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    Chubby Girl - Going to Hawaii

    Point Conception was actually one of the nastier parts of my trip. Threw up around 30 times and had 8ft x 8sec seas, 15knts. Pretty pussy in the scope of things but was quite intense for a lone newbie. Plus, my boat is likely floating after numerous months adrift. Talk about craftsmanship!
  2. FishFood

    Tips For Being Rescued

    Hey guys, I just wanted to spread some tips on how to make your medevac ride just a little bit smoother. First things first, make sure you your essentials. This could include cell phones (for flicking it up on the heli), wallets (for post rescue Big Macs), and any medicines that may be needed. Secondly, you’ll need to be ready to jump (and your crew members too). Apparently some people get a little hesitant jumping into 500ft of depth in the middle of 15ft seas. You may have to push certain individuals toward the rescue swimmer. Lastly, make sure you shoot enough flares to make it all worth it. It’s pretty fun.
  3. Hello All, I’m setting sail from Marina del Rey to Half Moon Bay tomorrow with very little sailing experience (a decent bit of knowledge though) and zero offshore boating experience with the exception of a jet-ski. I wanted to let you all chime in, tell me I’m retarded, and get some tips for the sail. I also wanted to know if it would be idiotic to head way offshore and hook back in to avoid constant tacking. My newly purchased boat is a cold molded Peterson Half Tonner w/ an electric inboard and no solar. Using iPad chart plotter as well. Figure you guys can setup a betting pool on whether I end up dead, run aground, etc as well. - FishFood
  4. FishFood

    Tips For Being Rescued

    The red dots represent possible crash sites vs the black possible locations in the water. There was little chance it hit yesterday according to the model and I don't believe the model is very accurate anyhow. We have had two seperate CG fights fail to spot it. Nothing spotted by vessel either. The marine sanctuary has also been on the lookout for it and tracking possible crash sites. Nothing so far. The CG has deemed the boat low risk for environmental harm.
  5. FishFood

    Tips For Being Rescued

    A bad decision on my part. As has been pointed out and admitted to. Lol again. Some is harmless ridicule and other comments are far from that. All for the banter, some of this isn't banter.
  6. FishFood

    Tips For Being Rescued

    Lol, here is a drift model put together by NOAA (not very accurate apparently as the entire area has been searched). Does that look like Pillar Point? We were about 20 miles away and turning upwind to fight back to the harbor would have been a five hour endeavour and this person didn't seem to have five hours. Lol. Yeah, you're right and a great excuse for a human judging by your post. I get it. You all make perfect decisions, nothing can be made light of, you're opinions are fact and I'm a shit bag. Got it. I started the thread on a fucking light note, big fucking whoop. Read the fucking CG reported conditions. So dark they couldn't see us with NVGs, 15ft seas, 20mph sustained... Let me cut off your motor function and leave you handling a half tonner downwind solo in those conditions. My arm was wrestling a loaded tiller and my mind wrestling how to deal with the situation at hand. I wasn't just sailing you sacks of shit. You fuck twats have so little information, weren't there, don't understand the details which I won't get into (for the individuals privacy) and are saying this shit behind a fucking keyboard. Thanks to the individuals who are a little more understanding and a big fuck you to the rest.
  7. FishFood

    Tips For Being Rescued

    No, I explained why I took the main down. My post was a bit confusing as I've had hardly any sleep since dealing with this. We had no steerage while dealing with this individual and the CG over radio. I had to man the tiller and navigate the conditions and the only person capable of helping with anything on deck was dealing with the individual below. When the bird was in our vicinity, the main was dropped and the rescue swimmer was dropped from the bird. At this time we were dealing with the individual who wouldn't jump and the lowered main was blown into a mess. This made it nearly impossible for us to attempt continuing on safely as depowering resulted in the boat being tossed about heavily. It really only made sense for both me and the other individual to jump ship and the CG asked. For those who say it was "seasickness" please shut up. I was seasick while dealing with this and many other times and never acted in this manner. This was an extreme anxiety/panic attack. It's 100% my fault that happened but to call it seasickness is a bit obtuse. This person is diagnosed with anxiety disorder. Again, go ahead and have your opinions about whether I'm ok sailing in that (no way in hell I would have called the CG in that alone) but a fact of the matter is that that "passenger" shouldn't have been on board in those conditions. For those that whine about risking CG lives, feel free to take a look at the picture they posted in the press release. They were about as happy as could be to actually be able to do their job and help out. Talk to some coasties sometime and I'm sure you'll find the "never take risks and never call the CG" crowd is almost nonexistent. If the likely outcome is going to require assistance then of course avoid the situation. However, I did not believe that to be the case and I don't think it would be the case with the vast majority of passengers. In terms of legitimate advice, take into account the mental and physical health of everyone on board and make sure the conditions fall within appropriate bounds. Sounds like common sense but we all know that isn't common. Lol at those who say somethings fishy. Do you think I wanted a floating wrecking ball making its way down the coast and to deal with numerous federal and state agencies? For what? To claim my liability insurance? lol. Some of you are funny.
  8. FishFood

