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  1. jibjab

    sheave box for 5mm spectra

    I went down to the nearest reasonably stocked chandlery to see if they had a new sheave the same side. Sadly, they didn't. I ended up buying a whole new double-block that was fairly close size-wise to the existing holes in the flanges, and got a couple of bolts with lock nuts to fix it to the flanges. Here's the newly installed setup - sheaves run nice and smooth now. Hopefully that'll last another 20 years (like the first one). I looked for clevis pins the right size, but sadly, no one had what I needed. I'll stick my beak down there every time we put the mast up (before every race) just to make sure the nuts aren't coming off... she'll be right.. I hope. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions - I'm happy with the end result, and it's all thanks to you lot.
  2. jibjab

    sheave box for 5mm spectra

    Yep, exactly - it's for the jib & mainsail halyards - you pull them horizontally to hoist the sails. I don't think so - it's fairly difficult to get my banana fingers down there, so putting a saddle in will be near impossible. I think it's hard to access, but I see where you're going with that - I'll have a look for something I can put.. what.. some dynex through lower down, and have a floating block on the inside, with the dynex exactly the right length to have the floating block in the right spot... interesting... hmmm... It'd be a couple of mm thick I'd say... what are you thinking here?
  3. jibjab

    sheave box for 5mm spectra

    That's not a bad idea - the old one did the job for 20 years as you say...
  4. jibjab

    sheave box for 5mm spectra

    Thanks longy - I was reluctant to pull it out, for unknown reasons. I've now pulled it out, and it has Ronstan RF1008 stamped on the side. I can't find it anywhere on the Ronstan site, so I've contacted them to confirm my worst fears (they don't make them any more). It looks very similar to https://www.theboatwarehouse.com.au/sailboat-fittings-hardware/blocks-upright/riley-double-upright-block-29mm/ but without all the measurements it's hard to tell. That's a really good point ropetrick - I think you're spot-on there. Thanks all for your help/suggestions - I'm hoping to be able to find one with three holes, and then bend the flanges to fit, miraculously fitting through the same holes...
  5. One of the little wheel doobers in the flanged double sheave box inside my mast base/step has disintegrated. At least, I think that's what it's called - it looks like that when you do a google image search. It's for the jib and the main halyard - it's the main one that is broken. As it's a double one, I'll have to replace the whole lot. I wondered why it was so difficult hoisting the mainsail - now I know why We broke the jib halyard in the last race - when I was running the new spectra 5mm through the mast I noticed it. My question I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with is - what can I replace it with? Do I need to drill out the rivets, and take the old one into a local chandlery and hope they have one that's similar? There seems to be a bewildering array of options and I honestly have no idea where to start. Your collective wisdoms would be greatly appreciated. I've taken a picture.. hopefully it has attached... Cheers