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  1. Albaker

    Potential issue with TrailerTri 720 build

    I've asked the seller for the builder and previous owner information last night, but I've not heard back yet. I was trying to get a surveyor out today, but I told him last night I needed to put a hold on this until I can get additional info. He read the ad and responded back that the "thin plywood" combined with "only a thin layer of fg" concerned him. He stated to save my dollars and get a better boat. I was expecting to do some work on it, but I don't have time for a major overhaul. We have a great sailing lake 15 minutes from the house. I've been sailing smaller boats (Capri 22 and Hobie 18) a couple times a week and intend to do so over the winter with the one to be used next year. At this point, I'm not going to pursue this any further until I can contact the builder and get some of the boat history. There just aren't that many trimarans for sale in the $10-12K range with a cabin, and I literally just paid for a wedding. Otherwise, a Corsair would be what I'd be looking at. Thanks again for everything. I've been hitting this forum a LOT over the past couple months, and it's been a wealth of information.
  2. Albaker

    Potential issue with TrailerTri 720 build

    Thanks guys. The current owner has owned the boat over 2 years but has never taken it out. He’s repeating what he was told by the builder. I submitted an earlier question about the trimaran to this forum, and somebody did post to reply and stated that he thought it had been refurbished a couple years ago and saw it up for sale then. He thought it had been re-furbished at that time. He’s also from the right part of the country. Here is the link:
  3. I'm about to purchase a TT720, but the current owner just said something to me that has me concerned. "Builder would have built it with more fiberglass but he is here on the sea and not on an inland lake." That's a direct quote from a text. I'm planning on having it inspected tomorrow, but I've never built a boat and I have no idea how much fiberglass is needed or should be used. I presume more fiberglass means more strength. I'm worried about structural integrity, and my intent is to sail this boat in R2AK next year. Will a good surveyor catch anything that might be problematic, or will gel coat hide something? Would you walk away from the deal? I'm 2,000 miles away from the boat, so I simply can't run back and forth to deal with issues unfortunately. Thanks
  4. Albaker

    TrailerTri 720 and R2AK

    A lot of great info. Thanks to all - I really appreciate this, and these comments will take me further down the road.
  5. Albaker

    TrailerTri 720 and R2AK

    I've been wrestling with the type of boat for a couple months now. I'm set on doing R2AK next year, so I'm looking at upgrading my boat. My heart is set on an F-24, but my daughter just got married a month ago. I'm happy for her, but my savings is depleted and I hate debt, so an F-24 is out of the question for now unless I found an incredible deal. I found a TrailerTri 720, which I know is a home built, and it appears to have been made OK but there are things I don't know for certain given it is a homebuilt. It appears to be difficult to get a good survey done on one of these. Can you folks give me some ideas as to what I specifically need to look for? I've not seen the plans, but I presume the type and quality of materials should be fairly standard? Farrier seems to have a good name, but when there isn't any oversight on a build, there could be issues. I've run across a couple posts where someone will claim to be completely comfortable doing R2AK in a TT720, so any indications for the quality of build is what I'm particularly concerned with. Thanks