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  1. PJAZZ

    F-9RX wood core questions

    Thanks to all, I think I'll make an offer...
  2. PJAZZ

    F-9RX wood core questions

    I want to weigh the boat and compare with the Farrier specs. Found the F-9A to be 3000-4000lbs (more cruising version) and the F-9R is 2700-3300 (Minimal interior and longer rotating mast and foam core). The X version approx 15% larger main hull... I can’t find the recommended spec... btw those are “empty weights “ is that including mast, boom, sails or completely naked? Current owner claims he weighed her in at 4600lbs with mast, boom, 2 sails, 9.8hp 4stroke, 3gals gas, no water or poop... Further thoughts if you please gents, thx, PJ
  3. PJAZZ

    F-9RX wood core questions

    Yep Toolbar, looking in Canada, more specifically Quebec province to avoid paying sales taxes. She is built with Durakore balsa strips. and Team VMG, dud? I’m no Shakespearian specialist, but I sense you mean something very negative? BTW, I appreciate the feedback if it helps me avoid a mistake. Thx, keep it coming PJ
  4. Hi all, I am in the market for a F trimaran. I have located a lovely F-9RX, 2013 amateur built with some professional supervision. The result is awesome and I am hesitating because it is built with a wood core. It is Durakore 1" strips of end grained balsa sandwiched between thin hardwood veneers (the stuff is still available under the name "Baltek Durakore") all laminated and reinforced in critical areas as per Farrier plans and more. The hull is perfect, amas too, no moisture, no delamination. All checked and double checked. I have made many mistakes in my 45 years of sailing and owning various boats and I am hoping not to make another one... I am wondering about resale value. Although these trimarans seem to hold well in the market and have done so in the last 30 years, is the fact that this one, homebuilt with a wood core (vs foam) will become a hard sell even if I manage to keep it dry? Thx, Pierre J