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  1. Steve_sos

    Light wind drifter sail

    I tack the spinnaker to a block on each bow which is why I guess another block behind the roller furling would be needed. I have only seen screechers set on a bowsprit on a cat?
  2. Steve_sos

    Light wind drifter sail

    If I have a dyneema luff cable does that mean I don't need the sythetic solent stay? I would need a deck attachement point behind the roller furling and just use the spinnaker halyard? Trying to avoid using the iron genoa
  3. Steve_sos

    Light wind drifter sail

    Would like a light wind sail. At the moment we have a large Genoa and a symmetrical spinnaker. Watching the latest Atticus video they have fitted a removable synthetic Solent stay which they can use with a smaller headsail and a lightweight Drifter sail. This to me looks like a very good idea and was wondering if it would work on our cat. Another advantage is a spare emergency stay! Atticus YouTube video Another point that I liked was that the Drifter was fitted to the stay by a continuous luff zip which looked very easy to set. Anyone used one of these or have any thoughts ?
  4. Steve_sos

    Best grippy shoes

    Brought some Adidas boat shoes and very pleased with them. Very grippy but not tried in the wet yet.
  5. Steve_sos

    Best grippy shoes

    Which Adidas shoe are we talking about?
  6. Steve_sos

    Switch to Aluminum Anode?

    I was advised when changing my saildrive anodes to Ali to make sure all underwater anodes were also aluminium.
  7. Steve_sos

    Struggling with low speed manouvering and docking

    We fitted a bow thruster to a 27' cat that had a single Yam 9.9 that did not steer. Made all the difference but still struggled a bit with strong cross winds but you knew one way or another your had options to get to the berth even if not totally dignified!
  8. Steve_sos

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    That could be one interesting trip - North Atlantic in November!
  9. Steve_sos

    SailGP 2019

    We went to Cowes on Sunday and loved it. Great atmosphere, well organised and exciting build-up and racing. We sail a crusing catamaran but do not and don't want to race. We have sailed to Cowes when the racing is on and there is a buzz about the place but apart from the Fastnet have never watched or wanted to watch any other racing. SailGP was different and can't wait for next years racing