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  1. Old Yeller

    Butts on Lasers Working Group

    Another day of Laser frostbite in Charleston was a success. We even had a trailer load of boats from Augusta show up. The juniors outnumbered The adults.
  2. Old Yeller

    Laser 4.7

  3. Old Yeller

    Laser 4.7

  4. Old Yeller

    Laser Sailing Videos

    Sail Melbourne day 3 highlights http://www.sailmelbourne.com.au/news/late-rumbles-shake-up-day-3-of-sail-melbourne-international/
  5. http://www.laserinternational.org/blog/2020/01/18/update-on-new-builder-approvals-2/
  6. Old Yeller

    Laser Sailing Videos

    With Miami World Cup starting here’s one from 2016
  7. Old Yeller

    Laser Sailing Videos

  8. Old Yeller

    Laser 4.7

    Calling all 4.7 sailors!! The first D12 regatta of 2020 will be held at Lake Lanier Sailing Club March 7-8. Come join us and help grow the 4.7 fleet in the southeast!! https://www.regattanetwork.com/mobile/mobile_event_detail.php?regatta_id=20169
  9. Really?! Are you implying I’m part of the problem?
  10. Yes! And to this I would add that we need more pictures of the juniors. Maybe the next cover should feature the record 4.7 numbers at Orange Bowl. A big group photo of smiling 4.7 sailors. The picture of the “next generation “ in the recent issue was great!
  11. There ain’t nothin straightforward about that picture! Look at the size of those blunts!
  12. Yes. And just to be clear, my analysis of the cover images was not intended as a critique of the editors. Images can be subtly powerful in their ability to communicate meaning beyond the author’s intent. I was just having fun with a visual analysis. Old habit for a person trained in the visual arts as a painter and printmaker. I always look forward to the next issue!
  13. Getting back to the cover images. It looks like the Spring 2019 issue is the last issue to feature the red Laser logo at the top between the title and date line. The first three covers show sailors in close competition engaged in the game or gathered on shore smiling. And the title remains the same with Laser in bold red. With the latest Winter 2020 issue everything changes. The obvious title changes and logo changes. But the entire mood has shifted. The cover is done completely in cool colors. The two sailors from a masters regatta, shown in isolation, appear lonely. Have they been left behind? They are sailing under a sky of dark clouds. It looks like a storm is gathering in the distance.The only remaining Laser logo is on the sails of these two masters. Intended or not, this cover expresses perfectly a mood of anxiety and foreboding associated with change.
  14. Hey that’s exactly right! This is just something fun to do while I’m driving!