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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I knew I looked at Sail Maui/Paragon and saved it, along with a few others. We've done a ton of research and have a long list of things we want to do and see. I'm sure there will be things that end up missing. But we will have a car and are staying in a condo in Ma'alaea, so we'll be right by the harbor. We'll make final decisions on everything as we get closer but Paragon was one I initially liked. Had thought about doing the Molokini Snorkel Trip, but I'll look into Lanai as well. The Road to Hana is definite. My wife did it 15-20 years ago. I've never been to Hawaii so it will all be new to me.
  2. Ultimately, of all the videos I have seen, including the ones I have not followed (yet), I believe the people in them genuinely care about the ocean and its life within, care about the planet in general and I have learned to appreciate that. Being from the Midwest (10+ hours from the closest coast), none of that crossed my mind much growing up. I never gave a second thought about straws, plastic bags, etc. Or even cared whether a specific fish was endangered and survived. The consciousness of how the earth and life on it is intertwined never really was a concern. We ate meat, drank beer, mixed in a vegetable or two and lived in the "world" around us. Along with getting older in general, my view of the world has certainly expanded. Watching and following these folks on YouTube has blown that up even more. My awareness and desire to visit new places is greater than ever. Again some of that comes with age too. But I am different than many people, though I think there are a lot of people in this world similar. Until about 6-7 years ago, I had never taken a full week vacation in my adult life (I'm 51). Most of my "vacations" were 3-4 day weekends, going to the beach, flying to Chicago or New Orleans or something like that. My parents took the whole family on a cruise to Key West and The Bahamas. We enjoyed it and thought we would do more cruises. Then we got married in Jamaica and did the All-Inclusive Sandals thing. Followed that with an all-inclusive trip to Cancun. Figured all-inclusives in the Caribbean would be our go-to from there. Now we have the opportunity to go to Maui and chose to rent a condo rather than pay for a hotel. Really looking forward to that and to exploring much of the Island. Now we could see ourselves on a sailboat exploring. Will that ever happen I don't know. But it's interesting to me that our interests have changed very quickly. We are still warm weather, blue water types. But places like Corsica and areas in the Mediterranean at least have me thinking about new places. My parents are going to Alaska next week. I have zero interest in cold weather, but can appreciate the beauty places farther north provide. Who knows where we will go 5 or 10 years from now? But I can safely say that while I am far different than any of you that have spent significant time in coastal areas or on a sailboat, watching these videos has certainly opened my eyes to something different and I'm intrigued. I'm more aware of the environment, think of recycling and use of plastics actively now, am really interested in learning to scuba and seeing what is under the surface and at least in a way would like to be more like you guys and experience similar things. But I do think there are a ton of people out there similar to me in many ways that may never get to that point, but can appreciate a good story and the allure of the water, beaches and nature's beauty.
  3. LaVagabonde - Dylan, this one in my mind is more about the story/lifestyle than anything else. For us, watching from the beginning was the key. Seeing how their story has developed over time keeps us interested even though now, with a baby they are basically hanging out in the Bahamas. Granted, I'd love to be able to do that myself. I've been to Nassau and Atlantis, but those were Cruise Ship excursions so it wasn't really experiencing The Bahamas. I know that's not your cup of tea, but if it makes you feel any better, I have ZERO interest in hanging out with pigs at beaches there. Having watched LaVagabonde from the beginning, I believe in the authenticity of their story. The quick rundown for those that may not know.... He saved up and bought a boat (Italy, I think). Learned to sail it around the Mediterranean and met Elayna. Invited her along and they've been sailing since. At first he had no interest in videos and she had to convince him to make some for family. Exactly how they built such a following early on, I'm not sure. It is obvious that they have learned the skills to make great videos and how to gain viewers from thumbnails to footage. They got some fairly early publicity in Australia and I am sure that helped. Elayna being attractive certainly made a difference. It's obvious that it has turned into a production and they feed that. But their success is about their story and lifestyle. It's why they can get away with sharing recipe ideas, what it's like to fix and eat a meal on a boat, etc. Their Boat Life series is definitely geared toward non-sailing types, yet they are gaining viewers and Patrons. Their Sailing Guide which was widely made fun of here, is named A Sailing Guide for Beginners and is certainly not designed to be a comprehensive book on sailing. I haven't read it, but I get its purpose and I also get why people with the experience of everyone here would scoff at it. Maybe it is just me, but I think what they provide is excellent and I see them as good people. I have no issue with the fact they are no a "product" as much as two people on a boat. I'm not sure if I would watch if I was just starting and picking up current videos. To me, it's about do I like the people and want to know what their doing.... or as mentioned with Delos, is there something else that holds my attention. LaVag couldn't start where they are today and build the following they have. They could gain viewership but starting from their beginnings just makes sense. Another thing that has helped them (in a big way, IMO) is inviting patrons to join them on the boat. It gives Patrons reason to stick around and engages them with their Patrons. I think it's ingenious. If they aren't charging the Patrons and just inviting select ones aboard is that really any difference than just inviting friends to join them for a few days? I see it as a way to expand and grow and it seems to have worked. I get why some may not like them or not be appreciative of their success. But I don't see them as fake as some people may. But to borrow a phrase from Dylan, I say Goodonem! (did I get that right?)
