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  1. I had the same thought when I saw one.
  2. Jeff F

    How to move Snipe across the country ?

    I tow mine with my Prius. They're not hard to move around.
  3. Jeff F

    ID this high budget abandoned race boat

    Sitting on shore for a lot of years uncovered with the rig up is approaching abandonment. I remember seeing that boat in it's heydey. Too bad it's not out sailing still.
  4. Jeff F

    Creekmore 7M Info? Pics

    I used to race against one in NS in the early 1980s. I remember it being very fast in light air, but harder to make go in a breeze. Think it was built in Florida, probably a quarter ton design.
  5. Ronnie, I found you when I thinking of buying a MG30. Fun times! Pretty impressive sailing home with no keel. I'm going into my second season with one on the great lakes, and it's been a great boat. A few teething problems like losing a rudder, but looking forward to 2020.
  6. Jeff F

    Glut Of Used Boats (30') For Sale
  7. The 33 is just as likely as the 35 to be wet. They're essentially the same era and construction as the 35. I almost bought a 35, and would have preferred the 33 over the 35. But when I looked at the work/cost involved in owning one and optimizing for SH sailing I couldn't make it work within my budget. Big boats, big headsails, hard to sail to rating S/H. IMO the J/105 or J/92 are far better suited out of the box for S/H sailing - smaller headsails, assymetric spinnakers, and less dependent on rail meat. I have a friend who has a very nice Thomas 35 for sale on the east coast that would be a good alternative to the J/35 or 33. Nicely equipped, well kept and seriously for sale.
  8. Jeff F

    the perfect boat

    Nice. Like a big Alerion 28. I'd be smitten too.
  9. Jeff F

    the perfect boat

    I'll put a plug in for the on deck pole. My arrangement looks similar to the Pogo and I'm happy with it. Not extendable from the cockpit, but simple and effective, and no water intrusion.
  10. There was an Express 27 that raced solo Chicago Mac and trans Superior last year. Think he won Superior. I looked at his boat at the dock. Never sailed one, but it looks like a great boat.
  11. Are you on the great lakes? If so I'll throw in another strong endorsement for an Olson 30. There's a couple of them actively racing in GLSS events. Fast, light, well put together, and relatively cheap to buy and keep. And a heck of a lot more fun to solo than a maxi MORC boat IMO. I had a similar wish list 18 months ago, but really wanted a diesel inboard, which reduced the field considerably. I'm a long time J boat fan too. But if you buy an older one you have to have a plan for dealing with coring deterioration. I ended up with an orphan Mount Gay 30. It's been a great adventure so far, for an old fart. WRT budget, don't blow it all on the boat. Think carefully about what's required in the end state for safety, self steering, and sail handling. Check requirements for the races you are planning to enter.
  12. Jeff F

    Laser vs Laser Radial in GTA

    Water Rats has an active Laser Masters fleet and a lot of very good sailors. At 150 pounds I'd choose a radial if I had to pick one rig. Lots of guys have both full and radial and choose according to conditions.
  13. Jeff F

    New sails

    Wow, thanks to all. This is really helpful. I'm happy to lose overlapping headsails, and was thinking of a Code Zero earlier. I'm intrigued by the modern flying sails. I stopped sailing big boats around the time the first sprit boats came out, so have some catching up to do! I was really impressed this summer with my asymmetric spinnakers. Very stable, forgiving, and easy to trim, much improved over the old days. My boat is the old Kryptonite, now named Tin Lizzie. It's aluminum, Van Gorkum design, not super light. Has inline shrouds and running backs as well as a backstay. Redrum looks like a great boat but has an outboard and no w/b so wasn't as attractive for my purpose. One question on the C0: I understand that it typically is built to measure in as a spinnaker, which dictates minimum girth. If we disregard rating constraints does the design change? What do the open classes use?
  14. Jeff F

    New sails

    Looking for advice on sails optimized for solo distance sailing. I bought a Mount Gay 30 this spring. It's a pretty powered up boat that was set up for buoy racing, but the existing deck and cockpit layout works well for me. Fractional rig, overlapping headsails, long sprit and masthead spinnakers. There's 300 kg movable water ballast. This season I focused on electronics, safety systems, and learning the boat. Sailed about 1100 miles solo through the Great Lakes in mostly fair weather. Had a blast. It's a fast fun boat. Now I'm thinking about sails. Main: am installing a Tides track. After I shredded the old main I think I need to leave the newer racing main in the bag and have a new main built. Need offshore capable, durable, fast. Headsails: Would like to go to hanks, no need for low clew 150. I'm thinking of two reefable sails, maybe 140% and 100% or something along those lines. Not trying to optimize for rating. Reaching performance is important. Boat is narrow forward and my options for outboard sheeting are very limited. Other? I suspect that three new sails is going to blow this year's budget, but what else should I be considering? I was thinking of a fractional heavy air/reaching A sail. Have MH A1.5 and A4 now. How do I do this on a budget? What sensible tradeoffs are there? I don't have a lot of money to throw around, so am going to be shopping partly based on price. All advice and guidance is welcomed!
  15. Jeff F

    Towing or Towed? Sail & Powerboat in ICW/Atlantic?

    I'd be leery of a side tow on the ICW. You've got issues if a big sport fisherman goes by at speed, no matter how good your fenders. I agree with the trailering recommendations. I have a ten ton trawler and a 3 ton sailboat. It's easy to side tow the sailboat, but I wouldn't consider doing that for a long trip. The sailboat has a trailer and I rent a 3/4 ton truck to move it from point to point.