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  1. Tether clips

    Risks have upsides and downsides. Sky diving is risky, but offset by huge benefits. Same with motorcycle racing, scuba diving, gambling, and even sex. But where is the good part of not wearing a seatbelt? Do you get an adrenalyn rush from it? Is it a game to avoid the “click it or ticket” cops? I don’t get it. Is it a huge burden to pull that thing across your lap and click?
  2. stormy petrel

    Again, buy a dictionary. Dukakis allowed a very bad man out of prison. Instead of returning, he commited some even more heinous crimes. Dukakis was an idiot, as the ad aptly demonstrated. The piece of shit criminal just happened to be black. Show me the racism (look it up first).
  3. stormy petrel

    I avoid PA to stay away from this koolaid drenched shit. Take it there. On your way, you might want to study some history. Focus on the civil rights movement, the KKK, and other fun stuff. Then see which parties supported which sides. As for Republican appeals to racism? Fuck, I'm not going to argue with you, but perhaps you should buy a dictionary and pull your head out of your ass.
  4. stormy petrel

    I'm not here to debate global warming, but I will say your comment above is an egregious stretch. I merely agreed with H2O about the liberal appeal to emotions instead of facts when it comes to any random political issue. I studied tax policy most of my life, and I spent 33 years in California--I know what I'm talking about. The emotions trump actual numbers and logic in that state.
  5. Tether clips

    Well, as someone who defended automobile manufacturers for decades in product liability lawsuits, damn right you better wear your seatbelt. The minute you're ejected from the vehicle and splattered across the tarmac, and some dumbass lawyer tells your heirs to sue everybody else involved in the accident, and the product manufacturers, they you've fucked up a lot of lives in addition to those of your heirs. I don't care what else you do in life, but wear that fucking seatbelt!
  6. stormy petrel

  7. Tether clips

    LOL, this is satire, right? Night sailing in a blow is an extreme sport? No more so than night putting with the Dean’s daughter. But seriously, you CHOOSE not to wear a seatbelt? That is some Grade A Ichibon stupidity right there. As for the chicken wing thing, perhaps some practice walking and chewing gum is in order. LB 15 summed it up best.
  8. stormy petrel

    “Greed” twice in one post. A buzz word for, “stop reading this bullshit now.”
  9. stormy petrel

    So, you advocate throwing more petroleum products at end-of-life boats to prevent petroleum products from affecting the environment. And we should all pay for that? I should have known not to respond when I saw the “carbon credit” reference.
  10. stormy petrel

    Perhaps you should buy a dictionary and look up the word "terrorist." Why must "journalists" continue to erode all meaning from the language?
  11. Why isn’t it one of them? Go on, you can tell us. Be candid. Cranky ass.
  12. Maybe you should fuck off, watch this, and pledge your life savings to him. Meanwhile, give us an honest critique. Be sure to watch until the very end. Maybe you’ll like his homegrown theme song.
  13. Tether clips

    Fine motor skills? Hardly. Once you get used to them (3-4 uses), you can do it one-handed at 3:00 am in the freezing cold of the middle of a three-week passage. It becomes second nature.
  14. Storms and boat improvements

    Nobody disputes that. But that isn’t the issue.
  15. Storms and boat improvements

    Not exactly. Dumping traveler is not the same as dumping sheet and adding vang. You might acheive the same sail trim and twist, but there is a different effect on the helm. This might vary by boat and traveler location fore/aft, but the effect is there.
  16. Storms and boat improvements

    I have no reason to dispute anything you just said, and I’m glad it works for you. I see how it works, it’s pretty intuitive. My only nit-picky quarrel was with your system being equivilent to an actual traveler because it does lack that one function that I frequently use. Many don’t need it or even know how it works. Smooth sailing
  17. Storms and boat improvements

    Nope, but I was passed by one sailing back from Catalina about 10 years ago. So I ran out and bought new sails. I haven’t been passed by one since. (Nor have I sailed near one since).
  18. Storms and boat improvements

    Right, I get that. My point is, the force will be applied to the windward attachment point if the boom is near centerline. What if you want that force borne by the leeward attachment point, instead? Or what of you want to move that attachment point more to centerline? Answer: You can’t do that. Question: Why would you want to use a real traveler? One of my boats is an Ericson 34 with a tiller. Before I installed a tiller pilot, I would balance the helm with the traveler. I could go below and it would steer a straight line, no hands on the tiller, in some big blows in anything forward of a broad reach. Just by sliding the traveler car an inch or two either way, the boat sailed like it was on rails. In a big blow with the traveler too high, it took two hands on the tiller to keep from rounding up. Balance it, and the weather helm would go away. Your system cannot do that. The sheet is always tugging on the windward side, unless the boom is outboard of the leeward attachment point.. If you tighten the leeward sheet, then you have a bit of a preventer.
  19. Storms and boat improvements

    So, you can sheet the boom on the centerline, with all the force of the sheet on the leeward side of the boat? How? The way I see it, all the force will be borne by the windward sheet, attached to the windward side of the boat.
  20. Storms and boat improvements

    WTF? Of course I can imagine how it works. Apparently you don’t quite understand how a real traveler works. You have a mainsheet, not a traveler. I prefer to have both. Hint: You can have the boom sheeted to the exact same position relative to the boat with the traveler set in different positions. The difference in traveler positions will alter the handling of the boat, even though the boom is sheeted to the same place. With your system, you cannot make those traveler adjustments.
  21. Storms and boat improvements

    It’s not only about leech tension. The traveler also influences helm balance. My 34’ is very responsive to it. My 40’ slightly less so.
  22. Storms and boat improvements

    I like multi purchase mainsheets, and I also like travelers. That is not a traveler, nor does it function like one. How do you drop the traveler while trimming close? How do you hike the traveler while easing the sheet? How do you center the traveler while reaching? All you have are two mainsheets attached in different positions. They function only as mainsheets and nothing like a real traveler. Can you mount a traveler on the house or behind the cockpit?
  23. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Nah, she changed it to a boat savings account.
  24. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Nothing she’s said about sailing, navigation, communications, her boat, depth of harbors, distress signals, Taiwanese fishermen, shark behavior, ocean currents, meteorology, or anything else has made any sense. Why should she start making sense now? If she were any good at her business ventures, wouldn’t she still be able to support herself? GoFundMe isn’t doing much for her.
  25. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    So much for the warp speed tow. And, if I were a Taiwanese rapist/murderer, the first thing I would do is notify the Coast Guard to let them know these specimens are alive and well before I slice them and dice them. Is there anything left to their story?