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  1. Seadrus

    Craigslist Finds

    OK, got it! I could see the Douglass & Mcloed handprint on it but knew it not to be a Thistle. I have to say I did not know the Highlander was built by them in Wood since they prior to its design switched over to Fiberglass. All I have seen, by them are fiberglass Highlanders which I really don't care for the look of. But, that Woodie sure looks sweet!
  2. Seadrus

    Craigslist Finds

    On This subject ; Look at and read about this "Grey Wolf" . Scroll down and enter "More". Probably the fastest boat under sale. Note hull design.
  3. Seadrus

    Craigslist Finds

    Just came across this on Craigslist Unfortunately the Post has been removed because I just purchased this 1957 Thistle for $600. on its 1957 Gator trailer. Dry storage and not sailed for the past 40 years. It looked better than the pictures have it seem. No Rot or blackened areas! Notice the lines. They were designed by Sandy Douglas who befriended Uffa Fox, You can certainly see the similarities to Uffers International 14s. But Uffa Fox was influenced by the LSSA 14 designs which were technically an international one design as raced between Canada and USA in the Saint Lawrence and the Great lakes. The Rochester Yacht club purchased Ackroyd 14s sometime around late 1920s. The LSSA 14s primarily were built by Ackroyd (6000+ boats?) although early on their were other builders. If not for the British entrance into the competition in the 1930s the design would have stayed with its enclosed deck as per LSSA design. The English even disallowed the use of a Fox innovated trapeze and only recently was allowed for usage on the 14s. Fox is credited with Planing boat design Yet the LSSA14s did Plane on designs created at the turn of the century a good 20-30 years before Uffa.
  4. Seadrus

    Craigslist Finds

    Except the deck is not original to the boat. They were always planked under the canvas not plywood. Overall the boat is pretty. They get a good buck for these once cleaned up and setup as they originally were.
  5. Seadrus

    Craigslist Finds

    What is this? The next boat is a highlander and how is that connected? Unless this is claimed to be a Thistle??
  6. Seadrus

    Craigslist Finds

    I am in NC a few months of the year. The boat is in Collinsville Ct for now. My interior is painted which I'll remove... heat gun and scraping. Should not use chemical since they contain wax. I think I will finish inside with linseed oil... with a little varnish and thinner added into it. That will make for an easy recoat with never having to strip again... also that is they typical classic way of finish on interior. With cracks you don't usually have to replace the entire board. Just drill hole on each end of crack and wood peg to keep cracks from going further. It is an old boat and should somewhat reflect its age. But, I think they are worth the effort of getting them sturdy and sailable since I've seen several listed in the 8-10k range. They have much value over a lot of other boats with certainly the exception of a Herreshoff 12 1/2. What is most desirable is the timeless wood look and the ease of trailering. I first saw one on Nantucket Island mid 90s being trailered and just marvelled over its design and ability in shallow harbor waters.
  7. Seadrus

    Craigslist Finds

    Hi Steve, Did you purchase this boat or just posting that you came across this in Craigslist? I did a search trying to find this one. Do you know who had it and how much they were asking? I am in Connecticut and my Dad grew up and worked in Bristol. I came across and purchased an Ackroyd type LSSA 14 raceboat in Bloomfield Ct last year. Same as this ... needs work... ie . all new ribs. If you purchased are you local? If not do you have any idea who owned it or who purchased it. I'd like to compare notes. This one does look better than mine! Are you , they sure its 1955? Mine is 1918. That very similar design goes back to the turn of the last century. Try and load a picture of one from 1910. and a Pic of my $500. purchase.