  4. Dylan, I can't say I am qualified to answer that question, never having been on a monohull and only once on a cat where drinking was the biggest priority. I can say that from the videos we've watched my wife has made the comment that if we ever bought a boat she would want a catamaran because of the perceived smoother ride. Not sure it would have to be as big as a badminton court, but again, we are far from knowledgeable on different sizes and available boats. As to your first point, I do think locations are important, at least in the beginning when watching these. The actual sailing and the technical aspect of it at least to me, the non-sailor, is the least important part. Don't get me wrong, I've learned a lot about sailing from watching, but my "a lot" doesn't hold a candle to what you guys here know. It's comparative. I think I know enough that if I were on a boat and someone started teaching me, I'd start to remember what I have seen/heard and start to pick it up a little more quickly than if I went in cold. But until that happens, I'll never know. But the idea of sailing and exploring does intrigue me. As does scuba diving. There is a blue water quarry less than 5 miles from my house and I am seriously considering taking the class and getting my certification before going to Hawaii. It will boil down in the next few weeks, whether I can justify the extra expense on top of everything else Maui related. But I would definitely like to become PADI certified at some point. I've even looked into sailing vacations briefly. There are companies available that sail out of the US and British Virgin Isles, St. Martin, etc. where you can book one of the cabins for a full week for $3-$4k that includes food, drink, snorkeling, diving, etc. That may seem expensive, but it's no worse than going to an All-Inclusive place such as Sandals in the Caribbean for a week. It's a thought and perhaps a way to get a taste of a week on a boat with sails between islands. But Hawaii is next, so that would be at least a year away if we choose to pursue that option. Maybe there is something better...
  5. More from a non-sailor's point of view on Sailing YouTube Videos.... SV Delos - As I said before, I watched a random video awhile ago and didn't care for it. Then later, went back to the beginning. Their very early videos on YouTube are not good. Not well done, so we skipped ahead a bit. Their production got a lot better quickly. Bryan is relatable and seems like a pretty cool guy. Brady brings fun to the party. Karen/Kazzah is just okay from an interest standpoint. She seems nice and isn't annoying, but there isn't much to make me want to watch a video with her in it. I know they probably aren't any worse than others sailing so much, but they come off as a little dirty/grungy. Maybe it's more of a modern day hippie type thing. They've rotated crew and Brady girlfriends but no one has really stood out to me as making me want to watch. Well maybe Lizbef, who has been chronicled here, but only because he is a train wreck. She was annoying as hell while on the boat then got worse when she went out on her own. I thought the pair from Expedition Drenched were okay and the dive footage they provided was great. Brady's new girlfriend Blue is just meh for me. I could have done without their 2nd trip to Madagascar, but they didn't ask me. So why did I watch? None of them, Bryan and Brady included, make me want to watch. But overall, their story is intriguing. The places they sail, the fact that they get out and mix with the locals more than anyone I've seen so far, the diving and underwater shots and then hiking and chasing waterfalls the next day... Their videos are longer which would typically be a negative for me, but for some reason it doesn't bother me. Maybe it is because they cram enough stuff into an episode and there is less fluff (sometimes)? Maybe it is because of how it all started and that early on, they had to do side jobs to make things work, including Brady leaving the boat for about 6 months to take a job to afford to keep going. Likely it is just a combination of those things. Ultimately, they aren't my favorite but I still watch. The lag between videos and reality has been brought up here. It has never bothered me until recently. Knowing that Karen was pregnant, that her and Bryan were getting married a month or two ago and their current videos are still islands behind slightly bugs me. Knowing (from their FB page) that Bryan and Karen have already left the boat and Brady, Blue and whoever have already sailed across the Atlantic and are now in the Azores, again is slightly irritating. (Sorry if I just gave spoilers!) It had less of an effect when we were binge watching past videos, but not that we're caught up, the gap just seems so much wider. It's perception, I get it. Maybe I should Unlike their FB page so I don't