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  1. Controversial_posts

    Instrumentation market in general - am I completely mad?

    @RantyDave Everything you are looking for already exists in the B&G H5000 + Expedition. That you haven’t discovered this already through basic research doesn’t bode well for your likelihood of success in trying to make the equipment and software yourself...
  2. Controversial_posts

    Annapolis Boat Shows Cancelled

    Easy for you to say, not having one.
  3. Controversial_posts

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Really, you teleported from Italy directly to your boat? You didn’t fly on a large aircraft for 12+ hrs, and multiple connections through crowded airports?
  4. Controversial_posts

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    The irony is thick with you... don’t I recall that you went to Italy in March and had Covid symptoms on return? How many people did you selfishly infect because you didn’t want to cancel the vacation you’d paid for, even though a pandemic was already showing signs of spreading outside China? But sure, blame the BLM...
  5. Controversial_posts

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Said every racist ever...
  6. Controversial_posts

    “Two Bridge Fiasco” (Annapolis)

    Last winter I looked for yarn that would snap easily, but all I could find was synthetic or a blend that was much too strong. In any case I think that’s prohibited now.
  7. Controversial_posts

    Encased iron keel is pushed up. How to repair?

    100 hrs just in the sanding. This is months of work, and many, many, many thousands, and that’s if you can get a yard to do the heavy lifting stuff. Don’t buy this one!
  8. Controversial_posts

    Keel bulb weight to crew weight equivalent calculation?

    Sure, in teo Sure, but my “keel kgs” have never been late or forgot to show up, bitched about the weather, dropped sails and winch handles overboard, got drunk, or quit to sail on faster boat...
  9. Controversial_posts

    Do your crew just quit trying?

    Self motivation and initiative... also a thing. Some have it, some don’t and blame their leaders.
  10. Controversial_posts

    Rudders and roundup

    What’s the vang doing when you’re getting overpowered? Or is it one of those new Jeaneau that dont have a hard vang?
  11. Controversial_posts

    Rudders and roundup

    At 20-30 degrees rudder angle, it has completely stalled and is in-effective. You need to ease the main and traveller well before you get there or head down in a puff. a deeper rudder might help, but then first time you run aground you’re buying a new rudder.
  12. Controversial_posts

    Do your crew just quit trying?

    Ok after watching that video maybe I need to stop bitching, my team are rockstars in comparison. Lol
  13. Controversial_posts

    Do your crew just quit trying?

    Guess ya really do need the sarcasm disclaimer on the internet don’t you?
  14. Controversial_posts

    Do your crew just quit trying?

    This is part of it, I suppose. Only had the team together for two years or so, and some for less. But The longer we keep folks who are not self-motivated, the harder it will be to show them the door, and it’s preventing me from adding more motivated people. but yeah its not an uldb, so it suffers in <5kts. but I don’t want to do what some do and just cancel the race when forecast is light, because I respect that they have made plans and don’t want thise canceled at the last minute.
  15. Controversial_posts

    Beneteau First Yacht 53

    This topic is beat to death, its a terrible race boat for the size and money.