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  1. air leak at the raw water strainer. Hard to find, just another spot to keep an eye on. MFBR
  2. wrong forum
  3. Also, per the rules, the ball compass must be permanently mounted.
  4. It is elk, you frothing gibberoon!!! Try to keep up.
  5. I had been up all night baling alfalfa hay in Eastern Washington just north of the Oregon border just east of where the Columbia river turns to the north. Tons and tons of hay bales laying in the field, I just had to pick them up and stack them using our only bale wagon. Mid-morning I looked west and saw (as far as I knew) the ugliest, darkest, tallest, nastiest looking rain cloud coming our way. I was dismayed, as I thought the rain would ruin our hay.. When I got the word on MSH, I was very relieved and overjoyed that our hay was not going to be rained on.. I didn't even think about the fact that 57 people had perished.. What a dick. The ash cloud mostly missed our farm, and the price of hay skyrocketed.. We made good money that summer. MFBR
  6. "Politics"... "Poli" meaning many, "tics" meaning blood sucking insects. All of them. Dems and Repubs alike. MFBR
  7. I would have taken my shittiest jib and streamed it off the bow with a long piece of nylon braid. Fuck that rolling around beam-to...
  8. Why wouldn't you deploy a drogue off the bow, and ease the motion until the sea state settles down? I was surprised not to hear this mentioned in this thread..
  9. in the attached doc file... How ya doin' in 2017, Mark? Cloud formation.doc
  10. Hi Bro, long time.. This was on Strategem, hull # 74, sail # 97974. I still own and race her. We raced against you (and your sister, I believe) on Super Gnat in San Diego, I think 1999 - 2001 or so... No shit, this really happened.... Only reason we did not wipe out (and quite possibly lose the rig, sink and all die) was that we had already stripped the kite when I saw the ugliness coming, and were all squared away before the incident...
  11. Knotmeter stores the average max. Photo taken at the dock before we powered down the instruments.
  12. Sorry that you are not impressed. This is a displacement hull. If you would have been onboard I believe you would sing a different tune. We have witnesses on other boats that saw it happen... MFBR
  13. Just off Anaheim Bay Harbor entrance. (Long Beach, CA area). We got trapped on a double overhead almost breaking wall wave and went for a sustained ride. We caught that wave and surfed it on our 10,000 pound long board.. Whew..
  14. There is a walmart just your side of CSL.