randomly see an update and go back to where ignorance is bliss? Overall, I get why they have a following. They are less commercial (in a broad appeal sense) than LaVagabonde, but perhaps have a more loyal following? Compared to LaVag they are definitely more niche. The current #'s: Provider YouTube Followers Patrons %% Delos 340,832 1962 .57% LaVagabonde 1,032,112 3334 .32% These #'s show Delos viewers are more likely to become Patrons. But LaVagabonde's appeal is so much larger at this point, they have a huge lead in terms of Patrons, which was closer to even in the early days of this thread. In terms of money earned, there is no real way to know. Delos's support level starts at $5 per and LaVag begins at $3, but typically puts out 2 or 3 vids per week. Aagain, remember there are monthly limits. There is also no way to know how many Patrons they have supporting them at a higher level. Strangely enough, SV Delos is a Patron of LaVagabonde. I can't find the same list of who LaVag supports, but my guess is it is reciprocated. The question is, how will Delos do from here. LaVagabonde has shown they aren't going anywhere. Will Bryan and Karen be as committed to sailing when the baby comes? Will Brady take over and be able to add crew members that will keep things interesting? Time will tell. Delos has had a great run. Can they adapt and keep going?
  6. Dylan and Alctel, you both asked about my thoughts on individual providers.... I'll try to stay brief, but you can probably already tell that's not my strong suit. Let me start with MJ Sailing... they are small with in the neighborhood of only 200 patrons. Videos 3 months old or newer tend to get 25k - 50k views on YouTube. - I said it before. Matt and Jessica aren't the most exciting pair. But I see them as real and someone I'd hang out with. (maybe I'm boring) A lot of their early videos were them buying and fixing up their current aluminum boat. I skimmed through a lot of that but think some of you here would find those videos interesting. Matt is the first to admit they screw up sometimes, do things twice and learn from their mistakes, so there may be a lot of criticism from this crowd. But looking back, the fact they took a boat that had been sitting on land rotting for many years and fixed it up into a nice seaworthy vessel is impressive. Their style is more about them, sailing and where they do and less about gorgeous cinematography, underwater or otherwise. But aside from an occasional hiccup with sound in a windy place, they do a solid job. Like others, I think they started doing what they wanted to do, provided videos to family and it grew from there. So theirs is a bit more of a personal rather than professional style. For you cold weather sailors, their current adventures may interest you. They just landed in Norway via Ireland and Scotland. They spent the better part of the past 9 months in the Azores before heading north. Their most recent release on You Tube is showing them in Ireland so they are at least a month or so behind. They didn't spend a lot of time in Ireland and Scotland, but plan to go back to it once they leave Norway. Sailing Doodles... Again, caught a few vids (bikinis) then went back to the beginning. Bobby comes off initially as pretty douchy. The early videos with Megan were a little awkward as they were trying to figure everything out, including how they would interact . This is one where warm weather, beautiful beaches and a bikini or two held my interest. And Bobby grew on me a bit. His 2nd season held my interest because they did a Pacific crossing on their way to Thailand, stopping throughout the South Pacific along the way. Those places interest me greatly. I think his style has improved. He doesn't hide that he's providing content and while he can sail, he is making his way through contacts, selling his brand, sponsorships, etc. He's an marketing opportunist and that will turn some people off. He did have his own boat, but lost it in one of the hurricanes while docked (can't remember where). Currently, he's in the Mediterranean sailing with a guy he met a few years ago in Key West. Replacing Megan with his now girlfriend Laura has provided more bikini fodder. There is no doubt Laura looks good. She's not afraid to flaunt it and shake the ass. She's a nurse by trade and isn't stupid, but she's definitely flighty and could grate one's nerves. The fact their videos stay under 20 minutes, they visit places I'm less familiar with but are interesting, and film adventures on land as well keep me watching. But of the providers I follow, this is the one my wife likes the least and the one I typically watch last when new vids come out weekly. I guess they are more of an acquired taste.... Expedition Drenched... I just started watching them recently after their time on Delos. I am not current with them yet, so I don't know what's going