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  1. https://www.sail-world.com/news/226623/USD6m-decision-made-in-favour-of-Laser-designer How long will it take for the appeal to be filed?
  2. Tolerance? To paraphrase the Princess Bride, "I do not think that word means what you think it means..." Intolerance of hate? All day long.
  3. When did accepting racist, misogynistic, xenophobic people become synonymous with tolerating others' views? Fuck that and small minded bigots.
  4. For the uninitiated in international sports doping, Google "Operation Puerto" for a crash-course in pro sports cheating. Virtually every sport is riddled with cheaters... track & field, soccer, cycling (gasp)... even tennis for fuck's sake! Think sailors are exempt? I doubt it. Back in the dark ages (see 1980s), I considered trying out for various America's Cup campaigns but was not large enough for the barges being utilized in that era. My first thought? Hmmmm, I could put on a ton of weight with steroids! That thought exited my mind nearly as quickly as it entered, but there it was. The highest level dopers have entered a realm of genetic-level alterations at this point, making it nearly impossible to detect, but that doesn't mean plenty of others aren't using the more pedestrian drugs like "T," HGH and EPO to name a few. Are the good 'ol US of A boys and girls clean? Some are and some probably are not. Are the Russians glowing? Indeed. So what's the end-game? Don't waste too much energy being concerned about international sports doping. Go sail your own damned boat and have fun.
  5. Yawn. The athletes will all be there. They will sing their national anthem over the Olympic music. They will continue to use banned products if they were using them previously.
  6. Heisenberg

    Laser - awaiting the vote

    The trademark agreement with LP expires at the end of this month. I suspect this is the nexus of the entire battle. Perhaps I'm wrong... https://www.sailingworld.com/laser-class-builder-battle-escalates/ "April 2, 2019—LaserPerformance issues a formal response to the ILCA's March 27 announcement of termination as a Laser class builder, asserting its rights to the Laser trademark and accusing the ILCA of refusing to enter into a renewal of the trademark agreement, which expires on August 31, 2019. LP also states, "ILCA is not legally able to seek new manufacturers for Laser products in LP territory without LP's consent," which, according to LP, includes everything but Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand."
  7. Heisenberg

    Laser - awaiting the vote

    This entire affair appears to be nothing more than a contract dispute between ILCA and Laser Performance. From the few facts I've been able to find, Laser Performance's contract expired this year, and they were unsuccessful in negotiating a new one, at least on the same oligarchic terms it already possessed. After ILCA basically told LP to go pound sand, LP decided to throw a tantrum in the realm of social media and anywhere else people would listen. As sailors and competitors, it benefits us all if there is competition. Just look at the price of a certified sail versus that of a practice sail. Do the math on the cost of production and you'll quickly conclude the gross margin on a licensed one is, well, quite gross. Furthermore, the quality of the US-built hulls was abysmal while parts in North America were, by-and-large, unavailable. So, in summary, LP had a virtual monopoly, acted as though it had a virtual monopoly, then got pissed when it lost its virtual monopoly. The rest is just white-noise and diversion.