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  1. rrudoff

    onboard coffee??

    Moka Pot and Lavazza Just look at my Avatar
  2. rrudoff

    sourcing phenolic or g10 bushing?

    Igus has a lot of sleeve and flanged bearings and bushings that might meet your needs. Thin walls and a range diameters and lengths, McMaster sells some of them, but they have a lot more options
  3. This might be what you are looking for-if it can support your inrush current for your particular valve-hit and hold circuit, unlike latching the NC function should not be impaired. I imagine other people make similar circuits or you could build your own also. https://chromspec.com/pdf/e/bf04.pdf
  4. rrudoff

    Heat treating stainless

    Or this https://www.mcmaster.com/#crescent-wrenches/=1credj9 https://www.mcmaster.com/#crescent-wrenches/=1credj9 304 SS should be more than strong enough for adjusting turnbuckles on boats. Not actually sure what grade these are They also have lots of Ampco metal options, but that is really to avoid sparks in explosive environments. As another poster stated measure the nut and pick a metric or imperial that fits.
  5. Titanium makes no sense here-if you want something permanent with good fatigue life, corrosion resistance, and high strength, Carpenter Metal, Hastelloy or Monel would be a much better choice than Grade 2 Ti. Weight is a very minor issue in the bilge.
  6. has not set their status