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  1. Tender

    Best Foulies on the PLANET!

    Good to know, I need to replace my old HL ones...
  2. Tender

    Best Foulies on the PLANET!

  3. Tender

    Best Foulies on the PLANET!

    The price is actually reduced, it does not sell well, I find it too long, like a coat. Useful if you are standing behind the wheel long hours, or watching kids soccer game in pouring rain. I bought the Ægir Racing, normal waist lenght. It will hopefully last me several years, so the price/year should be OK. I sail and race in chilly Scandinavian waters, and se no fun in being cold and miserable.
  4. Tender

    Securing light wind sheets

    I think around the winch is good for direct force transfer. A hand will be a shock absorber. I see that when cycling a bike with suspension up hill on a road. Racing bikes dont have suspension..
  5. Tender

    Bit breezy in the UK

    ...and bumpy...10 m waves...
  6. Tender

    Cold weather boots.

    ...or snowmobile boots.
  7. Tender

    Waterproof Shorts

    I bought shorts in a trail cyckling shop. High waist, designed for sitting, I hate low waist trousers when sailing. waterproof / spray proof / quick drying..
  8. Tender


    Look at air filled bags, easy to stow away...
  9. Tender

    The watch of a yachtsman? Which one...

    Yepp, annoying. Bought it in AUS, so here at home it’s in a drawer on a little pillow.
  10. Tender

    The watch of a yachtsman? Which one...

    Sorry... FIFY.,, hope your guy wins...
  11. Tender

    The watch of a yachtsman? Which one...

    Yepp, got one in my drawer too. Should perhaps put a nice strap on it, new battery and start use it again.
  12. Tender

    B&G Vulcan Reviews?

    I have a Vulcan, bought it in 2017. We do coastal cruising and the occational overnight regatta. We went for larger screen and not buttons. Thought that if B&G would put it to market it would work. And it does, we are pleased with it. Gets HOTin sunlight, but keeps on working. It’s a SAILORS thing, other ar more oriented on fish finder abilities. It has regatta mode with lay lines, current etc, and starter / timer function. It works in the wet better than me... Edit: Haven’t got the wifi to work properly, cant’t figure out how to update SW and maps. Its silicone’d into a frame, with no rear access, so cant get to the connections without cutting it free.. thinking of installing a hatch in the front of the pedestal, also for cooling / ventilation..
  13. Tender

    Strange Attachment for Mainsheet

    Yes, I think it originally had a fine tune and it has been removed...
  14. Tender

    Reaching sheets for Jib

    Look like this on a GP42 I sailed on. Attach to clew before top mark, so it takes the load when the sheet is eased and reaching to of set mark. Frees the winch for spinaker set.