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  1. Cristoforo

    Superyacht A mast issues....

    One certainty. It will make a hell of a noise when it comes down.
  2. Cristoforo

    Ft Lauderdale to Key West Race

    57 seconds - I guess this wasn't a green regatta Elmer Fudd probably killed a turtle
  3. Cristoforo

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Nah, that’s where it started prior launching . Last seen after the haul out in Butcher Holler oh yeah. Def hooked
  4. Cristoforo

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    They already own something a similar. It’s on a trailer parked in the woods back home. Squeaky Notits decorated it in painters tape blue. She might be expecting a boy? Gomer is a professional photographer. Weddings, real estate, raccoon skinnings. Would love to see more about that.
  5. Cristoforo

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Keep in mind these vids are over two months old in real time. Wonder where they are today? We should chip in for a spot tracker for them They define anarchist sailors. Why hasn't Mr. Clean met up with them for an Innerview? I hope these two have been sterilized Where is Jennifer Appel?
  6. Cristoforo

    Bad Day To Cross The Gulf Stream

    Tree Chickens
  7. Cristoforo

    J/105 FOR SALE

    Wow. That’s classic. Usually complaints of RC incompetence come from competitors. Not from spectators watching from ‘a high point on a nearby shore’. Grassy Knoll Brutus is the last guy I would send to a friend interested in selling an unlisted 105. What a nightmare. And there are a couple of them. What about when he’s not observing it? To clarify; I appreciate all those who volunteer but I reserve the right to rate volunteers performance on a scale from unsatisfactory to excellent, especially when I am observing it. And I refuse to accept the lame excuse that the act of volunteering excuses and absolves unsatisfactory performance regardless of how many times it is repeated. So far from my observations from a high point on a nearby shore I rate MB’s attempt and effort to buy a J105 ‘Unsatisfactory’
  8. Cristoforo

    J/105 FOR SALE

    Is that the one you had to buy your crew shirts and pay for sandwiches on board?
  9. Cristoforo

    J/105 FOR SALE

    Marcus is the guy in JBoat Anarchy who is anti yacht broker and said he doesn’t need their help... ‘I am more than sufficiently experienced in purchasing and selling boats, most of the J/105 listings are available on the internet I do not want to pay a higher price due to a broker's commission. How a that working out so far Marcus? Have you figured out yet if you are buying or selling?
  10. Cristoforo

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    Your family needs to start wearing helmets
  11. Cristoforo

    Bad Day To Cross The Gulf Stream

    January North Atlantic passing front . Who would have thought?
  12. Cristoforo

    Worlds most expensive Home Stereo ?

    And maybe the best album ever
  13. Cristoforo

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    I figured it out when the 'doctor' said 'the blood is bleeding' And an Indian doctor in Tulsa would be Cherokee
  14. Cristoforo

    Is The Thrill Gone?

    Fixed oh.. and the Fking lobster pots oh oh and the Fking fog
  15. Cristoforo

    2020 Rock and Roll HoF

    Captain and Tennile only missed by one vote. I’m sure they will get in next year