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  1. Grizz

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    In fairness, the 3DI Nordac was a real PITA to flake for the first few weeks- it eventually got “trained” and the flakes now fall naturally. Lucky Dog, I’m thinking it will always be much stiffer than 3DL.
  2. Grizz

    Upgrade from Merit 22 to S2 7.9, worth it?

    I second Cal20’s vote on the 7.9. A good friend owned both a 7.9 and a Merit 25 at the same time, and we raced both of them. I would take the 7.9 for comfort in all cases. The 7.9 was a reasonable cruiser as well, and very happy in all conditions, including severe weather.
  3. Grizz

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    I have lazy jacks on the Frers, and have had no problem. My mainsail cover fits the 3DI Nordac as well. Yes, it’s stiff. IIRC, the list price was approximately 20-25% higher than crosscut Dacron.
  4. Grizz

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    We’ve been using a 3DI Nordac main on our Frers 33 this year. Mixed racing and light cruising. Pretty happy so far.
  5. Grizz

    Garmin AIS 600 software, anyone?

    Hi Caribbeachbum. I have it- send me a PM with your email address.
  6. Grizz

    Fecnor Flat Deck furler

    Allen, we have been racing a friend's S2 10.3 with the Facnor for several years, and for the same reasons (aging crew primarily.) My prior roller-furling experiences had been with Harken. In comparison, the Facnor is markedly easier to furl. The webbing furling line has been completely backlash free, the wide drum diameter offers a mechanical advantage that we old guys appreciate and the Facnor allows a significantly lower tack. Our experience has been entirely positive.
  7. Grizz

    Garmin AIS 600 software, anyone?

    Southtronic- I tried the Dropbox link a week or so ago and it was OK. I have the ZIP file. Send me a PM.
  8. Grizz

    When did No. 6 get banned, and why?

    The Mohs hardness scale mnemonic was "The girls can flirt and other queer things can do." Talc, gypsum, calcite, flourite, apatite, orthoclase, quartz, topaz, corundum, diamond.
  9. Grizz

    Garmin AIS 600 software, anyone?

    I think the MMSI number can only be set once, but vessel information can be changed on an ongoing basis.
  10. Grizz

    Garmin AIS 600 software, anyone?

    I believe the software can be found at this link: 600 Setup
  11. Grizz

    Sailors Powerboat

    I always had a yen for a MacKenzie Cuttyhunk Bass Boat. A little spendy though-here's a 1958 28 footer for only $90K...
  12. Grizz

    Dreadlocks needs a new home

    Update- Interested parties can contact Kevin at Coney's Marine in Huntington, NY.
  13. Jeff Hammer and his Tartan Ten, Dreadlocks, was a dominant force in Long Island Sound Racing for many years. Hell, even Mr. Esposito said nice stuff about him! When Jeff passed away in 2016, his daughter took on the stewardship of the mighty Dread. Yesterday, however, she sent the following email to the ex-crew: Jeff always had great sails and gear, but cosmetics were always a secondary concern (OK, maybe tertiary.) Before you tell me to buy an ad, I should make it clear that Jeff's daughter is not looking for money. If anyone is interested in inheriting one of the fastest Tartan Tens anywhere, please send a PM.
  14. Just bought a used boat with a recent Garmin 741xs multi-function chartplotter. The unit will generally power on with the first button press after power is connected. If i turn the unit off with its power button, I have to cycle power to the unit before it will turn back on. Sometimes I have to cycle power a couple of times before the damned thing will power on. I see some posts on old forums about the issue, but no resolution. Has anyone out there ever experienced or resolved this?