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  1. Why do the Overlays, Proas, Panoramixes and Wesses give a fuck? Seriously, we don't need your social justice bullshit rewriting history and defending an aggressive douchebag. If you don't like it, get the fuck out. You're obviously useless around here. Go hug a tree or self indentify as your gender dujour. Toke on the rainbow farts of unicorns. Why bother scolding us with your skewed perceptions of reality?
  2. Well said. I wish I had read this before posting my own response about the "tramp."
  3. "Picking up a tramp in the street?" No, you have that backwards. That beligerent tramp walked into our houses and spewed criticisms of our entire lifestyles with a tourettes-like cadence.
  4. Yes, very worthwhile! I wish I still had pics of our Ericson (I rewired it 10 years ago). The crap I found was astounding. Even on our Nordic I found some bewildering decisions that needed to be undone. Hell, I rewired everything from the distribution panel to the previously unfused battery banks.
  5. Allow me to pile on like a good lemming: +1
  6. I don't believe it is controversial. The problem was Brent's seeming insistance that crashworthiness was the one of the top two selling points--the other was the lie that it can be tacked together in a week and people can cruise a lifetime with virtually no income. Nobody disputed crashworthiness is a virtue. But the guy would BRAG about all his boats smashing reefs, while completely distorting the frp boats' susceptibility to crunching on said reefs. According to him, a large proportion of his boats, if not all, have pounded. I sincerely doubt any frp design enjoys such a high incidence of grounding. His spiel was asinine and there were 131 pages of backlash. But we all know that if you like demolition derbys, you should buy (or build) a steel boat. Preferably one designed to sail efficiently and is easy on the eyes.
  7. I agree with all that, too. No question. But not my cup of rum--er, tea! I was tired of being told I'm a fool for liking to go relatively fast, for prefering deep oceans instead of mudflats, etc. Since 1977, the shallowest draft I've had was 6' In my Alaska fishing days, I had 9'-13' draft, depending on the boat, and we poked around tiny inlets and harbors and "uncharted" reefs. We had big tides, big current, big winds, and were able to avoid the jagged bits. Not everyone was so lucky, must the vast majority were. My friend cruised and raced around SE Asia in a 50' glass sloop that draws 10'. He had to be careful entering some atolls in the S. Pac., but that didn't stop him. His keel is still purdy. Yes, steel is more forgiving when you go bump. Just don't go bump! It's usually avoidable.
  8. I think we need Brent back to unite (most of) us against the common irritant. Now it seems we're squabbling amonst ourselves. Good point about the homeless in marinas. There are several in Los Angeles overrun by meth addicts and otherwise homeless people living in derelict boats, dumping their shit in the water and stealing whatever they can find. They'll never move their boats. The people living on the hard in that lumpy blue Brent boat with the staircase welded to it.... Maybe they're good people in hard times, I obviously don't know them. But I can't help thinking of the troublemakers in LA (Wilmington, actually) marinas. How do they pump out their holding tank?
  9. Correct. Sorry, I was drunk and sloppy and rushed and compared apples to oranges. My bad. Edit: I'm surprised I misread the figures I saw--I know better. But I'm even more surprised to see how low they are. Shockingly low.
  10. Wiki. Great. "Real" is adjusted. Not actual current dollars.
  11. 59 minutes ago, TwoLegged said: "Which brings me back to my point about class warfare. 50% of Americans earn less than $30K pa. 43% earn less than $25k. 35% earn less than $20K pa. Those people can't afford fine wines. They drink cheap beer or homemade hooch ... and if they get afloat, it also has to be by a v low-budget path." The median personal income is around $53,000. The median household income is around 73-74,000. Of course, the averages are higher than these figures.
  12. What is your source for that? And what Americans are you talking about? Unwed infants, prisoners, mental patients? I expect eligible adult singles do much better on average and families even better.
  13. I wouldn't call it the BP side. I'd call it the fact-based rational thinker side (FBRTS). Bob and the other competent designers and builders are members, but they are also a special subset of this side.
  14. I disagree with the second part. A used Tayana 37 is more affordable today than the cost in terms of material and opportunity costs during the build process of a Brent boat. The T37 was shown frequently. Also the 40-year-old Baba 40. Those are nice designs that contrast markedly with Brent's crayon drawings. This was not class warfare.
  15. It never pretended to be about boat building. You're just figuring this out now?