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    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Cruising YW or BoatTrader and drooling is literally a daily pastime with me. But I thought it was just me. However I had a great meeting yesterday with a wonderful couple that runs charters in the Chesapeake and Bahamas, trying to set up renting a big boat for the Bahamas next summer- we get to talking, and he does the same thing! His wife calls it “his boat porn”, and to her credit is only a little exasperated when he tells her there’s a genuine steal in New Guinea they really should just go out and get. He’s serious.
  2. Ok, I’ve been obsessing over this for days and even thinking it through requires experience I don’t have, so I though I’d ask the forum- if this doesn’t interest you, please ignore. Saw this ad in YW for a 1953 John Alden designed Yawl named Enchanta: steel hull, built in Germany by Abeking & Rasmussen. 67 feet, beam is 15.7, and it was listed five years ago for 660k, probably a reasonable ask at that time, given the condition it was in. Not anymore. After (I assume from the pics) sitting around unsold and either outside or at least unprotected for some period, the price is now 64k. So at this point, this is a scrap metal, wood salvage, and fittings price, basically. Yet the boat is beautiful (to me), the hull (being steel) should in theory be sound or repairable, and if restored could serve as a stunningly great cruiser... and it seems, if done properly and with attention to price, could be a solid investment. There’s a lot to work with here for just 64k. My questions for the board: First, what would a mid-level restoration/refit cost on a boat this size (ballpark)? Not top price for everything but not so cheap you couldn’t resell it ? Second, what would it add to the cost to convert this into a Cutter rather than a yawl? Is that even feasible or would it blow up the budget? Third, is this boat trailer-able or would it have to be towed if I wanted to use a yard closer to home (Havre de Grace, MD)? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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    Feasibility to refit a big, old boat?

    As I noted up-thread, I am humbled and most grateful at the generous and highly detailed responses given - to what I figured would be a thread garnering maybe a half dozen replies! It seems this is a thing many dream about apparently, so i suspect the discussion was useful to many others besides myself. This is a special community indeed. Thanks to one and all here for taking the time to answer and share your considerable expertise. As I said earlier, I have been convinced by the information presented here- much I already knew but some I hadn’t even known enough to consider- there are way too many pitfalls and roadblocks for me to make the attempt. So I will gracefully bow out of this one, but have saved the entire, valuable discussion so I can refer to it in the future. A side effect of this was that it has also convinced me I WILL try this in the future on another boat at some point, when my situation is more conducive to the requirements and I’ve learned are necessary. Thats a whole lot of ship (and potential) for just 60k. The final product would be wonderful. But I just can’t get there from here. Heartfelt thanks for the advice!
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    Feasibility to refit a big, old boat?

    I genuinely appreciate the feedback, opinions, and information- thanks to all for taking the time! Probably the only reason I was pondering whether this might be theoretically feasible is that I did something similar with a historic colonial house about ten years ago- beautiful, but it was going to be destroyed by a gas station. House disassembled, every board marked/mapped, loaded into three tractor-trailers and shipped across 4 states. Two years rebuilding it on site w all modern systems within the historic fabric, and I live in it today- it’s s gem. And if we sold, my real estate agent friend says we’d get our $ back and then some, so it made sense in the end. That said, boats are a different animal and this seems not to be an analogous scenario - my thought of “offer 50, ship for 50, rebuild for 350, and you’ve got a 600k boat for 450” just doesn’t sound like reasonable napkin math. But man, these Amish furniture craftsmen here work for cheap... hmmmmmm...