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  1. Maryland governor just announced boating will be allowed beginning tomorrow, 7May, at 7 am.
  2. That would explain why they're using an AK 47 for warning shots in the video!
  3. 2 quick points ... being greater than 12 nm offshore (territorial sea) doesn't necessarily exempt you from military or law enforcement harassment. The coastal state can police their Exclusive Economic Zone, which extends up to 200 nm offshore. This gets a bit jumbled and legally contested when there are a bunch of states packed together like the Caribbean, but this quick visual for VZ seems close enough for conceptualization: http://www.marineregions.org/gazetteer.php?p=details&id=8433. Article 73 of the UNCLOS: Additionally, a warship can board you on the high seas as well (Article 110) - most commonly for "flag verification:" Since a warship was sunk in this case, I'm not sure how it wouldn't go to international court.
  4. Osprey05

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    seems to work well on my Forerunner 645 Music. I really like the way you've set up the race timer ... just hit the record button when the horn sounds, go back in and change the countdown time if needed. i'm not sure there's another app where i can see the countdown, the time of day, and the bearing to the first waypoint all on one screen. and really like the vibration countdown as well. I like the ability to enter waypoints from the watch, but it would take for ever to put in even a short list of waypoints ... is it possible to set up an import from a phone, etc? and i'm trying not to be greedy, but would you consider a function in the main menu to shift from true to magnetic with a user-input variation?
  5. Osprey05

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    If it’s helpful, the watch app I’ve been using, “sailing waypoints,” piggybacks on the iPhone “r.485” app for gpx input. As I mentioned before though, it’s really cumbersome.
  6. Osprey05

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    One more shameless request with zero knowledge of programming difficulty ... I would love the functionality of shifting everything displayed in the app to magnetic based on a user-input variation in a settings menu. This would be helpful when using a hand-bearing compass to lay a drop mark.
  7. Osprey05

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    Downloaded onto my Forerunner 645 Music and seems to work well from my living room! That said, I've navigated a number of point-to-point races on my watch with other apps, and I think I like yours better ... - main page is pretty busy but I wouldn't change it, i personally like all the data on there - some apps don't have the time with seconds on the main page, for example. - Your wind speed/direction setup on startup is pretty innovative and intuitive; i like it... but it could be tough to get it right from a pitching cockpit, if you forget to set it on the dock...maybe a functionality for small edits (+/- with buttons?). maybe also being able to re-enter the initial input function change speed and direction without powering down the app? ie, wind shifts? - looks like the waypoint input function isn't there yet ... not sure what you had in mind, but i've enjoyed being able to upload full lists of GPX waypoints, but also need to be able to input new waypoints from scratch in the middle of a race ... in other apps this interface has been really cumbersome - my preference is to update/upload from an iPhone, but i'm clueless as to how these interfaces work. - consider another page with a lat/long output to 2 or 3 decimals and time with seconds for use at the nav table...or maybe incorporated into the chart output page.
  8. Osprey05

    USS McCain Incident

    I haven’t been on McCain’s bridge, but in general on DDGs there are 2 or 3 separate rudder and engine indicators on the “fiddleboards” above the forward Windows - one in front of the COs chair, one centerline for the conning Officer, and often an additional one for the XO. The helm console - and the touch screens in question - is centerline, a few feet behind everything. Regarding the Navy dropping the felony charges - this is unrelated and simply common JAG practice to write up a charge sheet up to the most serious limits of the charge that might fit the bill. They drop it when it becomes untenable or as part of a plea bargain. Mike, this is a longer read but I think you would find it interesting and exactly relevant to your objections: https://blog.usni.org/posts/2018/01/19/cno-memorandum-re-belknapkennedy-collision-2-october-1976 the Kennedy/Belknap collision had similar press coverage due to the fatalities and horrific nature of the accident and the CO, similarly, was NOT convicted in court but WAS relieved of command. CNO Holloway explained this quite eloquently IMO, and I wish the last CNO or SECNAV would have issued a similar communique to clear all this up for these most recent events, but they didn’t. as others have brought up, there were some significant failures on this ship and the CO was rightly held accountable. i don’t know how far down the NAVSEA chain (the office responsible for this modification) we’ve traced this design and those responsible, but that wouldn’t get any press.
  9. Osprey05

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    lol ... of course he means "less than 100% of keels designed by others for our boats have remained attached," unless in fact 100% of other designs have actually fallen off.
  10. Osprey05

    USS McCain Incident

    The captain did give an order to slow or stop, but the lee helm screwed it up on the touch screen by de-linking the two throttles. But critically, neither the CO, nor the conning officer, nor the officer of the deck looked at their repeaters to verify that the RPM's and propeller pitch were coming to idle ... this has been a basic, routine function of every navy bridge i've been on. I'm late to this thread, but to provide context on this in light of one of the posts from last week: yes, a DDG is a big ship (509 ft and ~9,000 tons), but with 100,000 shaft horsepower it has a stopping distance that is nearly "on a dime" (relatively!).
  11. Osprey05

    USS McCain Incident

    the underlying problems are systemically being fixed, it's just a lengthy process and not sexy, so you don't see it widely reported: https://news.usni.org/2019/08/09/navy-reverting-ddgs-back-to-physical-throttles-after-fleet-rejects-touchscreen-controls the "how did we even get there" question was answered above regarding getting newly-graduated junior engineers "into the cockpit."
  12. Osprey05

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    As some guessed, Comanche intentionally stayed off the line at the start...post race interview:
  13. Osprey05

    Offshore Sailing School thoughts?

    I’m relocating to Va Beach next year and came across this company near Little Creek when I was trying to figure out what the racing opportunities would be in the area. I’ve never worked with them, it is a chain, but they have the range of ASA courses and it looks like you could sign up to charter a large cat through them as well: https://sailtime.com/virginia-beach/sailing-school/