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  1. J29 “Reactor”

    J29 Seeking Practice Sails

  2. J29 “Reactor”

    J29 Seeking Practice Sails

    Chuck thanks for the info! Any chance you can help me with a model number/make of the OB bracket that you have on your boat? Reactor came with a badly compromised frankenbracket and I worked on it this weekend, so it is safe now but I need to install the proper assembly. Would you be willing to help me with that?
  3. J29 “Reactor”

    J29 Seeking Practice Sails

    J29 frac recently rescued from Hawaii impound pier seeks set of practice / transport sails. This accomplished racer was stripped by meth colony over five year period of neglect. Boat has now been safely transported to a federal facility where rehabilitation is underway, and new owner is seeking set of practice/transport sails to support blue water transport for upcoming bottom job. Unable to contact J29 class since webpage has not been maintained since 2014 and host is unresponsive. If you know of the whereabouts of a J29 fractional owner who might have a basement full of old sails, please reply. Highest priority is a J29 mainsail since the boat is currently equipped with a non-conforming main that won’t hoist without bosun’s chair assist. Also seeking spinnaker, and #3 jib for training purposes.