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  1. dgunt_sailingfanny

    Team NZ

    yeah but is @Forourselves a clown though? Can't tell from your Post
  2. dgunt_sailingfanny

    SailGP 2019

    I agree 100% people sure do like to watch you take your Medicine! it is like Watching a runt get mauled by a pack of WildCats - If only FailGP was Half as interesting as you sideshow! Enjoy the Strudels! :-D
  3. dgunt_sailingfanny

    SailGP 2019

    I 100% agree! It changed 2 Years and 3 months ago! At least to the prolly Clowns who knew shit about shit https://livesaildie.com/elise-beavis-etnz-performance-engineer/
  4. dgunt_sailingfanny


    yes I agree.... let's just make up some random accusation that has no basis in reality, and then let's convict him of it and tell him he deserves it
  5. dgunt_sailingfanny

    SailGP 2019

    Wow mobs! This game looks fun! I'd love to Play to with this! Here is my question OK! What is your favourite sailing league?! OKOK!!. I'll give you hint... it Start with an S! Everyone please Respond with your answer and we'll be able to talk more! Even with the likes! Tomorrow I will ask a new question - how many days since Cowes! Keep the great content coming! :-D But NO Girls! They scare me!
  6. dgunt_sailingfanny

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    100% Agree! Everyone, as long as they are in Australia, US, UK or France.... no Germany though! SAD!
  7. dgunt_sailingfanny

    SailGP 2019

    Hah! That really is a Great joke! So Clever! Well done! Mum would be so proud!
  8. dgunt_sailingfanny

    Foil Arms

    I love how Tom Ehman says Stuff! He is just like me - an prolly Outcast who knows nothing and struggles to even get near people because they see him coming and run the other way! What a snark they are those people!! I love how in the absence of access to any information he just works from rumors and half-truths that people have fed him for a laugh and so that he'd leave them the fuck alone! I love how we scoff at others living in the past, yet we get our information from a geriatric old toad who acts like he's suffering from early onset alzheimers! Sad!
  9. dgunt_sailingfanny


    I 100% agree with you! The only problem I can see with these Clowns is that whenever they dredge the Water out, won't more water flow into its Prolly place? These snarks!
  10. dgunt_sailingfanny

    Foil Arms

    It's nice to Know that TC likes it when I blame the Italian prolly Clowns! It's just the Kiwi snarks we don't want dare suggesting it wasn't ETNZ's fault! I Love us!
  11. dgunt_sailingfanny


    I think the Only person who Doesn't realise he's A4E is dg himself What a prolly snark!
  12. dgunt_sailingfanny

    SailGP 2019

    I 100% agree with me too! This forum is great! It's just the three...errr.. I Mean two of Us spoonfeeding each other video clips and soundbites like the warm diarrhoea that it is! Remember that time that one foolish guy tried to point out how our claim that this is like F1 wasn't very accurate! We Sure Told That Prolly Clown! We meant both 'race'! Duh! And there was that @NeedAClew lass that was actually interested in discussing SGP, but we told her to stay away! There's no way we'd want the fan count for SGP to be higher than us thr.... TWO! I love you smack! How so easily impressed you are by a beach cat regatta in NY harbour ! Can you love me back? I need More snark likes!
  13. dgunt_sailingfanny


    Except I've never sailed so much as an optimist! No suprise - as I live in the middle of Germany and the closest seaside Town is Venice! Closest pond is hours away, and Daddy won't Drive me!
  14. dgunt_sailingfanny

    SailGP 2019

    I Can't Wait for your Tshirt Series to be available - these Official Slogans are Prolly great! Please Make sure You have them in Clown Kids sizes
  15. dgunt_sailingfanny

    SailGP 2019

    Oh Terry! What smackedbydaddy meant by saying "F1" was that they are both 'racing' see? Not anything else... for instance... he actually meant to say 'Hot dog eating competition'... Because that is racing Too! and you decided to discuss detail with Him!? How prolly foolish!