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    Big Daddy 2020, March 7&8

    Hello Trevor thanks for you constructive comments ! I see that our plan is working and the daggerboard humming is making people talk about it ! More seriously if you depolish it wit 800 grit sandpaper you should reduce the noise to something a lot more bearable and I won't affect the performance of the boat. If you need more advise there are some technical advice availlable ont the DIam 24 one design website.
  2. Hello I saw this message what do you think about it, and what do you think about the boat ? Grab your Chance! You love sailing; you are looking for a dayboat to fulfill your needs for thrills, pleasure, and seeking for excitement through the pleasure of speed Your ideal boat would be: transportable, ultra-dismountable, swift, safe, seafaring, strong and really fast… It would enable you to navigate with your family, friends, and 3 to 4 person crew, discover new sailing spots! A boat for regattas ensuring good ranking… This boat does exist and is available for your coming holidays! It is time to seize the opportunity to acquire a Diam 24 one design, multihull sportboat “Boat of the years 2017, Word Sailing” … If you already heard about it… then you just have to try it…