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  1. Goatish

    J/111 as a Multipurpose Boat?

    Have you considered something like the J-97e? I know there is no OD class around for these boats, but to me one might fit your purposes quite well. Seem to be fairly competitive, have some decent cruising accommodations, and would be an easy boat to go out and play on for an afternoon. Overall upkeep costs would be a bit less than the 109 or 111 as well as it is a bit shorter and has smaller sails to pay for. Beautiful example for sale near you as well for about the same as the 111s are going for (I have had my eye on it in the event I downsize which won't be happening for some time) https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2016/j-boats-j97e-3561973/
  2. Goatish

    Connect with J/88 Oceanvolt owner?

    You cannot put two separate AC power generators in series or parallel to get more power from them, AC is not at all like DC power supplies. What capacity is your charger? This will determine what AC power you need. Most battery chargers on smaller boats draw less than 15 amps (AC) at full load (note that chargers are labelled based on their DC output), they are designed this way so that they can run off normal shore power. If you have a monstrous AC charger capable of running off of 30 amp circuit (with a load of more than 15 amps) then you will need to look at a much larger generator that can output that kind of power. Most likely the 2200i will do the job of charging your batteries, but may not be able to supply sufficient power to actually run the boat constantly. I have looked into this idea before and thus far have not found a way to make a hybrid that can actually operate off of a small portable generator for long periods of time.
  3. Goatish

    SH / DH Cruiser / Racer

    The J-Boats pretty much fit this bill perfectly, especially the e versions. You get a fast boat, with a comfortable yacht like interior that can be sailed shorthanded fairly easily. Budget is the biggest constraint, but there are lots of older J's out there that sail well and have nice interiors.
  4. The organizers of the RNSA race had to shut down registration yesterday as they have topped out at the recommended 50 entrants. We have 26 SH boats and 24 DH entrants, including a OD fleet of 7 Melges 24s. With PHRF ratings from 244 to -12 and a pursuit start, this may be one of the longest start sequences we have seen around here in a very long time. Should be an interesting day on the water next Saturday!
  5. Goatish

    Looking for boat suggestions

    Something like this might be worth looking at: https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1981/c-c-34-3667994/ If you read the description you will see that the photos are not all that current, notes about traveler being moved into the cockpit and they relocated a lot of winches back into the cockpit area.
  6. Goatish

    Looking for boat suggestions

    Yes, I saw the 99 posted, but figured that would be out of your price range as I haven't ever seen one for that cost. I have a C&C 110, so the bigger brother to the 99, great boats, but they do not perform to their ratings all that well as they were delivered heavier than designed. The pre 1998 designed C&C models (prior to the Tartan Designed boats) is what I would recommend looking for. The still built some of the older designs past 98 (this is why the switched to the metric length designations) which would be a good find, but regardless, all in all they are solid and well performing boats that have a long history and thus a huge marketplace to choose from.
  7. Goatish

    Looking for boat suggestions

    I've seen a lot of options posted, but note that no one has mentioned any of the C&C boats out there. They would likely fit the description above, and there are a lot of options as far as years and sizes, and most performed decently to their ratings and provide nice accommodations, so may be worth looking into? Edit, just saw the post a couple back with the C&C 32. These are good boats if you do your research and there is a wealth of resources out there on them.
  8. Goatish

    single-hand setup - beginner questions

    An option with these types of boats is to move the primary winches back to near the helm so that the main and head sail controls are all accessible from behind the traveler/wheel. I have a 36' C&C that has the primaries from the factory in the back, and the secondary winches are farther forward in the standard Primary location. This set-up works well for short handed sailing, but when flying 3 sails there is a lot of cross sheeting and moving around the cockpit, and an autopilot is mandatory when things get this busy or halyard work is required. The image here gives you an idea of what it looks like, sorry for the poor quality, original photo is not on this computer so this is just a screen grab. SH Reaching.pdf
  9. Goatish

    Shearwater (J/120) is for sale...

    Damn, wish I hadn't just dropped $50k in upgrades/maintenance on my current boat, would have loved to switch out to this one... Good luck on the sale, I'm sure it will move quickly, and good luck with the new boat!
  10. Just saw a note that the Vendee Saltspring has been moved to July 11 & 12 so that it does not interfere with the SIN Regatta and M242 NA Championships.
  11. Interesting little update from ORC this morning here: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1109014349704&ca=115cbb86-d7e1-4ab4-95c8-aff4033c4e74 " The race to Key West will be the first of the year to use the new ORC Double Handed Certificate, specially developed to meet the demand for this growing trend in offshore racing. Double Handed certificates feature lower crew weights, a simple one-page layout, and a variety of simple scoring options available to race managers to better match the ratings with the course type. " Not sure yet how this will work in relation to standard ORC scoring, ie. whether it will be usable in the same class as fully crewed boats, but interesting nonetheless! Might be worth those of us that want to race DH applying for one this year.
  12. Jud, I believe you are in the same marina as I, and I have installed 2 different models of furlers on two different boats without much prior knowledge. If you want to chat in person, I'm around this weekend, A15. I looked at the Alado product, interesting, kind of a hybrid between a structural furler that the small boats use with no foils and a normal one.
  13. Ask and ye shall receive, at least something. Below is an excerpt from the Vancouver Area Racer's Forum regarding a the request I made: line #4 is the one to note specifically. Not a lot, but hey, a start to something is better than nothing! A couple of things coming out of the recent VARC meeting: First, RVYC has set the date of the new Leukemia Cup for May 30, and is hoping to build it into a major cornerstone event along the lines of the old Heineken Cup. The course will be set up so it is a fun event, but conventional enough to count as a serious race, and as I understand it the hope is to make it a VARC event (likely there will be a “racer’s start” and a “cruiser’s start”). Second, WVYC has taken over ownership of the RNSA Nanaimo Single-handed race from FCYC, and the date for that is set for June 6/7. Third, and without going into too much specifics (because I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder prior to the official meeting minutes coming out), a couple of different clubs discussed the possibility of changing existing weekend races into overnight layover events (where racers race to a distant location on day 1, layover and party, then race back on day 2). Fourth, and finally, there was also some discussion about doing something to recognize and encourage short-handed racers, like possibly a separate double-handed championship prize based on existing events and given out at the VARC awards night. My understanding is that the 3 current DH events (RNSA DH, K&B, J&J) will be the qualifying races for this championship, so it would be best suited to a mixed crew, but Dilligaf and Que, as long as one of you is willing to dress up (or is it down?) we may let you play!
  14. If the writer of the NoR and SIs wants to make this more fun and easier for the light weight boats, they could make some amendments such as allowing the use of hiking straps or outside life-line hiking allowances. If this race does not fall on a Vancouver area race weekend, I'd be interested in coming over and sailing my 2000 pound sport boat 2 up for this (she usually needs 4 or 5 on the rail to keep it flat in over 8 knots)!
  15. I kind of figured that much. I have made the request to my VARC Rep, and he has passed it on to the chair to have this added to the agenda and looked at as they work on the 2020 NoR, so maybe we will get lucky and something will come of it. You may want to see if yours can do the same to ensure it is understood this is desired as I believe NYC is part of VARC now (or I suppose you could make the request to your Division Rep as well). I'm happy to assist as much as I can to make these changes reality, and may look at modifying the scoring for the races we run to reflect this desire. All I can say though, to make this worthwhile, we will need people to show up and sail in these divisions for it to continue on.