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  1. Grizz

    Is this site slow to load for anyone else?

    Performance seems significantly improved today.
  2. Grizz

    Is this site slow to load for anyone else?

    Extra painful for the last few days.
  3. Grizz

    3Di Nordac

    7070, the 3DI Nordac is very stiff compared with woven dacron, and was a real pain to flake the first few times. I have a Tides Marine track and lazy jacks, and the sail eventually settled down well once it "learned" the flakes.
  4. Grizz

    3Di Nordac

    We have finished out two full seasons on our 3DI Nordac main. The boat is a Frers 33, usage is mixed day sailing, club racing and cruising. I'm happy so far- we've had very good race results, and have cruised in some pretty stiff breezes. It's obviously early to discuss longevity, but there is no visible stretch so far. The material is very stiff and stable.
  5. Grizz

    1000 Daze at Sea

    How about DDWFTW?
  6. I'll add my vote for the Lewrie series as well. Used to like Alexander Kent, but he kind of lost me about 2/3 through the series. The Kydd series by Julian Stockwin is pretty good too, and the Dawlish Chronicles are worth a look. STR, Hornblower introduced me to the genre when I was a tween, so I'm still pretty loyal. I'm with you on the Marryat books too.
  7. I mentioned the series on the Aubrey-Maturin Facebook forum, btw. I really like your emphasis on actual sailing!
  8. Yep- left us kind of hanging. Just sayin'...
  9. STR, I very much enjoyed the Hayden series. Is there a fifth in the works?
  10. Grizz

    Commercial Ship Admiration Anarchy

    How about USS LST-510, now operating daily for the Cross Sound Ferry Company between Orient Point and New London as the "Cape Henlopen." Landed troops and armor during the Normandy invasion, made multiple transatlantic crossings, with a long and interesting commercial career. She may be the only D-Day veteran ship still in active service.
  11. Grizz


    Saw it tonight with a big crowd of local sailors, Dawn Riley was there to field questions. Enjoyed it thoroughly.
  12. Grizz

    Favorite Urban Legends

    Not a legend- there is a summer camp for girls in the Adirondacks called Camp Little Notch.
  13. Grizz

    Snorkeling and headaches

    Lima, I have had a full beard for many years. Putting Vaseline on my mustache before diving always fixed mask seepage for me.
  14. Grizz

    Damn, I wish I still had this...

    I still have a Sunbeam Tiger and a TR3. Haven’t had either on the road for a while.
  15. Grizz

    Frers 41, Carroll Marine

    I'm with Beer can on this- my '87 Frers 33 has also been solid, without any apparent gelcoat issues. I believe several of them, including mine, had earlier work done to correct some mast step issues.