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  1. Goatish

    Shearwater (J/120) is for sale...

    Damn, wish I hadn't just dropped $50k in upgrades/maintenance on my current boat, would have loved to switch out to this one... Good luck on the sale, I'm sure it will move quickly, and good luck with the new boat!
  2. Just saw a note that the Vendee Saltspring has been moved to July 11 & 12 so that it does not interfere with the SIN Regatta and M242 NA Championships.
  3. Interesting little update from ORC this morning here: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1109014349704&ca=115cbb86-d7e1-4ab4-95c8-aff4033c4e74 " The race to Key West will be the first of the year to use the new ORC Double Handed Certificate, specially developed to meet the demand for this growing trend in offshore racing. Double Handed certificates feature lower crew weights, a simple one-page layout, and a variety of simple scoring options available to race managers to better match the ratings with the course type. " Not sure yet how this will work in relation to standard ORC scoring, ie. whether it will be usable in the same class as fully crewed boats, but interesting nonetheless! Might be worth those of us that want to race DH applying for one this year.
  4. Jud, I believe you are in the same marina as I, and I have installed 2 different models of furlers on two different boats without much prior knowledge. If you want to chat in person, I'm around this weekend, A15. I looked at the Alado product, interesting, kind of a hybrid between a structural furler that the small boats use with no foils and a normal one.
  5. Ask and ye shall receive, at least something. Below is an excerpt from the Vancouver Area Racer's Forum regarding a the request I made: line #4 is the one to note specifically. Not a lot, but hey, a start to something is better than nothing! A couple of things coming out of the recent VARC meeting: First, RVYC has set the date of the new Leukemia Cup for May 30, and is hoping to build it into a major cornerstone event along the lines of the old Heineken Cup. The course will be set up so it is a fun event, but conventional enough to count as a serious race, and as I understand it the hope is to make it a VARC event (likely there will be a “racer’s start” and a “cruiser’s start”). Second, WVYC has taken over ownership of the RNSA Nanaimo Single-handed race from FCYC, and the date for that is set for June 6/7. Third, and without going into too much specifics (because I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder prior to the official meeting minutes coming out), a couple of different clubs discussed the possibility of changing existing weekend races into overnight layover events (where racers race to a distant location on day 1, layover and party, then race back on day 2). Fourth, and finally, there was also some discussion about doing something to recognize and encourage short-handed racers, like possibly a separate double-handed championship prize based on existing events and given out at the VARC awards night. My understanding is that the 3 current DH events (RNSA DH, K&B, J&J) will be the qualifying races for this championship, so it would be best suited to a mixed crew, but Dilligaf and Que, as long as one of you is willing to dress up (or is it down?) we may let you play!
  6. If the writer of the NoR and SIs wants to make this more fun and easier for the light weight boats, they could make some amendments such as allowing the use of hiking straps or outside life-line hiking allowances. If this race does not fall on a Vancouver area race weekend, I'd be interested in coming over and sailing my 2000 pound sport boat 2 up for this (she usually needs 4 or 5 on the rail to keep it flat in over 8 knots)!
  7. I kind of figured that much. I have made the request to my VARC Rep, and he has passed it on to the chair to have this added to the agenda and looked at as they work on the 2020 NoR, so maybe we will get lucky and something will come of it. You may want to see if yours can do the same to ensure it is understood this is desired as I believe NYC is part of VARC now (or I suppose you could make the request to your Division Rep as well). I'm happy to assist as much as I can to make these changes reality, and may look at modifying the scoring for the races we run to reflect this desire. All I can say though, to make this worthwhile, we will need people to show up and sail in these divisions for it to continue on.
  8. A few more thoughts on this now that I have re-read most of the thread and thought more about it all in general this morning: Increasing DH participation in existing distance (or any) races: Scoring and rating adjustments may help. I note that for the most part, around Vancouver there is no benefit to the short handed boats. If racing under PHRF no allowance is given for the added challenge of performing maneuvers with 1 or 2 crew on deck. Under ORC, if the race committee is willing they can use the DH GPH number to adjust scoring, but as far as I have seen, this has not occurred (Dilligaf maybe you can shed more light as to whether this does ever happen around here?). So, why would a DH boat come out to compete with a fleet of fully crewed boats unless they were really good and confident in their chances of beating the others (Roleur, you have proven this is possible, but a lot of boats will not come out short handed against fully crewed fleets). For this to be rectified, interested parties should contact their club fleet captains, race chairs, VARC / VIRS reps and make the request that either completely separate divisions for SH/DH entrants be created, or the scoring be adjusted to level the field. Short handed specific races vs. short handed entrants into existing races: On further thought on this, I realize that I am guilty of not entering short handed into fully crewed races if I have willing crew. It is only the short handed specific races that it is easy to enter and not invite the crew out for. I have raced a fair bit the past few years with short crew, but never short enough to constitute a DH entry. If I'm registered for a race, and I have 2 crew willing to come out, I'm not going to turn one down to be eligible for a DH entry if they are willing to come out. Good crew is hard to come by, so hard to tell them to go away so I can fulfill an itch once and a while. So, that being said, I think that yes, maybe some more SH/DH specific races may be beneficial to add into the mix if their is a demand for it. The best way to make this kind of stuff happen is to get involved with your clubs and become part of the change you want to see. No one is going to put on a special race for you based on what they read on a forum, so reach out, go to the stupid meetings, volunteer with them and make the changes happen. On the note of getting the word out to people about this PNW SH/DH interest, I will send out an email to our club's members about it, and see about posting something up on our FB page in the coming days. I may just link this thread and ask for comments regarding it, but we may have some interest as there are at least 2 local Mini-Transat owners as members, and a large portion or our club races short handed a fair bit each year.
  9. Regarding the 2 mixed DH events in Vancouver each year, they state that one crew member should "look" like a male, and one should "look" like a female, close inspections will not be done for confirmation... Also, most of the entrants to these races fly kites, I think the last 2 years only maybe one or two boats have entered as NFS registrants, so the competition is actually pretty good. They are 2 of my favorite races, and are already booked off in the calendar for this year, along with the TCYC Passage Island SH race on April 25th and the RNSA Regatta on June 6/7th. The VARC FB page may also be a good place to post up regarding the SH/DH stuff, as well as most of the club websites and FB pages (they all share amongst themselves anyways) so maybe just some details are needed and the conversation can move from here to all of them.
  10. Goatish