    Tips For Being Rescued

    Yeah the weather actually wasn't the main issue and was super variable, you also are seeing the conditions underneath a chopper hovering just 40ft which is disturbing the water below. Our boat was literally fully engulfed in white water at times with mountains disappearing on the horizon. I was fine with this and even giddy at the conditions. Things went south when a crew member on board had a severe panic attack (coast guard didn't release video of this individual). I was the only person capable of navigating the boat (tons of weather helm and the angle of the wind on the waves made us prone to an accidental gybe while navigating the waves) and the only crew member who could help with anything was dealing with the person down below. After about three hours of this person being in duress and puking all over the boat, we called to have her medevaced. We were planning on staying with the boat until the medevac got there and we had to depower. After we had taken down the main, the chopper blew it into a mess and we were being tossed around uncontrollably. The loss of steeage noted was just toward the end and was due to improper trim which couldn't be fixed while dealing with this person and the rescue swimmer, the individual wouldn't jump. I decided to pull the main down and just come to a halt. By the time this was happening we were in a very bad position to get moving again and decided to leave the boat after the coast guard asked. Had we never had to adjust course and deal with this, we likely would have been fine. The biggest failure on my part is taking someone out in that who had no business being out there under any captain's watch.
  9. FishFood

    Looking for an Adventure?