on with their new boat/experiment. They are Divers first and started with diving videos. They made money producing videos/ads/commercials for Dive Shops, Schools, etc. Started watching their diving videos in Hawaii. They have spent time with Rick of SSL, LaVagabonde and Delos before embarking on their new adventure and boat. The two of them don't really keep me coming back. Her personality is bubbly and okay, but not great. He is kind of dry but them seem to get along well together. If you like Underwater Cinematography, watch their videos. Most of them include diving scenes and they are accomplished and have a ton of high end video equipment. If you like engaging personalities, they may not be for you. I'll follow up with thoughts on LaVagabonde and SV Delos later. Sorry for the length!
  7. A few general thoughts on where I think some of you guys have gotten things wrong. (in no particular order).... Dylan, while your films generally don't fit my interests, I have watched a view and certainly can appreciate the quality and the effort you put into them. When looking at others such as LaVag, Delos, etc., where I think you are off a bit is thinking of their works as films and the idea that is how people that pay for them see them. I don't think people think of supporting them on a per film/video basis. While Patreon is set up as a per each donation, they have a monthly cap so I think people think more along the lines of is how much a month am I going to give them. Does it make a difference if someone offers $5 per video and they put out one per week or $20 per video with a max of $20/month? People have become so used to monthly subscriptions automatically withdrawn that it's nothing to them to put a dollar amount. It's why my guess is the per video Patreon earnings are overblown. It's likely why you see it on very few providers account pages anymore. It's only a slight difference in thinking, but the reason the top providers are successful is putting out consistent content. There are lots of reasons someone may become a Patron of a provider. But ultimately, I believe, they stick around because they like the story or the personalities. They find something to identify with them. It's why the "talking to the camera" style works. If you just randomly look at one video, providers may or may not capture one's attention enough to come back for more. It's why the thumbnail is important. It gets people to the party, so to speak. Whether it can keep them there is another story. The reason bikinis work, is because of again, the thumbnail draws them in but also because it buys them a little more time to keep you. Men are pretty simple. They don't need a ton of redeeming value at first stay interested for a few vids. But I still submit that the reason LaVag and Delos are at the top is not because of bikinis. They may have helped get them there but that's not what has made their following grow and sustained it. It's because they have provided great quality videos, in a style the masses are drawn to, and they have a story people can identify with in one way or another. I'll add that as I was reading this thread, it was humorous in that I was reading what was said in the past with future knowledge. In April, I started jotting down the Parteon #'s of Vagabonde and Delos every other week or so. As people on here were generally criticizing LaVag, thinking their days were numbered, discussing whether Elayna had gotten a boob job (who the hell cares, btw - that's her business), then whether the baby would be the end of them, etc.... Since April 17 LaVagabonde has had a 25% increase in Patrons. 12% of that has been just in the past six weeks, so the baby has far from had a negative effect on their following. They put out a lot of videos, some pretty much filler, but going back to the monthly thinking, that doesn't really matter and it is certainly not "taking advantage" of their patrons. On the flip side, in that same time frame, Delos has lost 3% of Patrons, which is akin to staying even in my mind. I think Bryan and Karen having a baby will likely hurt their following, but the jury is still out on that. I believe the bigger story with each is the most important part of why some succeed and others don't. Again, is it their personalities, where they came from, where they go, how they keep from becoming stagnant (bringing on new crew or patrons), etc. The production quality is important as well. LaVag is big on free diving and spear fishing. Delos on scuba diving. Both provide awesome underwater footage. Delos goes to more exotic places. IMO, Elayna is hotter than ever but doesn't try to flaunt it in a sexual way. But she/they understand that being shy won't help them. So shots of her in her underwear or in a bikini while holding or feeding the baby work. But by themselves, it wouldn't be enough. I feel like I am rambling now.....