    J/99 vs. J/111 for DH racing

    PHRF does not ask (at least in BC), nor do they seem to care about this. It adds weight, so most delete if serious and gain crew members that can move around and be useful ballast. ORC does have a section for non-manual power when applying, so I would presume it does give you a bit of a hit if you don't have to work as hard to keep the maneuvers quick.
  11. Personally, I love the idea of more distance races either strictly shorthanded, or separate divisions within the existing PNW schedule. But, this being said, there does not seem to be a huge demand for these classes up here, so not sure if a dedicated 24+ hour DH race would get much traction. The RNSA single-handed race held in June this past year opened itself up to a double-handed division for the first time, and they managed to get 40% of the entrants to sail DH (9 boats), so that one is going to stick around again for the upcoming year. Might be worth just trying to get more entrants into the existing short-handed races, or registering short-handed in the bigger ones, then once there is a large enough fleet to warrant it, start making them longer and more challenging? I do like the idea of the variety of course options so that race organizers can at least attempt to get a decent race in at the last minute based on the forecast.
  12. Goatish

    Sabre 362 vs J/109 vs Tartan 3500

    I don't have specific experience aboard these three boats, but I do have experience with living aboard a 36 foot boat of this style for 5 years, and club and distance racing it along with cruising it extensively, so here are my thoughts and comments regarding your options. The Sabre and Tartan are going to be much better cruisers and more comfortable live-aboard options for sure, but they are not going to be performance boats when it comes to racing. Ignore what Sailboatdata says the displacements and SA/D are, they are usually way off. The Sabre in lightship conditions weighs in around 17,000 pounds (based on ORC measurement data), so she is not going to be a fun boat to sail in light conditions whether racing or cruising. The Tartan weighs in around 13,250 # in the same lightship conditions, so would be a bit easier to get moving. The J-109 actually weighs in right around the claimed 10,900 in most cases. You need to determine what your priorities will be with the boat, and whether you will be racing short handed or fully crewed, and whether you want to compete or just go have fun. I have a '99 C&C 110, which is kind of an in-between boat to the J-109 and Tartan 3500. It weighs in just shy of 14,000 pounds, so is actually heavier that the Tartan, but it carries a lot more sail area, so it does get moving better in the light stuff, but it cannot compete with a J-109 (we race in the same division here and rate fairly close to them but can't beat them). It is a great boat build wise and for living on and cruising aboard. It carries enough water and fuel to go on 2 week trips, is stable enough to single hand in heavy weather (especially if you have cruising/living gear aboard), and can be fun to race with the right sails and crew aboard. May be one to look into as they are available in the price range you are talking about and were built by Tartan during the better years.
  13. Goatish

    Singlehanded Sailing Society - Vancouver, BC?

    Jud: Best way to get started with this is to come out and join some of the local SH and DH races. We always struggle to get good fleets together, so the more that come out, the more races and events will end up being held. TCYC, VRC and WVYC all support short-handed sailing locally, so it would be a good idea to join one of them and get involved if you want to do more of this, you will meet those like minded sailors once you are hanging out and racing with them! To date, locally we have the TCYC Passage Island SH Race in the spring, the RNSA SH race to Naniamo and back in early June, the VRC Ken & Barbie DH race and the WVYC Jack & Jill DH races in August (a full weekend of short-handed sailing) then the VRC SHAG SH race in the fall. You can also show up to pretty much any other race short-handed as well. Thursday nights would be a good series to do this in, there was a boat out racing SH in it last year and he looked to be having a pretty good time! Additionally there are Vancouver Island short-handed races, such as the Vendee Saltspring that just happened this past weekend, and the NYC Single-handed series. Personally I love the short handed races, and do all that I can, but also take any opportunity to race with crew as sailing with friends is great as well! Cheers and hope to see you out there!