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    Twitterer In Chief

  2. MakePHRFGreatAgain

    Megan Rapinoe

    The man who originated and produced the Riggs/King match (dont recall his name) was interviewed years later. He said anyone who thought of this as an actual sporting event of any credence was completely out of their mind. Something they relied on for viewership. Kind if like a man doing a 100 yard dash versus a horse.
  3. MakePHRFGreatAgain


    P.s. try to find young crew that even know what a spin pole is. Getting tougher every day. To encourage sym spin boats to keep racing And keep things fair, I think they should all get +3 points. on their rating. other social Initiatives to level the playing field: Minority crew? Plus 3 points undocumented alien crew? +3 points crew on food stamps? +3 points per crew and free college tuition provide crew with rubbers and fresh drug needles? +6 points offer crew free healthcare +6 points! take down the fence around your club? +1 point (let’s not get crazy) Crew is Brown U or Roger Willians U alum? Trick question they are not allowed to crew. URI alum is -1 if out of state- +12 if in state crew has criminal record? 1 year probation doing pit on a J29 if survive then +3 crew in drug treatment program? +3 and supply drugs if crew has all of above, +100 points and you get a free boat and $100k tax credit and 2 weeks at a Margaritaville resort in L.A, (Lower Alabama) Any crew has nickname of ‘Pocahontas’? +3 and legal sports betting on board while mooring lines are off Boat rates under 33 and sails less than 5 years old? Must apply toilet plunger correctors to each side of hull (J44 PAC lobbyists influence here?) Drive a foreign car? NOR states have to give to junior crew on weekends to be eligible to race +3 All crew has safety at sea certificate? +6 (or exemption you can just send a check) Manage a hedge fund and fly Bill Clinton around in your jet? -6 and no junior crew allowed on board!!!! Boat LOA over 57 feet? Must race with a live horny and hungry and angry goose in the cabin Ask crew if they are a US Citizen? -3 don’t ask +3 etc
  4. MakePHRFGreatAgain


    Two types of racing. There is one design racing, and then there is jerking off. PHRF does a pretty good job overall for weekend warriors. Either way we are all dinosaurs on our way out. When we are all dead and gone BIRW will have a class of OD foiling Cats with guys wearing helmets . And there will always be assholes racing those foiling Cats in Helmets against drydailed J29s and Sabre 352s on Weds nights and the bitching will start. Your either part of the problem, or part of the solution. look at the handicap entries for the 450th annual Larchmont Race Week. What’s different now? It’s still the same shitty mid summer WLIS conditions but entries are down about 1200 percent from 1957. thats not because J105 wingnuts are getting 3 points Apparently Some asshole had exactly 6 months to protest a rating and waited for the day before the regatta. Phone calls could have been made earlier. It’s a volunteer organization and real life is an obstacle . I would say although it’s a great travesty and he could have been bottom 1/3 instead of mid fleet, tough noogies Get Mr Clean to investigate We are all swirling around the same toilet bowl. Reach out and love one another !
  5. MakePHRFGreatAgain

    How much to pay a Captain

    hahah sure shit happens I'm not suggesting to blindly take any crew bozo. There is also a good network of pro and amateur captains/crew that can be developed in and out of network and Maldwin can also catch a delivery here and there and pick up some experience.
  6. MakePHRFGreatAgain

    How much to pay a Captain

    Using first hand experience on your boat? Or just jerking off again? When is that Strom Trysail secret report coming that you promised? Be useful and stay in your lane. Find out what Jennifer Appel is up to today and report back to us!
  7. MakePHRFGreatAgain

    no BIRW reports?

    Weird. She has had same phrf cert 2017. Too bad they waited until the day before regatta to bring it up. This year's was renewed on Jan 23rd signed by a handicapper who hasn't been there for 2 years How could the handicapper have missed that? there are clearly min/max draft boxes to fill out for C/B boats
  8. MakePHRFGreatAgain

    How much to pay a Captain

    Call SailOPO and talk to Hank.. He'll fix you up with a qualified crew and they might end up paying you
  9. MakePHRFGreatAgain


    You're the problem Krusty. You're rating band is same division as the OP sails in!
  10. MakePHRFGreatAgain

    Megan Rapinoe

    She’s a cunt. Men’s soccer brings in $billions in revenue. Womens about $40 million. Get real honey it’s a business not a sport and you’re an American Go to the White House You don’t have to like or respect or speak to the president. This is about the US Team and nationality not about the temporary WH resident grow the fuck up they disrespected the English team, ran up the score on others, poor sports. They should get a pay cut
  11. MakePHRFGreatAgain


    Boat owner? That’s an improvement. Usually the complainers are not boat owners, don’t race, are not YRALIS members, and ride bicycles. They do like to read the minutes however
  12. MakePHRFGreatAgain


    Hmmm. The tin foil hat brigade is out again.
  13. MakePHRFGreatAgain

    Family fun at Disneyland

    Thats not our country, Its a family of Democrats that were never taught not to hit women
  14. MakePHRFGreatAgain

    Megan Rapinoe

    Rapinhoe is a cheap cunt with shitty hair.
  15. MakePHRFGreatAgain

    Ross Perot DTS

    Its cool to say things like that in front of the other kids. Self made billionaire Naval veteran who supported liberal causes probably the same as you. Gay rights, abortion, gun control, anti war, aids research, taxing the rich, massive philanthropy. He tried to make a difference. He probably did. He made a mistake with Stockdale What have you done for us lately?