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  1. Toecutter's Ghost

    'Fell Off the Front'

  2. Toecutter's Ghost

    I still call Australia home

    Take your pick
  3. Toecutter's Ghost

    Greta Rides Again?

  4. Toecutter's Ghost

    I still call Australia home

    I blame ScoMo for this unacceptable debacle
  5. Toecutter's Ghost

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I know the answer to that one. It involves having a woman on board and a shower in the head.
  6. Toecutter's Ghost

    roll and tip mast with Perfection ??

    Whatever you do, don't use a single pack paint. You'll probably end up regretting it. I repainted my mast with 2K LPU paint a few years back. It was prepared to the point of all hardware and damaged areas of paint removed. Rather than roll and tip, I just rolled the paint on with a fairly course roller, leaving a correspondingly course orange peel finish. The mast had been repainted before with a mix of 2 pack and single pack touch ups and one "mistake" I made during preparation was to spot sand back to bare metal areas of damaged paint/corrosion. After the initial painting, when the paint was still super glossy these areas showed up as reasonably distinct "divots". Not too worry, as soon as the mast is thrown up it was pretty much unnoticeable. Now after a few years and the gloss has toned down a bit, the mast looks just as good from three paces as If It'd been rolled and tipped or sprayed and no signs of bubbling coming up from the paint. I guess what I'm saying in a long winded way is that the appearance doesn't really matter too much in the long run, just the preparation and paint selection. Now the boom, on the other hand, is a different kettle of fish because you stare up at it a lot and WILL notice any little imperfections in the coating. I stripped my boom of fittings, sanded every last piece of paint off it and even filled all the little corrosion marks and dings with epoxy filler. I sprayed it with 2k LPU and it came out looking fantastic, and still does to this day.
  7. Toecutter's Ghost

    Greta Rides Again?

    I think he's trying to say that they lost the ability they once had to use fire indicating, perhaps, that a long period of mild climate existed during this period prior to, or during, the Quaternary ice age. Captain Cook documented in his journals that some Polynesian societies he encountered among the many Islands he visited did not use fire (most other's did), so it is possibility.
  8. Toecutter's Ghost

    Do Some Boats Just Suck In Reverse?

    My modified fin keel and skeg hung rudder boat used to reverse like a dream. Since loaded up for cruising and dropping a couple of extra inches at the waterline it now won't reverse a damn until it hits about 3 knots. I was surprised at this. But the award for the boat that will never, ever reverse even close to the direction you want to go no matter what goes hands down to the Albin Vega.
  9. Toecutter's Ghost

    Generator in a marina all night?

    A bucket of crickets chucked on board would be harmless fun.
  10. Toecutter's Ghost

    Kirk Douglas DTS

    The closest I ever got was ... My childhood was more stolen the you know who's
  11. Toecutter's Ghost

    Kirk Douglas DTS

    It's the movie star sons that got me confused. The only movie I think I ever seen Kirk in was Vikings back when I was a kid.
  12. Toecutter's Ghost

    Kirk Douglas DTS

    I think you're right. I picked the wrong week to give up sniffin' glue. I think I need to watch more Turner Classic Movies, too!
  13. Toecutter's Ghost

    Kirk Douglas DTS

    He picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue
  14. Toecutter's Ghost

    Greta Thunberg Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

    Let's hope Greta thanks her team if she wins
  15. Toecutter's Ghost

    Greta Thunberg Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

    Thank fuck their track record in that department aint so great then.