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  1. Squalamax

    Fduck Foiling!

    He pushed the limits with all his designs and was always on the cutting edge, looking for the next innovation. He would absolutely embrace foiling.
  2. Squalamax

    Craigslist special. Bubba is selling his project

    There's only ONE reason to tune into Salt and Tar and her name is Ruth.......
  3. Squalamax

    J/80 North Americans - Sept 19th to Sept 22

    Sail in Marblehead, they start in drifters all the time!
  4. Squalamax


    You do know he has a BSME, which is a Bachelor of SCIENCE in Mechanical Engineering. Its not an advanced degree, but is a degree in science. Also, most scientists don't have degrees which specifically state "scientist" Stephen Hawking has advanced degrees in theoretical physics and applied mathematics and I don't think anyone would have an issue calling him a scientist.
  5. Squalamax

    Another powerboat collision...

    Good thing your Mako only does 30 or you’d be one of those assholes.
  6. Squalamax

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

  7. Squalamax

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

    They refer to Super Bowl champions "World Champions" as well". Always thought that was a joke.
  8. Never believe what some hack reporter writes about any incident. They always get everything wrong, not just the details. There will be some culpability as far as the law goes, but the big deal will be the civil suit that will ensue.
  9. Squalamax

    Pettit Black Widow Video Review

    fast bottom(assbottom) sockpuppet.
  10. Squalamax

    Moving to Barrington, RI

    Charlie Baileygates.
  11. Squalamax

    Moving to Barrington, RI

    That's by Piper Cub, not car.
  12. Squalamax

    Moving to Barrington, RI

    Six boat OD fleet that races every Wednesday. The KING might be dead, but the subjects carry on.
  13. Squalamax

    Moving to Barrington, RI

    All kidding aside, they have some good racing at Barrington yacht club with a great J29 OD fleet as well as PHRF probably in your rating range.
  14. Squalamax

    Moving to Barrington, RI

    My condolences. At least its not a dry town anymore.
  15. Squalamax

    Ok to move J30 traveler to companionway?

    Should have clarified, “ALMOST all tracks and fittings” are bolted trough balsa core. The genoa tracks, primaries, secondaries and mooring cleat are all bolted through balsa core without any compression sleeve from the factory. All high load fittings. The J29 frac rig(which has almost identical sail plan to J30) has the main traveller bolted through the cockpit seats through balsa core with no compression sleeves from the factory. My point being it’s done ALL the time with zero issue(other than water intrusion into the core eventually) When I rebedded my J29 deck fittings, I over bored and filled with epoxy all fitting penetrations. This was done to prevent water intrusion and not because the core was being crushed from compression. All fitting penetrations had made it 30+ years in the factory configuration just fine(I’m sure they were rebedded many times over to keep water out though)