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  1. Gabe_nyc

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Irrelevant but possibly interesting: ”Red Mill” is “Moulin Rouge” in French. Red Mill Bob may be having more fun in there than he is generally given credit for (:-)
  2. Snakes appear to deter gulls nicely, and it would not be difficult to set them up to be wiggled by the motion of the boat in the water. That being said, my problem this year is so acute that mere deterrence is not on the menu. I will post pics of my decks soon, as well as of the covering I’ve made. In the meantime, I’m also considering this solution, which would be exceedingly effective, but more expensive than I would prefer:
  3. The marina is on the north side of Long Island. JFK airport is at the south, about 6 miles away. One guy heard a rumor that JFK has a new program to chase away birds better than in the past to prevent any more “Miracle on the Hudson” accidents. However, this was very vague and may be apocryphal. As far as I know, nothing else has changed in the area - it’s been fully built up and very residential for decades.
  4. This is what the stuff is. Mine is a slightly nicer grade, 8’ 6” wide. I am using black, but the texture of the orange is easier to see:
  5. Hi Henley, Thank you for the suggestion. I have a friend who is a birder who suggested similar. However, the situation this year is quite dire and I am beyond deterrence measures, to “full-prevention” mode. Last Tuesday I wanted to go sailing and the boat was so gross that I just turned around and never even got off the launch. Yesterday I was power-washing / scrubbing / crafting at the dock and heard many other similar tales of woe. (Nobody knows why it’s so much worse this year than in the past.) MY SOLUTION: I found a plastic mesh fabric used on construction sites. It’s strong, light, very flexible, easy to work with, can be sourced locally and relatively cheap ($200 / 8’6” x 150ft). There are several grades available but any of them should work (but only comes in black and orange). I made a crude tent that covers the entire boat, and that (theoretically) does not afford any places to perch other than the masthead. I will see in the next few days if / how well this works and make it easier to rig / de-rig. I will post some pics as soon as I figure out why SA does not like pics from my iPhone.
  6. So you have the Ultrasonic one? And it works and it’s quiet so it doesn’t annoy the neighbors? Thanks, Gabe
  7. Thank you. I found a source that can supply very large pieces as would work for a 30’ boat. They can make the mesh from 180 lbs load line or 330 lbs load line. Do you know the strength of the net you are using? Also, they can make 2” mesh or 4” mesh. What do you use, and what do you recommend in the light of your experience?
  8. (note that the $79 price shown does not seem to include battery. i got mine for $160 w a bunch of accessories as well as battery. Instructions say to only use fresh water. If you use salt / brackish you probably should at least rinse it off w a bit of fresh water afterwards.
  9. I bought a Worx battery-powered pressure washer that sucks up water from ... the water (:-) and it works ok on bird poop, but eliminating it to begin with would be even better ...
  10. So I have a new (to me) and pretty boat in a marina with lots of gulls. People have all manner of sparkling, dangling, flapping things but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. In years past I found that if I set up enough streaming pennant strings to make a difference, setting them up & taking them down became a chore in itself. A boat moored next to me had a VERY LOUD electronic squawker but this was only somewhat effective. I am thinking of buying a giant piece of soft netting w 4” grid that I would raise about 10-12 ft high up the mast and then have it encircle the boat like a skirt. There would have to be a couple of slits at the shrouds and other accommodations, but not a big deal. If you have any other arrangements that you have found to work please share it here. Cheers, Gabe
  11. Gabe_nyc

    Nobody Wants To Take Up Sailing

    It’s funny how these things go. It might not be considered “modern” because the graphics are not up to snuff, but for the people who can benefit from it, the graphics would be very secondary as long as the physics modeling was accurate enough ... Hopefully somebody will decide to bring it back in some form ...
  12. Gabe_nyc

    Nobody Wants To Take Up Sailing

    So the decisions were made by some sort of AI, or was there a person at the other end?
  13. Gabe_nyc

    Nobody Wants To Take Up Sailing

    I had been meaning to ask about this exact thing. Especially if you can run it with the clock speed set at 200% or whatever, it seems like it would be a tremendous learning tool to use during the off-season. My only caveat re sims is a gem from a flight instructor who said that “Practice makes permanent” — if you practice the wrong thing in a sim, you could be even worse off than if you had practiced nothing at all.
  14. Gabe_nyc

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist ”it’s harder than I thought ...”
  15. Gabe_nyc

    Any thoughts on 1987 Aloha 30?

    Wow! Beautiful work!