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  1. loneshark64

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Well. They don’t call this Anarchy for nothing.
  2. loneshark64

    2020 Election

    Da Bears. Hope springs eternal. I am a Patriots fan but reality is setting in. I think they are right to protest. They have a right to protest. I do think there is a right way and many wrong ways. If you want to have a peaceful march for or against guns, abortion, police, racism you have that right. But the moment elements associated with protests start carrying long guns, looting, confronting opposite protestors, antagonizing cops, threatening the well being of politicians or their families or others, it has gone past the time to quit. You may have a legal “right” to do some of these things, but it is not right in my opinion.
  3. I never fuck with the cops. I respect their job, and most are great, but there’s one in every town who is a moron with a small dick and a gun. I got pulled over last week and I was worried as usual, pissed off, wanted to say WTF this is bullshit, but held still, dealt with it, drove away, screamed at my windshield, and paid the damn fine. It’s way worse for black guys. You have to keep your shit together. They shouldn’t shoot in one of these stops unless the guy has a gun in hand or another weapon that is an immediate threat. Then, empty the clip. In the back, front sides, whatever. But other than that there is no excuse, no matter what the guys record looks like. Nonetheless, moron + small dick + gun = you better not take your chances.
  4. loneshark64

    2020 Election

    Maybe decisive, certainly divisive
  5. loneshark64

    2020 Election

    Biden wins after a four weeks of post election BS. Democrats win the Senate and hold the house. Left wing protesters, not knowing when to quit, keep marching and far right wingers go full-on-stupid and start shooting at them, not wearing masks, and anti vaxxing. Coronavirus count goes non linear through the winter. Finger pointing ensues. Brexxit still fucked. Stock market down 1500 points and recovers by Christmas for Wall Street bonus season. Seahawks win the Super Bowl. Vaccines roll out, don’t help til summer. Restaurants close. Academy Awards go to shit on Netflix & Amazon because that’s all there is. Biden voters wear masks all next year. Canada and Europe still don’t let us in.
  6. loneshark64

    Mitt Sniveling Nose Romney

    In 2017 and 175 years ago.
  7. Same phenomenon here in Maine. Definitely some rednecks with those signs but also people you wouldn’t expect. The irony of “Trump No BS” seems stupendously obvious but not to these believers apparently. I guess the sad thing is all these people are going to stay fucked up like this for long after trump is gone. Perhaps they always were, but it feels like cultish mass media brainwashing has changed them into fools for Trump. I think Maine will lean Biden but there will be 45% or so that vote for Trump.
  8. loneshark64

    Mitt Sniveling Nose Romney

    Agree. He may be a first class dick or not, but he is a conservative Republican. Always has been. Anybody that thinks he doesn’t want a conservative court is smoking dope. If Trump nominates a halfway competent judge, the GOP votes them in, period, Romney included. Expecting Romney to fix this mess for the Democrats is total fucknuttery.
  9. loneshark64

    American Dumbass

    LOL I’m pretty damned sure Gerry walked into a bar.
  10. loneshark64

    American Dumbass

    Did you hear the one about the one armed Irishman? No, seriously, there was a news story about a solo sailor with one arm, Gerry somebody, who was in the Caribbean earlier this year when COVID hit. He decided to go back to N Ireland and he did it, going like 3 knots much of the way. I was following his Predictwind where-is-the-boat link worried about the situation. Great fanfare at the dock when he arrived; he looked like shit but it had to have been a hell of an adventure.
  11. loneshark64

    American Dumbass

    That sounds like how we think about downtown Boston here in Maine. Years ago I lived there and it was a fun unique city with local characters throughout. Now? Self important fuckwits. I really liked Tasmania. Cool place, beautiful harbor. But I had to go to an event at a museum called MONA there once. That was a strange evening.
  12. loneshark64

    Harken INC has new owners

    I have Harken products. In the future I will be 100% Harken. Nice to see this.
  13. loneshark64

    whats up with West Marine?

    West Marine was bought by a private equity firm about 3 years ago. They’ve gone through like three CEOs in three years and they have probably taken out a ton of cost and that’s one of the reasons we are experiencing such difficulty getting products from them. I still buy from them sometimes because they are an American company and would prefer to buy from an American company. And they will price match. But this year when I talked to their customer service about why my $1K dinghy took a month to ship they said they are having difficulty getting people to come to work with Covid. Perhaps they cut costs enough so it’s not worth it for the people to work there. Credit to them, the employees I have dealt with do their best to help. (Full disclosure, I hate the private equity model and had a business I was running bought out from under me and it was a bad experience. PE, while it has a place, has done more to destroy American businesses and move jobs overseas than just about any other force.)
  14. loneshark64

    Marion, SC Beneteau Plant Sold

    I worked for a number of multinational companies during economic contractions. It is extremely difficult to lay off employees in France and Germany with their laws and works councils. The USA was like, fine, have at it, lay’em off. It was frustrating in those times, 2000, 2008 for example, to see large percentages cut here in the US and the French and German subsidiaries would be largely untouched. So, I have to assume Beneteau feels they need to contract and the US is where they can do it. I would guess that this is one of the reasons they put the plant here in the first place (along with labor costs and tax incentives) because if they needed to flex their capacity down In a weak market they could.
  15. loneshark64

    The quiet... it is always like this

    I’ll bite. I’m an independent Biden voter and I have been sad about RBG and the fate of the country, pissed off about Trump and McConnell jamming another justice in quickly. But I got over it. I realized this morning that if they nominate Amy Coney Barrett, she’s not what I would want, but frankly it will be fine. Yes she’s an originalist and social conservative Catholic with 7 kids, and all the news will be about abortion 24x7 until she’s confirmed. And yes it’s not fair that they fucked over Obama with Merritt Garland and the Dems fucked over Bork and all that history. But the upshot for me is this: Barrett is a legit judge. Like Scalia, RBG and Roberts are legit. She is not a clown show pick like Clarence Thomas, Rudy Giuliani, or some nut job from Fox TV. She would actually be qualified. And there is ZERO chance abortion gets overturned nationally. What is more likely is states would gradually gain more latitude on abortion, and the battle would be over state and federal funding for it. And as we have seen from Gorsuch, Roberts, Bryer and others, you cannot perfectly predict that these people will make their judgements straight down party lines. These are serious people, as is Amy Coney Barrett. She’s qualified and the institution of the Supreme Court would not crumble to dust if she is on the bench. She would be better that either Kavanaugh or Gorsuch. Would progressives and independents like me dislike a lot of her rulings? Yes. But that’s the way the ball bounces when you let a fucking jackass like Trump get elected. This is the price you pay. It was horribly unfair to poor Ruth Ginsburg that we let Trump get in there and she couldn’t retire and had to try to stay alive for four more years doing chemo all the fucking time. We just can’t let it happen again. So now we need to stop whining about “it should have been Bernie,” stop justifying looting and stop doing everything possible to help Trump stay in the game, get Biden in there, get the Senate back and never let the idiots on either the right or the left pick another President again.