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  1. Salty Seacock

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    It looks like a Ferrari designed 3/4 or full keel from the mid 1970's Barf. Solid glass hull? Mast like a lamp post, narrow stern. Was the keel also the fresh water store?
  2. Salty Seacock

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    It does knot matter. Its knot like anyone is going to beat Emirates Team New Zealand. Knot on your Nelly.
  3. Salty Seacock

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    You're all thinking mechanical manipulation. There's other ways to do this. Think harder.
  4. Salty Seacock

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    @Priscilla Where else have we seen this photo. I recall seeing it a long time ago but, have forgotten where.
  5. Salty Seacock

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Hahaha. You missed racist. At least I'm honest.
  6. Salty Seacock

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    So, you come in here to soak up the information without contributing at all and only if the boat has been out because, you think that the rest of the time we're worthless to you. You're a proper bludger.
  7. Salty Seacock

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Good spotting. After watching itca few times, it appears that they have some kind of indexing setup whereby they can specify a mode and at each tack, gybe or take off they just dial in what they need. Spotting the different sail setup between take off and once-up and reaching would be a resource worth looking at. Weta27 most likely has the best similar angle pics to compare modes.
  8. Salty Seacock

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Catch up. They've been doing this from the start. If you think Glenn and Peter have been the only ones on the controls, think again. The pool of sailors ain't all weed sellers from Hamilton.
  9. Salty Seacock

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    No. The Government's job is to deliver bread and circus to the majority so that they vote for them again. Nothing can come in the way of that. Power is what they are there for and they'll do whatever it takes to retain it and very little to erode it. Our tax dollars and our vote is all we have.
  10. Salty Seacock

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    NZ is not full of hate. There's the causal racism of old still going on with the Maori vs Imperialists still even though in recent years that has diminished somewhat. More noticable is xenophobia. 50k immigrants pouring in each year sees neighbourhoods being taken over by groups from the same nation. Northcote is Korean. Howick is Chinese. Long Bay and Browns Bay is South African. Papatoetoe is Indian. People are talking about the lack of 20 something year old New Zealand born people being hired in companies in Auckland in favour of immigrants. This is often because immigrants are more grateful, subservient and cheaper to employ. This brings about animosity and annoyance amongst those who miss out. Dont get me started on the driving skills of some particular immigrants. They suck. The propping up of the economy by pouring in immigrants is known. The housing and infrastructure problems will not go away in the short term. Am I personally racist, xenophobic or anti immigration? No. I am concerned about loss of culture, identity and the Kiwi way of life. I really see now what Maoridom has been fighting for all my life. They fight for SOME of the very same things that are now my values. Loss of culture, language, rights to gather food and land. Politically, this is s hot potato that borders on upsetting people with a very fine edge between managing our population, culture and skills with the need to assimilate those that come here and protect what has made this place a fair and free country. How can this be done without attracting a label that we dont want?
  11. Salty Seacock

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    Yes. And that dude delivers the result too. He is a charismatic, knowledgeable and a solid influencer.
  12. Salty Seacock

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    If you think billionaires would supply funds to an oxidizing agent to currency like an Americas Cup challenge upon request, then you need to think about ego. For it's ego that opens wallets of the filthy rich and they chose to do it on their own and from their own ideas. Or at least, make them think it's their idea to satisfy the ego. Seeding the idea is the trick. Go to work mudguard.
  13. Salty Seacock

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    There's 100's of billionaires in America.
  14. Salty Seacock

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    The technical challenges of the AC75 class means that even if you have the money, you need the talent. There's not a whole lot of talent left in the pool of recent AC staff. Most are either in work now or so frustrated with the fixed term nature of AC employment, that they're doing other things. Dont think for a moment that this gig pays squillions for a day-to-day job, it doesn't. Encouraging emerging teams to enter through design partnerships and process assistance is something beneficial to The Cup and surely in the best interests of the future of The Cup, the sponsors and the boat building industry in general. If, it is true that Stars & Stripes are a no-go then this is a reflection that the effort put in to support their challenge was lacking from all angles of possibility. Sad.
  15. Salty Seacock

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Hmmm. He's a Kiwi now too. A citizen of New Zealand. Gashby is welcome here.