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  1. Controversial_posts

    Annapolis Newport Race

    But watch out for the fish traps at night. And the Navy target hulks (just under the surface). Either will end your race.
  2. Controversial_posts

    Annapolis Newport Race

    We've always found it helpful to watch the other boats to measure how badly we're doing. It's reassuring to see that no matter which side we pick, it's going to be the wrong one.
  3. Controversial_posts

    composite floor boards?

    Our floorboards weigh approx 2lbs / ft, at 3/4" thick, for a total weight of 120lbs. So this is roughly 33% lighter weight / volume. It would be a lot of work to save 60lbs, but maybe worth it once other weight savings options are exhausted. (Of course, you're going to have the boat re-measured after this right? B/c that's going to remove any rating benefit you get.)
  4. Controversial_posts

    Tethers - Quick Release or Not?

    At least with the spinlock tethers, they are made to be used with newer Spinlock vests that have an integrated tether release.
  5. Controversial_posts

    do big race boats depreciate?

    There's got to be more than $85k there just in winches & deck hardware.
  6. Controversial_posts

    START THE LIST- 2021 events that are happening...

    Annapolis Annapolis to Newport. Reduced entry fee and full refund for cancellations, pretty solid deal.
  7. Controversial_posts

    New sail order headache

    This is most certainly NOT the case.
  8. Controversial_posts

    J/111 twin tackline sprit end

    Assuming you're running asym kites, peeling from the A2 to the reacher or code zero. Or vice-versa
  9. Controversial_posts

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Looks like someone didn't get asked to crew... Also just to remind everyone, you took a vacation to Italy back in late Feb/March, got sick, and brought it back to Australia.
  10. Controversial_posts


    Don't forget the leaky deck fittings in balsa core? There's that.
  11. Whatever. Everything I said was going to happen, happened. There was never any chance of controlling disease once it hit the US cities. You and your idiot friends just all assumed that because I was resigned to the inevitable, that it meant I was denying that it was real or a problem. I wasn't, I just happen to know that there was no way to lock down society indefinitely. And sure enough, it's spreading out of control pretty much everywhere now. All we did was move the problem back a few months.
  12. Controversial_posts

    Dying to sail

    If I said anything of the sort, I was just pulling your chain.
  13. Controversial_posts

    Dying to sail

    Well... judging from your attitude here, you probably spent those 40 years pissing everyone off. Ever notice how that kind of thing just doesn't happen to friendly folks that everyone likes?
  14. Yeah that's right. By then there was no doubt that it was spreading widely, unless you WANTED to believe the official line that "everything was under control".
  15. Maybe I'm mis-remembering, but there was definitely news stories out of Wuhan by late December, and by the first week of January, I was wondering if all the Chinese people in my building who were coming back from Christmas/New Year's break in China were going to bring the virus with them. I remember zero surprise when it showed up in the US in late January.