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    sheave box for 5mm spectra

    I went down to the nearest reasonably stocked chandlery to see if they had a new sheave the same side. Sadly, they didn't. I ended up buying a whole new double-block that was fairly close size-wise to the existing holes in the flanges, and got a couple of bolts with lock nuts to fix it to the flanges. Here's the newly installed setup - sheaves run nice and smooth now. Hopefully that'll last another 20 years (like the first one). I looked for clevis pins the right size, but sadly, no one had what I needed. I'll stick my beak down there every time we put the mast up (before every race) just to make sure the nuts aren't coming off... she'll be right.. I hope. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions - I'm happy with the end result, and it's all thanks to you lot.
  2. One of the little wheel doobers in the flanged double sheave box inside my mast base/step has disintegrated. At least, I think that's what it's called - it looks like that when you do a google image search. It's for the jib and the main halyard - it's the main one that is broken. As it's a double one, I'll have to replace the whole lot. I wondered why it was so difficult hoisting the mainsail - now I know why We broke the jib halyard in the last race - when I was running the new spectra 5mm through the mast I noticed it. My question I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with is - what can I replace it with? Do I need to drill out the rivets, and take the old one into a local chandlery and hope they have one that's similar? There seems to be a bewildering array of options and I honestly have no idea where to start. Your collective wisdoms would be greatly appreciated. I've taken a picture.. hopefully it has attached... Cheers
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    sheave box for 5mm spectra

    Yep, exactly - it's for the jib & mainsail halyards - you pull them horizontally to hoist the sails. I don't think so - it's fairly difficult to get my banana fingers down there, so putting a saddle in will be near impossible. I think it's hard to access, but I see where you're going with that - I'll have a look for something I can put.. what.. some dynex through lower down, and have a floating block on the inside, with the dynex exactly the right length to have the floating block in the right spot... interesting... hmmm... It'd be a couple of mm thick I'd say... what are you thinking here?
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    sheave box for 5mm spectra

    That's not a bad idea - the old one did the job for 20 years as you say...
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    sheave box for 5mm spectra

    Thanks longy - I was reluctant to pull it out, for unknown reasons. I've now pulled it out, and it has Ronstan RF1008 stamped on the side. I can't find it anywhere on the Ronstan site, so I've contacted them to confirm my worst fears (they don't make them any more). It looks very similar to https://www.theboatwarehouse.com.au/sailboat-fittings-hardware/blocks-upright/riley-double-upright-block-29mm/ but without all the measurements it's hard to tell. That's a really good point ropetrick - I think you're spot-on there. Thanks all for your help/suggestions - I'm hoping to be able to find one with three holes, and then bend the flanges to fit, miraculously fitting through the same holes...