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  1. Update- Interested parties can contact Kevin at Coney's Marine in Huntington, NY.
  2. Jeff Hammer and his Tartan Ten, Dreadlocks, was a dominant force in Long Island Sound Racing for many years. Hell, even Mr. Esposito said nice stuff about him! When Jeff passed away in 2016, his daughter took on the stewardship of the mighty Dread. Yesterday, however, she sent the following email to the ex-crew: Jeff always had great sails and gear, but cosmetics were always a secondary concern (OK, maybe tertiary.) Before you tell me to buy an ad, I should make it clear that Jeff's daughter is not looking for money. If anyone is interested in inheriting one of the fastest Tartan Tens anywhere, please send a PM.
  3. Just bought a used boat with a recent Garmin 741xs multi-function chartplotter. The unit will generally power on with the first button press after power is connected. If i turn the unit off with its power button, I have to cycle power to the unit before it will turn back on. Sometimes I have to cycle power a couple of times before the damned thing will power on. I see some posts on old forums about the issue, but no resolution. Has anyone out there ever experienced or resolved this?
  4. Thanks Swabbie- sent a PM
  5. Taking the plunge again. Does anyone have a recommendation for a surveyor in CT anywhere on the LIS? FWIW, I tried a search first!
  6. The instructor is 18 years old.
  7. https://patch.com/new-york/northport/s/g6llh/10-year-old-boy-killed-during-sailing-lesson-in-centerport Devastating
  8. Chinabald, I use Kindle Unlimited (Prime), as well as Overdrive, Bookbub, and even those old paper and cardboard things at my local library. I've been pretty happy with Kindle Unlimited. The selection is reasonably good, as long as you aren't looking for current best sellers.
  9. I saw this comparison animation posted elsewhere today- ignore the strange file name! https://gfycat.com/PaleCreepyDoe
  10. Pearson Flyer, Division 3, first downwind shortly after they set the kite. It was blowing mid 20's.
  11. Here are the details of the funeral arrangements: Memorial Service for Jeffrey Hammer Tuesday April 12, 2016 United Methodist Church of Huntington Cold Spring Harbor 180 West Neck Road Huntington, NY 11743 Service will begin at 4pm followed by a pot luck reception in the Church’s fellowship hall. Family friendly service and children welcome. If you would like to contribute a dish, please drop it off at the church anytime on the 12th. In lieu of flowers, we invite you to bring a spring plant such as tulips as they were Jeff’s favorite; or make a donation on his behalf to UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) at umcor.org. A celebration of his life will be held in May at a local yacht club. Details to follow…..
  12. I just learned that Jeff Hammer passed away unexpectedly. Jeff, with his Tartan 10 Dreadlocks, was a legend in the Long Island Sound sailing community. He was a staunch friend, a great mentor and an inspiration to sailors across the region. Funeral arrangements are pending- I'll pass along details as they emerge.
  13. Thanks Ocean View- we still have the original manual, and as you noticed, it has no pin-outs for the connector. I called Raymarine service again, and spoke to somebody who had at least heard of the Sailmaster. He indicated that the depth transducer would appear to an ohmmeter as an open circuit even if it is connected and functional, and also that there are no currently available transducers that are compatible with the Sailmaster. I guess we'll bite the bullet and dig out the wiring.
  14. BTW, I called the Raymarine support number for help, got routed to level 2 support, but the rep i spoke with was unfamiliar with the Sailmaster. Does anyone know of a better path for information?
  15. I'm trying to help a friend with a 10 year old Tack Tick Sailmaster that recently stopped displaying depth. Before we dig up all of the well buried wiring to the transducer, I was wondering if we can at least check continuity to the transducer by reading the resistance across the corresponding pins at the multipin bulkhead connector. Is there a typical resistance reading across the transducer pins? If so, does anyone know the connector pinout, so I can figure out which pins to read? Any help would be appreciated.