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  1. Toecutter's Ghost

    Raspberry Pi Geekdom

    If I'd have known how good and versatile a Raspberry Pi was, I would never have purchased an MFD. My advice is use a "headless"* Rpi 3 instead of a 4 unless you want to use it as a general purpose "PC Lite". The 3 uses a lot less power and runs OpenPlotter (which is essential, imo) fine. *"Headless" means no display or keyboard attached. This thing isn't Windows. It will run all day, everyday without needing to reboot to update Candy Crush. You access with remote software like noMachine or VNC. Not that you need to do that so much because you can use software on your phone and tablet to read the NMEA and SignalK data streams directly into apps like OpenCPN. Personally, I'd give the dAISy HAT a miss. I purchased one and was a little underwhelmed by it's reception. Ended up buying an AIS transceiver which received much better and transmits also. My Pi is the hub of the boat's network. Even provides the Internet access so every phone, tablet and computer just needs to connect to Pi's network and good to go. The thing uses 2/10's of stuff all power and repair at sea is as simple as carrying a replacement unit. It powers on and off with the battery switch, which is something you wouldn't really do with an MFD on a small boat.
  2. I'm not 100% buying the idea that a helicoil wouldn't fit. My mast is full of them. You can get helicoil inserts of various lengths, including those sized for thin material. The trick is getting them to stay in place. This is solved by coating the outside thread in super strength loctite. Remove the sheave to punch out the helicoil tangs.
  3. