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  1. Fournier Louis

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    @Breizo Hello @Breizo, To answer your questions : The Diam has different option to get boat out of the watter, there is a ramp trolley (to laucn the boat on ramp) easily towed by a car. Ther is also a a beach trolley, for more complicated ground, for exemple the beach or grass, it can also be towed by a car. So both type of wheel, can be stored anywhere, are easy to get the boat in/off the water. The trickky thing is to find a good spot to keave the boat. There is a cover to put on the boat, it covers the entire boat and is perfect to protect against the UV. This cover exist for the boat assemble and the boat dissamble. The rigging of the boat mast already up : it is very easy and can be done alone, even if it is much easier with two pair of hands, you have two diffrent set of sail : The sea rig (1 mainsail, 1 self tacking Jib, 1 Genkaker) The lake rig for light wind condition (1 mainsail, 1 self tacking jib, 1 bigger Genaker, 1 code Zero). If you speak about dissambling the boat, you 2 pair of hands to be effcient, and the quickest I have heard about is 1h00, but if you do not do it often you should count 2 hours. There is no current diam owners in TX to my knowledge. Hope that answers your question.
  2. Fournier Louis

    Big Daddy 2020, March 7&8

    Hello Trevor thanks for you constructive comments ! I see that our plan is working and the daggerboard humming is making people talk about it ! More seriously if you depolish it wit 800 grit sandpaper you should reduce the noise to something a lot more bearable and I won't affect the performance of the boat. If you need more advise there are some technical advice availlable ont the DIam 24 one design website.
  3. Hello I saw this message what do you think about it, and what do you think about the boat ? Grab your Chance! You love sailing; you are looking for a dayboat to fulfill your needs for thrills, pleasure, and seeking for excitement through the pleasure of speed Your ideal boat would be: transportable, ultra-dismountable, swift, safe, seafaring, strong and really fast… It would enable you to navigate with your family, friends, and 3 to 4 person crew, discover new sailing spots! A boat for regattas ensuring good ranking… This boat does exist and is available for your coming holidays! It is time to seize the opportunity to acquire a Diam 24 one design, multihull sportboat “Boat of the years 2017, Word Sailing” … If you already heard about it… then you just have to try it…