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  1. I'm with Cal Sailing Club out of Berkeley, CA. We are a non-profit that teaches sailing and safety on the water at low cost (read, very low budget). We got a J/80 this year as a partial donation. It's the highest performance keelboat we've had and are already learning a lot from it, while also having a blast. Being a club focused on learning, I can tell we are going to go through sails fairly quickly. We were wondering if there are any racers out there with old, blown out sails they don't use any more and would like to donate them. Since we're a registered non-profit it qualifies for a tax write-off, which can be a good way to get some value back out of them. You determine the donation value. We have 3 mains and 3 jibs, but only one kite, so that's what we'd need most, but would happily accept any and all! If you're interested, or know someone that might be, and can pass it along, we would appreciate it! Can reply to me, or email third_vice(at) Thanks!