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  1. Nekaj

    Crousing Code Zero / Code 0 ... advice

    Yes, that’s correct. No 2 to 1 tension rope needed at all. Easy to handle raeching sail. Furler helps a lot as well. No chafe protection and I do not think it’s needed. At tight reaching foot touches spreader rigging just a bit, but it does not look concerning. Maynbe in sloppy sea, but I have to test that...
  2. Nekaj

    Crousing Code Zero / Code 0 ... advice

    Hi, I think that is what I’ve got. OneSails call them “FFR - Flat Furling Reacher“ ( It’s kind of “Crousing Code 0” or reacher ... I’m super happy with it for what I need. Perfect combo between furling Jib and a full Genaker.
  3. What about Nikon Oceanpro 7x50. There must be a reason why they do not produce marine 10x binoculars? I’m looking at this Nikon model in EU. As ‘m already off on my yearly summer trip, I’ll wait for price to drop again...
  4. Nekaj

    Crousing Code Zero / Code 0 ... advice

    Got new sail last Friday and tested it in a light breeze. Happy :-) Red is my gennaker..
  5. Nekaj

    Crousing Code Zero / Code 0 ... advice

    Hi, I've chatted with sailmaker and decided to go for a cruising adopted version of cordless Code 0 in laminate. Both material and design are adopted to my style of use and as I've had good experience with this sail loft I'll trust them. all your comments also helped! I'll also add bobstay to bowsprite as it's probably safer to protect it and no additional rework is needed (only some 6mm dyneema). Will let you know how it works once delivered and tested.
  6. Nekaj

    Crousing Code Zero / Code 0 ... advice

    Hi, Thank you ! This is really helpful. I also have standard Selden bowsprit and have seen previous owner had fitted bobstay trough the water drain holes of the anchor chain compartment. Attached is an old photo. When I got the boat it was already removed. I'll keep my eye on halyards. Thanks for the info. Still leaning on Full Laminate version with IFS of FFR. Alternative is combination of laminate and nylon for FFR with IFS (integrated furl structure). less expensive but not that much... What furlers are you using - I have an offer for Selden CX25
  7. Nekaj

    Elan Sailboats

    I sailed Elan 31 for 15 years (year around 2002 owned by my wife and her sister) - really good quality, no problems at all and super fast for the size. Really good sailing experience as a small family carouser. last year I've bought a 2017 Elan S5 (similar to E5 but lighter). Also looks to be of good quality. I do have some rain water leaking problems (some solved some remain to be), but overall looks good. It's super fast and super light (it's S version, E is probably less so) - navigating in marina in a breeze sometimes difficult due lightness of the boat. But more than good for sailing. They are a bit over engineered - which I find both good and bad at the same time. So far I love it.
  8. Nekaj

    Crousing Code Zero / Code 0 ... advice

    Hi @mezaire , Thank you for this insight, really helpful. I'm primarily cruising, not racing, therefore I guess OneSails FFR will probably suit me best (I do not need to follow racing rules). I'm also leaning towards cordless laminate right now. I guess I can avoid adding 2:1 (sailmaker said there would be less tension and for light wind (my intended use) use anyway 2:1 is not required. I can always add 2:1 later if needed. Price is higher but I guess there is enough benefit in investing a bit more. Not sure if I'll add UV protection. probably not at start, but if I find benefit in keeping it on the rig I might consider that as well at later stage. Do you have bobstay fitted to your bowsprit? If yes how is it fitted? Thanks. Best, Vasja
  9. Nekaj

    Crousing Code Zero / Code 0 ... advice

    Thank you George. Noted. I'm looking at A3 offered by OneSails in their racing downwind section. It looks like a much more deep shape sail and it's intended for stronger winds (12-23 vs 4-22 for FFR in crossing). possibly names and terminology differs slightly between sailmakers. Yours looks like nylon on the photo - is that correct? How does it work?
  10. Nekaj

    Crousing Code Zero / Code 0 ... advice

    @sailorma44 - thanks for replay. I’m form Europe and here they are one of the biggest shops locally. my gennaker is not fruling. it is with sock and that works well. but I prefer furl due ease of use.
  11. Hi, I’m considerin adding Code 0 to my sail setup. I have Elan S5 (E5) with OneSails 4T main sail and jib, and a gennaker. Intended use is ability to sail in low wind conditioons (3-6knots) where gennaker or jib do not work that well. No racing! Question is: 1) Laminate vs nylon? 2) Cordless or with cable? I guess I’ll need to add 2:1 halyard if I decide for cable option as I curently do not have that instyalled (sailmaker sayes it’s not necessary). Of course lamninate is more expensive than nylon and cordless even more. Is it worth the differnece in price? I also like the idea that cordless laminate version is lighter and easioer to handle as most of the time I sail shorthanded and I also plan to start singlehanded sailing... I’m looking at One Sails IFS version of FFR sail (their crousing version of Code 0) What is your experiences? Anyone who upgraded from nylon to laminate and from cable to cordless version? How did you find the difference? I know the theory but how is real life experience between those versions. Thanks all in advance! Vasja