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  1. When Clean lived there Charleston was the best thing since sliced bread........now that he doesn't not so much. At the time North Charleston was one of the most dangerous cities in the country for violent crime. My nephew almost got attacked while riding a bike from COC after visiting a girl he knew from up north(while we were racing there) I agree with his comments on southern racism though. People don't even think twice about using the N word or making dispariging comments.
  2. Squalamax

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    What he's saying is if you have 3 knots of current behind you, your max BS will read 3 knots greater than what the boat is actually sailing.(or if its against you 3 knots less, or a component of that number if the current is at an angle to your boat) Current infuenced top end boat speeds don't count. That being said, most knotmeters aren't accurately calibrated either!
  3. Squalamax

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    OK Espo! So this is your new sock puppet? Warner wolf was outed?
  4. Squalamax

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    I have heard that, but like you said not all boats were bumped. I guess they assumed that no boats over 90 would ever sail against boats that rate lower than 90? With todays smaller fleets that might be hard to do. A J29 MHOB at 120 sailing against a J109 at 69-72 will win every race(assuming W/L)
  5. Squalamax

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    J29 MHOB rate 111 in most areas of the country.(which is an established 30 year old rating) ONLY in the PNW do they rate 120!!! Was the SC33 similar in speed to the MHOB or MHIB?
  6. Squalamax

    J/29 MH standing rig options

    Honestly, don't waste your time. The MH J29 is superb in 6/7 - 20 knots plus with stock rig dimensions. Its just in super light <5, that they can suffer a bit. Raising the rig, you will gain some SA, but you will also raise the rigs COG and thereby reduce righting moment. Not good for breezier days. You will never out sail your rating hit. What sailmaker are you using? The fastest east coast boats use Fries Sail Design sails. Their L/M #1 is a weapon from 0-10 knots true. You have to trim it correctly in super light conditions. Rig tune, and sail trim are critical to getting excellent performance out of it thought.......like most boats. Max headstay lenght, softer shroud tension, eased backstay and halyard tension are a must. In <5 we never trim the foot in closer than 3-4" off the shrouds and 6-8" off the top spreader. Traveler up with twist in the main. Always choose speed before point. As you gain speed, point will come. To answer your original question, go with compacted strand wire rigging(formerly dyform)
  7. Squalamax

    J/29 MH standing rig options

    2" isn't doing shit. They're just better sailors than the boats they sail against.
  8. Squalamax

    NYYC Race Week Home Cooking

    The hole was right at the waterline. Unless they sailed the boat on port tack with negative heel in flat water, the hole was being immersed.
  9. Squalamax

    NYYC Race Week Home Cooking

    Its all plausable, except there wasn't a hole in the boat which allowed water in the interior. The boat is constructed with a foam core(and vacumm bagging which virtually eliminates voids) and despite what people think, a cored structure doesn't get saturated immediately. It did have a minor increase in drag as the outer skin was pierced.(on port tack) In breeze, the performance loss to the boat would be minimal to nonexistent.
  10. Squalamax

    Santa Cruz 27 Plans/Lines/Drawings?

    You must be doing all the work yourself. Could never get a 27’ deck built and installed in this area for that amount. Would cost 30-50K per boat at least depending on how much interior reworking needs to be done.
  11. Squalamax

    Santa Cruz 27 Plans/Lines/Drawings?

    Have you got quotes on how much it will cost to build new decks and install on the boats? A used J80 might not seem so expensive after all!(even with transport from different parts of country)
  12. Squalamax

    Santa Cruz 27 Plans/Lines/Drawings?

    Let me ask what you think building a new deck for each of those 27s is going to cost?
  13. A few years ago we had a cell come through for our Wednesday night series. Our RC is pretty on the ball and called all competitors and warned us. We had already seen it coming on our phones and had our sails down and motor on. It wasn't too terrible with high 20's sustained with gusts in the 40's. An Etchells lost its mast, and a few R19's needed to be rescued. Just 2 miles away, the New Bedford hurricane barrier recorded peak winds of 90+ MPH! We got lucky seeing as little wind as we did.
  14. You'd never leave the dock here in the Newport/ Buzzards Bay area from June until October. "Chance" of thunder storms are fore cast here more days than not. Usually around here you can see them coming and prepare. Thats what always concerned me sailing on the great lakes. Thunderstorms/squalls/microbursts seem to form much quicker and without warning than on the ocean.
  15. Squalamax

    Significant Other Participation

    My wife is one of my best and devoted crew members. She’s raced with me for over 20 years and cruised with me over 30.