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  1. amgpuma

    Freely Refited

    tks mate.plan to close cabin and keep size of original cockpit. have a nice freeboard for wave breaking though.
  2. amgpuma

    Freely Refited

    Hi there, it has been a while since last time I posted, very busy over the last few months and not precisly working on the tri. I was finally able to manage 1 full week to start up the refitting. Cross beam had to be sawn, mostly due to they havent been unmounted in years. I'm planning to weld them back or alternatively build lighetr new ones, not a big deal. Then after I toof off the rigging and removed all hardware, winches and clutchers, jib travellers, mast base, net rings, handrails and instruments. Secondly I pullet out all the sh*t the previous owners fitted inside the cabin: lining, insulating cork (?), wires and plywood all in rotten condition. I'm now in the process of reshaping the deck of the main hull, stern and bow by cutting stupidly added appendices. I also noted the daggerboard is too heavy thus the foam core will be soak. All in all there's a lot of job to do although right now nothing else than sanding, glassing and fairing. All commnets are pretty much appreciated I'll keep posting Cheers!
  3. amgpuma

    Freely Refited

    That falls among the things I also noted, sounds like a previous owner made several "refits": an stupid coffin to fit a long tail outboard engine aft the cockpit; a bow shaving to add a heavy and cheap charly stainless steel bow boom and some other useless plywood in the interiors. I'm thinking to move aft the stern cross beam as well as move fwd the entire cockpit, will see
  4. amgpuma

    Freely Refited

    The topic subject could make your worng, indeed its not a freelyt but sound pretty much similar in certain ways.
  5. amgpuma

    Freely Refited

    Thanks for your wise and kind words Wess. I'll try my best ;-p
  6. amgpuma

    Freely Refited

    will check out on tacking techniques but dont think its gonna be a real.issue right now. cheers
  7. amgpuma

    Freely Refited

    tks mate. She has adjustable backstay as well as a set of running stays to.the amas. Asuming playibg with mast rake and bend it doesnt gonna be a hassle. cheers
  8. amgpuma

    Freely Refited

    Tks for your msg. Actually I haven't had the chance to sail her yet although I don't expect anythibg special for tacking just consider will be rather slow, like in all trimarans ...As far as I can see the daggerboard act as rotation axle thus being fwd means more weight and volume to rotate, am i right?cheers Al
  9. amgpuma

    Freely Refited

    Hi there, First of all llow me a short introduction about myself, born and raise in south west spain currently living in north east scotland, being sailing since i recall and now fascinating about refiting. Just grab a bargain tri which was calling for mercy. Not very familiar with this model, former owners claims was a Medsail 26 but unable to find any reference at all. Just nted it got similarties with both Ocqueteau Speed 770 and a Freely 8 m , both french design and construction from the '80s. Wonder if any of you guys could point out more about her. Planning to chop cabin to replicate an ample deck style like those from Kurt Huges designs, will be keen to modify cockpit and update rigging. comments welcome. Many thanks cheers amgpuma