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  1. Winston29

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    When opened, the door also completely blocks the ladder. Genius! What happened to the original builder? Did he realize his multiple mistakes and kill himself??
  2. Winston29

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    Back in '89, I worked for a whitewater rafting/off-road/jetboat tour company in Moab, Utah that had a huge fleet of those old LandCruisers. I've often wondered whatever happened to them. Probably sold them off, back before they were worth anything.
  3. Winston29

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    I should have kept this one. I still kick myself for selling it, and that was over 20 years ago. 1967. Complete restoration. Nothing was skipped.
  4. Winston29

    Bird Repellers

    What kind of birds are you dealing with. If it's crows, you could shoot a couple of them. Crows are damn smart and learn real quick where to avoid if they want to live. I'm only half serious. I don't support shooting animals for sport or fun, but it would probably work.
  5. Winston29

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist 1973 custom 52' "world cruiser" for only $15,000, eh? Seller admits they don't know what they're doing. Great. What sort of surprised await the next owner, I wonder? Oh, but they include a survey................................................ from 1996. That's helpful.
  6. Winston29

    Can you buy an old/new sailboat without an MSO?

    Well, I think I'm all set. The dealer (I think) submitted the paperwork 7 weeks ago, but I haven't received the title or reg in the mail yet. I have the temp registration that I used for the numbers on the hull, so at least there's that, but it would be nice to know everything went smoothly and it was officially in my name. It's likely C-19 is the reason I haven't seen the paperwork yet. I think I read somewhere that it could take 8+ weeks, in some cases, to arrive. At least the trailer I built is finished and the paperwork's in order. That's something.
  7. Winston29

    Random PicThread

    Treasure Island, Ca.
  8. Winston29

    happy turkey day to those that celebrate

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. I thought it was flashlights... Maglite D-cell as a popular choice among the warped and bizarre. But then my informations is pretty old. Maybe people are more refined now and opt for more mainstream object to shove up their kazoos.
  10. Winston29

    Random PicThread

  11. Winston29

    Random PicThread

  12. Winston29

    Corsair folded stability

    Got a link to that video? I couldn't find in on YT.
  13. Winston29


    I was trying to figure that one out, too. What the hell is is he holding in his hand?? Maybe it's part of the bleachers they're standing on. We all know how much those idiots enjoy destroying other people's property.
  14. Winston29

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Oops, sorry. It's a WindRider-16, and yes, it's a polyethylene boat. The 16 is a single-seater, but the later produced WR-17 has two cockpits and a jib. The 17 employs traditional sloop rigging, whereas the 16 furls the main around the mast; a system I'm particularly interested in for its ease of reefing. The boat was owned by a dealer who only used it as a display model on the showroom floor, then it sat in a storage container for many years, before showing up for sale on CL. Unfortunately, the day of that photo there was zero wind, so the ramp was as far as I got.