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  1. Orion Jim

    Stargazing app?

    I like Night Sky, available at the App Store.
  2. Orion Jim

    Camet Bonaire vs. Nantucket Sailing Shorts +

    If you are an adult male your size is “emaciated”
  3. Orion Jim

    Broken Harken furler drum

    Contact Harken technical service. They are very competent and helpful.
  4. Orion Jim

    Dyneema lifelines

    This would be my choice if I were not using 1X19 uncoated wire for my lifelines. I use it for my wind vane self steering control lines. About 10,000 nm in the last six years and there is no noticeable wear. At sea those control lines are in constant motion. . https://www.neropes.com/products/grand-prix-racing/product/detail/wr2-ultra/
  5. Orion Jim

    Harken website - discontinued products?

    Contact their Technical Service. They couldn’t be more helpful. https://www.harken.com/default.aspx
  6. Orion Jim

    Don't climb solo

    Why do husbands routinely die before their wives........because they choose to......
  7. Orion Jim

    Carol Arthur, DTS

    Widow of Dom DeLuise..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On73aHpgdSQ
  8. Orion Jim

    Can't find this Shell Oil for my Oceanvolt gearbox

    Be sure to read the “previous names/substitutions” comment in the ad. https://www.lubefinder.com/shell-spirax-s6-gxme-75w-80.html
  9. Orion Jim

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    My first car was a 67 Falcon, two door, hunter green with a white roof. Straight six with a 3 speed auto. That was back in 73. ( I worked at an auto body shop for two summers to save the money for the car and the insurance) Six weeks after I got it a drunk woman t-boned me in an intersection. It was totaled and my insurance sent me a check for $740.00 which my father promptly confiscated. (Not everyone has nice parents). I worked nights after school and all summer and bought myself another car a year later, a 69 Plymouth Satellite with a 318. This one was in my name.
  10. Orion Jim

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    https://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f64/lot-of-used-stock-lines-1-5-8-a-241249.html Not Craigslist but still funny as hell. If this crap sells I have a goldmine in my garage......
  11. Orion Jim

    25 years living/cruising a 27'er

    No bikini....no watchee.....
  12. Orion Jim

    Fire - Hinckley Yard Stamford

    Offset companionway strikes again......
  13. Orion Jim

    Random PicThread

    Never one to miss an opportunity to bring Political Anarchy to the Random Pic Thread.
  14. Orion Jim

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/White-Pine-Standing-Tree-for-Sailboat-Mast/184428805162?hash=item2af0d03c2a:g:268AAOSwlspaySww I know...it’s eBay not Craigslist but it’s funny as hell.