  8. Thanks for the greetings gentlemen. I started watching a few videos from MJ Sailing and Sailing Doodles (more on them later). They somehow landed in my You Tube Recommendations. Strangely enough, before then, I had rarely looked at videos on You Tube unless I was looking for something specific. I probably looked up some place for a possible vacation and that's how the sailing videos made it there? I have no idea. I think at some point, I did a Google search for one of those two and found this thread. Didn't find a lot of info on either here but it was enough to get me interested in reading more. As for the beginnings, I watched a couple of MJ Sailing videos and, while not terribly exciting, I identified with Matt and Jessica. I feel like they are people I'd enjoy sitting down and having a beer with. The idea that they gave it all up, bought a boat and started sailing the world was very intriguing. Sailing Doodles on the other hand, got me with a bikini thumbnail. With both of those, after just a video or three, I decided to go back to the beginning and watch their vids in order. It helped me to better understand their story. Darth, hot girls in bikinis will always grab my attention. But that's not what holds my attention. If there is not something else (personality, style, they way they go about things, where they go, how they interact with others, etc.) I'm gone. An example is once I started watching Delos, there have been many girls in bikinis. But to me, none of them have been overly attractive to me. They aren't ugly, they just are far from my type and by themselves would not have kept me around for more than a video or two. Case in point, I randomly watched on Delos video at some point and didn't care for it. It wasn't until later, after my wife and I had watched most of LaVagabonde's offerings, did I go back to the beginning and watch. Dylan, I appreciate your thoughts on buying a boat. But I live 4 hours from the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama and that's not really a prime sailing area. So unless I hit the lottery and move to somewhere more exotic and sail friendly, I don't see that developing. I am DEFINITELY interested in dipping my feet in the water so to speak. My wife and I are vacationing in Maui in late October. I'd love to find an opportunity to get out on a boat while there, more than just a snorkel excursion on a charter catamaran. Not sure how to go about that, however. We are staying right by the harbor in Ma'alaea so maybe we'll likely spend some time in the harbor area and talk to some people, but I'm not sure just walking up to strangers and asking if we can go out on their boat with them is quite realistic. ha ha
  9. Hello everyone, first time poster..... I found this thread a few months ago and decided to read the whole thread before even registering or posting. So after a page here, two pages there, stopping to watch many of the posted videos and life interrupting, I finally caught up. I'm here to offer zero insight into sailing itself as the only sailboard I've ever stepped on was a sunset booze cruise in 2015 when I got married in Jamaica. Paying attention to the boat and what was happening wasn't my priority so I'd call my sailing experience nada. I am originally from the US Midwest and have lived in Alabama the past 20 years, still 4 hours from the Gulf Coast. That said, this thread has kept me interested (less a few of the drifts along the way) and I have watched many of the current crop of sailing videos, many with my wife. We watch on our 65" 4k TV and typically have watched 3-6 videos at a time, depending on length. Hopefully, if I am able to bring anything to this thread is the perspective of (as has been described here) a couch potato that just sits on the sidelines and will likely never spend significant time on a sailboat. I've now watched all videos from LaVagabonde, Delos, MJ Sailing and Sailing Doodles and have different thoughts on each. I'll spare you from the "analysis" for now. ha ha My wife joined me while watching LaVag and Delos followed. I'll leave my intro with this. Watching these videos has definitely increased my interest in sailing and in visiting places I never thought about. It's also broadened my view of countries and people I had never thought much about. Watching the videos reminds one of vacations past and potential future vacations. At 51, I don't see turning sailing into a lifestyle as many have tried and a few have done quite successfully. But it's fun to think about it. As people who prefer warm weather and sand, these videos feed right into that. My name is Chris or Jenx (like jinx). But I answer to lots of names including dickhead from time to time. I don't offend easily. Looking forward to continuing to read this thread, offering my $.02 on things from time to time and learning from the perspective of true sailors.