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  1. Squalamax

    anyone know of any peterson 34's floating around?

    There’s Kanga which sails out of Marion, Ma.
  2. If he filled the forward sump it would permanently seal up the forward keel bolts. I did the same repair using just thickened fill on my nephews J24 many years ago. It was held up perfectly as well.
  3. Squalamax

    How many lines are on your boat?

    She should be standing in the food line.....anorexic little thing.
  4. Squalamax

    Do you Race in FOG ?? How thick ??

    We always ping the committee boat and weather mark if there's even the slightest chance of fog rolling in. Saved our asses more than a few times. On Buzzards Bay fog can come in pretty quickly. In Maine, if you don't race in fog..........you don't race. I remember a Figawi race sailed in pea soup fog where we didn't see any of our competitors until the finish. Mid race, the Gunboat 60 Elvis ducked us and ripped by us at 20+ knots. I can remember thinking, I'm glad they had radar!
  5. Squalamax

    2017 Rules Rule 69

    Same way on Nantucket for Figawi race weekend. I'm actually surprised the regatta has been able to be held there for so many years.Its calmed down quite a bit the last decade or so, but still pretty crazy. The fact that its 6000+ sailors decending on the island spending boat loads of cash at local business' has a lot to do with the locals tolerating the madness.
  6. Squalamax

    Herreshoff 12 1/2 - feet down

    We had a portable Rule bilge pump we would put in my 12 1/2 bilge just for when she launched until she was able to take up. When we first got her, my brother and I spent 6 hours hand pumping at the dock to keep her from sinking.
  7. Squalamax

    Herreshoff 12 1/2 - feet down

    Hard to tell from this picture, without looking at the transom hung rudder or inside the cockpit. I would tend to say its a real 12 1/2 as many Haven 12's are built without the molded bright sheer plank which makes them look quite different and not nearly as nice. This one in the pic has the molded sheer strake.
  8. Squalamax

    Herreshoff 12 1/2 - feet down

    Its not a dinghy. Its a keel boat that displaces 1500 lbs, 750 of which is lead ballast.(hence the reason it sank) Good examples can fetch 20-30K. They are pretty highly prized by their owners and many have been passed down through many generations. Many times you will read that a nearly 100 year old boat has had one or two family ownership! Its likely to not have insurance as wooden boat insurance can be pretty pricey, and might be unobtanium if it doesn't survey out perfect.
  9. Squalamax

    Herreshoff 12 1/2 - feet down

    I thought it was an H12. My brother and I's first boat at age 7. Learned the joys of wooden boat maintenance on that boat. I'm surprised it sank to the bottom as most had flotation in the forward cutty(some also had it in the aft storage). It should at least be floating bow up. Not too terrible to re float it. Send a diver down with air bags for and aft. Only have to lift 750lbs (lead ballast) or so as the wood is buoyant. Nice examples command 20-30K.......worth saving even if its not so nice.
  10. Squalamax

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    14.8 on my J29 with just mainsail coming back from Figawi two years ago. 13.8 during BBR this past August. That's about terminal velocity for a 29, although I have heard of some hitting 16.
  11. Squalamax

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    Surfing on those big pacific swells with enough breeze behind you its entirely possible.
  12. Squalamax

    J29 or J27

    This is what Espo is talking about not being good in 5 knots or less off the wind......https://yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=5876
  13. Squalamax

    J29 or J27

    If they came from the NS fleet they are all frac rigs at least. They had a couple MH's up there, but the rest are fracs.(over 25 boats in that fleet) Not sure about IB/OB configuration though. I trailer my 29 home and have up and down the east coast of America. We've been to KWRW( 2 times), Charleston RW(3 times), Annapolis NOODS(3 times), and once out to Detroit NOODS on Lake St Claire. I've never been stopped either. Hustler is for sale just in time for you to salvage 1/2 your sailing season next year. Buy it and kick ass at your club. Unless you DON'T want to sail OD...........
  14. Squalamax

    J29 or J27

    I think the OP would be insane not to buy a 29 considering there are 5-6 others at his club. The 29 and 27 are vastly different boats with different missions. If you sail in a breezy venue with lots of chop and don't mind amassing a crew of 7-8 guys every week the 29 is pretty unstoppable. Its deck space is enormous, with super wide side decks. The 27 is a much smaller boat for crew, not as comfortable for sure, but it requires less crew and your sail budget will be smaller as well. Good 29's do come up for sale. Big Taz was for sale recently in RI.......that was a competetive boat. Of all the 29's at your club, are they all the same configuration? There's a huge fleet of frac 29's up in Nova Scotia. Very competetive fleet and I'm sure a few of those boats must come up for sale occasionally.
  15. Squalamax

    Dark Side of the Clipper Ships Book

    Not beating upwind she wouldn’t.