 Happy

    Seascape 27

    Has anyone heard anything (more) about Beneteau/Seascape coming out with a new 30 (something) footer Beneateau First 30?
  9. C34 Happy

    Sun Fast 3300

    The order overall on corrected time in the Spi among the "new" boats was (2) SF3300 Sapristi;, (3) J/99 Grassi Bateaux; (18) JPK 1030 Leon, but, as has been pointed out, the winds were apparently light all weekend (non-existent on Sunday?) and the JPK 1030's uneven results (#1 - first overall and on corrected time; #2 - DNF; #3 - 15th; and #4 - 18th) tolled against her. It could be interesting to see how these new, improved-in-light-air boats fare in heavier winds (this year's Fastnet?).
  10. C34 Happy

    Sun Fast 3300

    Can anything (this is intentionally vague!) be made of the results in the Spi Ouest-France in IRC Double as between these new boats SF3300, JPK1030, and J/99?