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  1. Skullduggerydave

    NSW experienced crew available

    I am available from 3rd feb to crew ore delivery from Newcastle north. NC1 coswain Dave 0432883273
  2. Skullduggerydave

    Newcastle accommodation January 30

    Newcastle accommodation January 30 To feb 3 . Hey everyone I’m doing coxswains course in Newcastle At the end of this month looking for some cheap accommodation maybe stay on someone’s boat for some work or something like that The couch a swag in the backyard even a shed I’m a bit short of cash right now as I own a boat and you all know what that’s like shout out if anyone can help me that would be awesome
  3. Skullduggerydave

    26ft trimaran QLD

    Hey guys just putting it out there I’m doing a Coxswains nc1 course in Newcastle January 30 to February 3 if anyone can help me with accommodation in that period would be awesome the course is right near the Newcastle cruising yacht club happy to flick some $ ore do some work I can stay on someone’s boat or couch surf swag in the backyard anything really don’t have a lot of $ Because I own a boat You all know how that is
  4. Skullduggerydave

    26ft trimaran QLD

    What makes any of you think I have space for any more noodles on my lil boat !!! Lol Lol
  5. Skullduggerydave

    26ft trimaran QLD

    So it looks like the time has come to GO SAILING ........thanks everyone for your support/advice BLESSINGS
  6. Skullduggerydave

    26ft trimaran QLD

    WTF is with all my capsize Photos feel like I’m jinxing myself before I even get to the water
  7. Skullduggerydave

    26ft trimaran QLD

    Yes it does..... thanks - it’s a good example of what can be done on a budget. most parts were reused .nor glass products were used throughout .surprisingly cheap refit .It’s not finished but really does not have much left to do -small outboard $500 bucks The rigging will be new = Dyneema $300 and some time .I did get the boat in a strip down condition Unfinished project so that certainly saves a lot of time and gave me pretty much the enjoyable job .
  8. Skullduggerydave

    26ft trimaran QLD

    Definitely be at the Bay to Bay mate !!! see if you can keep up lol
  9. Skullduggerydave

    26ft trimaran QLD

    Plywood definitely has its place . This boat has lots of flat panel so it would be fast to build build with old school plywood construction methods .the main thing I noticed is very few fittings And the ones it does have have been well bedded down and sealed.I found zero rot near any fitting on this boat , There was a soft spot in one of the beam sockets and the coinciding beam end .Very easy to repair. She is 30 years old And I’m amazed how light she is . There’s one down South Australia 18 ft partly finished by the same builder it’s on gumtree you probably get it very cheap
  10. Skullduggerydave

    26ft trimaran QLD

    Rigs up but just to check boom heights ect ...anyone got 50 m DUX they want to sell me .
  11. Skullduggerydave

    26ft trimaran QLD

    Woot woot !!!! 6 weeks later and she’s done . Now who’s got 50 m Dyneema spare ?