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  1. Of courses it is not partisan. Rim-shot. Too bad Trump is a teetotaler since he has an excellent Barr Tender. Groan If Dems impeach they will have toupee the price. Bada Bing The only thing Trump is guilty of is Wry Slimes an His Demeanors. The candidates, parties and PACs spent over 2 billion on advertising in 2016, Putin pissed a minuscule few million into that ocean. Best bang for the buck in the history of politics. Hey Nancy, Putin sends his thanks.
  2. Pun Slinger

    Black unemployment

    Yup, still an idiot.
  3. Pun Slinger

    Black unemployment

    Why? Was I wrong about Badlatitude? I'll happily correct any error.
  4. Pun Slinger

    Black unemployment

    You seriously just blamed Trump for letting North Korea become a nuclear state. I mildly dislike you because you are a uninformed hate fill ranting idiot. You were an idiot yesterday and you will still be an idiot tomorrow. I usually find idiots quite entertaining. You are a boring idiot. They are the worst kind.
  5. Pun Slinger

    Black unemployment

    Trump was elected in 2016. How many other presidents have there been in that time. Are you deflecting?
  6. Pun Slinger

    Black unemployment

    What Drama? What deflecting? The Democrats have been hoisting fake flag after fake flag trying to reverse Hillary's embarrassment. Every month has been a new breathless charge all of which have amounted to nothing. Putin's pawn Collusion dismissal of Comey disclosure of classified information Obstruction Hush Money Emoluments Bribery To name a few We have on video President Obama asking the Russian President in person to give him "Space" before the election in a quid pro quo for more"flexibility" in eastern missile defense talks AFTER the election. A crystal clear bargain, help me win the election, by not making waves and when I'm re-elected I will reward you by being more flexible on those negotiations ABM talks.. I don't care what political stripe you are a direct request to help his election chances with the country whose military and ours are pointing their missiles and guns at each other and in exchange he agreed to compromise our defenses against then. Impeachable? 100% Treasonous? Yes, in my considered opinion. Any ... make that every questionable thing Trump has done as president and during the campaign is barely a mole hill, with a dead mole inside, compared to that singular act. If that wasn't impeachable then Trump's lame phone call sure isn't. Yet I never called for his impeachment, not when when he lied to congress about keeping my health plan or any other of his myriad of questionable acts. So go ahead and impeach him as a political offering to the Trump Derangement Alter. But distract from it? Not on your life I LOVE it. Every Negative view I have ever had of Politics, Congress, Democrats and Republicans is being 100% validated with each new Headline. It is quite calming to know I always had it nailed.
  7. Pun Slinger

    Black unemployment

    Why are these bad things?
  8. Pun Slinger

    Black unemployment