    I'm going to be sailing down the coast of California in a hobie and need a co-pilot to help flip the cat when it likely goes over or turtles. Experience with Hobies or any other beach cats would be helpful. Newbies or mono-sailors also welcome if available for some training in the bay area. The plan is to beach every night, camp out on the beach and hop on down the coast from Half Moon Bay to Santa Barbara. Willing to check out the Channel Islands as well. Looking to kick off the docks in mid January to early February.
  10. It really appears that none of you have gotten tired of mindlessly jacking off the guy next to you; it remains satisfying as long as it circles back to you. This entire forum is a fucking circle jerk devoid of critical thought. And while I really don't expect this to introduce some, can't the lot of you at least see that you're engaged in groupthink? Oh, wait, how silly of me. It could only be that most of your thoughts and political beliefs are rooted in objective data collection and your own reasoning... If you're active on PA, you're likely engaged in an intellectual circle jerk and you should seek to have some original thoughts.
  11. Who wants my boat? I've gotten my money's worth in adventure in shelter. Kinda don't want this floating liability as I move back onto land and start attending school again. First choice is my brother but I'd rather give it to someone with the funds to get her done up nice. I know @Editor was interested in 2011, figure it's fine to put this here given the thread before. Boat is in need if new motor bank, headstay foil, and some other fixes.
  12. Anecdotal evidence, the best kind! Feel free to actually look at the evidence provided you retards.
  13. Silly me, I knew you wouldn't address it! I didn't need Google except to shove evidence of a pretty well known phenomenon at someone who puts up as many roadblocks to thought as possible
  14. Do you want research on the underlying human behaviours at play? I can provide that if you promise to actually address it unlike your brethren. There's plenty of research on social identify with regards to partisanship. Here is some info that helps understand orange man bad.
  15. We live in a republic for one and many democrats have vowed to change that, making them the real threat to our democratic REPUBLIC. That's really the experiment and it's threatened explicitly without a second thought by liberals. I voted for Hillary as I used to be of the mindset that stability was best for the country. But that's to ignore that our system is corrupt, excessively regulated (how do you think companies gain advantages through government? It's favorable regulations... lack of regulation doesn't tend to lend any particular favors to competitors), and that those who are saying they'll help are likely full of shit and have no way to really help you. Why is it that after decades of democrats pandering for minority votes and promising changes those communities remain largely economically immobile? Oh wait, racist whites. Could it be that shoving money into government and distracting from the real issues that affects these communities actually hurts them? Nope. It's just systemic racism at the hands of the right and government needs more. Ignorant me voted for Hillary and would agree with you. I just don't think one who recognizes the current political paradigm would think Hillary to be the better choice but to each his own. It really exposes the pedestal you put your political ideology on top of when you fail to see how an intelligent person could be of another opinion than yours. That's not a very intelligent thought And we all know those who attempt to attack one's intelligence on such an extreme basis, without ever bringing up a single point, are bigly smart indeed! I suspect this failure to recognize the legitimacy behind the anti-establishment movement fueling both his and Sanders' campaign, will be his ticket to re-election.
  16. That's not possible, only government makes progress happen. Just ask @AJ Oliver!
  17. Hey @AJ Oliver, can you tell me who Galilieo, Newton, the Wrights and Edison were funded by? Or are you going to ignore that.
  18. Uhh, nope. Try again! It's really foolish to call someone ignorant when you conflate such simple things. I said no one, as in no individual within the organization, has an incentive to make things productive (within the organization; I have to include footnotes for your brain to actually understand what I'm saying, lol). That makes for flaws with regard to organizational structure. There are flawed incentive structures within a government (think pay grades, etc.), no one has any responsibility for results, etc. In a private company, someone stands to lose a dollar or make one. And therefore an incentive is created as well as a disincentive, neither exist in the public sector. Greed is neither good nor bad. It's the fucking reality of every human though and you're likely in a position where you feel comfortable thinking otherwise (you're a comfy human who is disillusioned by your lack of real primal circumstance). This is separate than saying government can't provide an environment that allows for it's citizens to create a prosperous and productive private sector. They can do this by helping to provide national security, infrastructure, preserving property rights, and more. There is a reason government control of industry tends to fail. Compare that with you believed I said. You people are unbelievable lol. StRaW mAn
  19. Because everything that someone who opposes you says, is an argument. Right? It's really just shorthand for the observation that liberals (in this case) jump to conclusions without any research or thought with regards to everything Trump. But orange man bad.
  20. Keep on fapping away you mindless dummies. I'll be here when you want to address what I said, till then, keep acting like children. It suits y'all well
  21. Does Amazon even stock this amount of Jergen's?
  22. Oh really, do they have individuals with brains who actually care to accurately address the content of a post? That would be so cool!
  23. Face-palm. Um enterprising Americans you twat. Vanderbilt? Heard of the guy? Oh those damn Wrights and their government grants, I forgot! Did I ever say government was useless and isn't able to create an environment conducive of productivity?
  24. Did you even read what I said? Did I ever say that wasn't an issue? It's about the approach to solving it. Tax credits that gave away free electric golf carts, and heavily discounted electric and solar products hardly scratched the price? I suspect you have no idea that tax credit had a value up to $7500? Yeah ok, just "a scratch" on your Tesla purchase. Oh wait, a Tesla charges itself with coal? Yeah, you guys are sure helping by redirecting your emissions! (Please tell me again how the government gave scraps to those saving the world on their own backs.) Do you not get that the incentive to do that still exists and no one is arguing against clean air? My mindset that is government isn't the avenue toward achieving that and he proposals put forward appear to be economically devastating for little gain and even ecological loss. The proposals put up by politicians aren't going to solve the problem. Wind and solar are not ecologically friendly, economically infeasible, and nothing but sweet talk.
  25. THE THOUGHT IS TOO CRITICALLLLLLLL! Let's keep it going sheeple Let me ask you heros, is stating that groupie whores don't mind what you do to them because they are in fact groupie whores there for that, a bad thing? Or is it reality? Oh wait no, all women and men have self respect and conform to an overly sensitive worldview. If my girlfriend was a groupie whore, I wouldn't care what Trump did because she'd be a groupie whore who's likely ok with that shit and therefore I wouldn't date her. But bad man orange, and the millionaire with three houses who has accomplished nothing in over 30 years is going to save you all from exploitation and "the man". I think when I make it clear that I want to fuck some old cougar for money or clout, she can fondle my nut sack. If I don't like that, I'll say so.