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  1. White Lightning2


    And to morrows WL
  2. White Lightning2


    Given the requirements of the job and the need to be frugal most times, in the consumption of such beverages. I have a great memory of going cruising with the grandkids (about 7&9 at the time) We tied up at Ladysmith Maritime Society Dock and planned to spend 3 days. Once we were all settled in, I opened up the liquor cabinet and the grandkids got to see grandpa get a little silly. They still tease me about that, 12 years later. (For the record I was stone cold sober when we jumped off the dock the next day into the 45 degree water) But I was tied up to a dock and everyone was safely accounted for. So, it was my turn!! WL
  3. White Lightning2


    Pre-COVID, a bottle would last 2 months. Now it might be a little less. WL
  4. White Lightning2


    I also blame the COVID home shot pour. It might be a scosh more than the bars. (Half a 5th in three drinks) More civilized this evening as I nurse my wounds from watching the Hawks get dismantled by the Rams.
  5. White Lightning2


    It was the Captains fault. He is a sneaky bugger...... In my defense, after the 3rd drink, I was having difficulty walking, let alone trying to type! WL
  6. White Lightning2


    You have no idea how many takes it took to get that right. One of the few times I've been glad for autocorrect. The rest of the time autocorrect reminds me of how little we have t o fear from AI......
  7. White Lightning2


    Did a forum search and could not find it. But didn't there use to be a posting under the influence thread?? Just curious as I am three sheets to the wind on run and have opinions that I am sure no one wants to hear! WL
  8. White Lightning2

    Save Amerkkka March

    Hence my "Known threat" statement. There were armed officers, that should have been given permission to defend the Capitol at all costs. What the hell are they there for otherwise?? Just sickened to see it come to this. WL
  9. White Lightning2

    Save Amerkkka March

  10. White Lightning2

    Save Amerkkka March

    Why in the hell is the Capitol not defended with lethal force like the White House??? Sickening to watch the lack of cohesive response to a known threat. WL
  11. White Lightning2

    Thread About DC Riots??

    Disappointment in my fellow Country men/women doesn't even begin to describe how sickening it is to watch this. WL
  12. White Lightning2

    SETI detects possible technological signal.

    It's all in the reflexes WL
  13. White Lightning2

    More infrastructure fuckery.

    You just need a clear line of sight, preferably from under a set of power lines, while sitting in a lawn chair in the back of your truck! WL
  14. White Lightning2

    NFL 2020

    Hawks take the NFC West title. Rams D is freaking scary good. Now the Seahawks go on the road to play the 49ers at their home field...... In Arizona?????? Santa Clara County shut down all professional sports teams in their County. So the 9ers get to use the Cardinals stadium as home field. Strange days WL
  15. White Lightning2

    Did You Know...

    That miniature donkeys have very muscular necks and play fight with each other by biting the neck. Its why they have to be kept separate from other similarly sized animals. WL