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  1. Captain Ujack

    Bombardier 4.8

    Sorry bartman for the slow response. Boat sails very well. It’s quick and has very little weather helm. I dry sail it off my trailer. It takes twenty minutes from pulling into the launch area to sailing off the dock. I have the original owners manual. I can scan and send if you like. Nothing online exists.
  2. Captain Ujack

    Cheap, Fast Dinghy

    Bombardier 4.8. I bought one last spring on Craig’s List for $900 in sailing condition with a trailer. I sailed 20 days last season and plan to double that this season. It’s very fast and I’m working on making it as fast as it can possibly be.
  3. Captain Ujack

    where is it?

    Aluminum boat gestation.
  4. Captain Ujack

    Bombardier 4.8

    I’ve decided foils are too complicated. My plan now is to make this boat into 4.5 meter skiff, like the 18 foot skiffs in Australia.
  5. Captain Ujack

    turn buckle anarchy

    I’m wondering about using lifeline hardware for my small boat rigging. Any thoughts?
  6. Captain Ujack

    Bombardier 4.8

    Found this $900 gem on the list early this spring. She came ready to go with sails, trailer and owners manual. Eleven sails later, I’ve got her dialed in. I’ve just experienced the twitchy feel of a sailboat on plane. She’s ready for foils!