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  1. Cristoforo

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    How much are your young girl friends making?
  2. They are doing it for: 1.Money 2.A burger at the bar after the race 2.Chance to sell another sail Sure they can race. Just buy a boat.
  3. Cristoforo

    Prada Cup

    Im predicting Ineos goes down today like ShortforBob/Meli on prom night
  4. Cristoforo

    Prada Cup

    Bollocks. It's a windward/leeward box rule race. Glad you raced short handed ULDBs but that dosnt mean dick. Why do ISAF rules allow for abandoning on the basis of wind shifts or velocity?
  5. Cristoforo

    Prada Cup

    The Americas Cup is not even mentioned on news outlets or sports channels until its over ( with the exception of NBC). You cannot find it in any newspapers until its over. Sports websites dont even mention sailing on 'other sports' pages. American companies will not even sponsor the American entry That deal in Afghanistan where they ride horses and use a goats head for a ball is easier to find on youtube
  6. Cristoforo

    Prada Cup

    Wrong. Both boats sail on the same course in the DIFFERENT wind conditions, If this was a local junior opti regatta they would have abandoned these races
  7. Cristoforo

    Dean is American and Jimmy Italian??

    I was always taught negative VMG was a bad thing and meant time to jibe. But apparently it's the new thing. Gonna try it out on Weds nights this summer
  8. Cristoforo

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    So she is wearing a tube top on the internet while working on a steering quadrant and complains that pervs on the internet are looking her up. I think she is Sailing Miss Lone Star's half sister
  9. Cristoforo

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Chick rebuilding steering quadrant wearing a tube top complains on a long rant about anonymous pervs on the internet. Makes sense. She is from Utah an d the boat is in Mass.
  10. Cristoforo

    Dean is American and Jimmy Italian??

    I think the average delta in finish times is somewhere between 8 minutes (.75 miles) and DNF Cool technology and very photogenic. I don’t know what it is but it ain’t sailboat racing. they shouldn’t go out unless steady 15kts. Otherwise It’s just a lottery. Unless you like seeing a boat sailing directly away from their next mark trying to get up on foils while the other boat is on an opposite leg but also going the same direction at 3.5 knots. thank God for Ken Read commentary to keep us glued to the Telly!
  11. Then again there is the owner who will miss 3-4 races for travel and his two regular pros will bring crew and take the boat and race in the series without any ownership on board. No rule against it but not exactly in the spirit of the series. oh what people will do for a beer can series pickle dish.
  12. 'Cat3' dosnt necessarily mean they can drive a 5 knot shitbox any better than you can
  13. Cristoforo

    Trump officially worst president ever.

    Meli dosnt get out much
  14. Cristoforo

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Only during daytime This team looks like it was rode hard and put away wet
  15. Rich Jews on the south east coast of Florida. What are the chances?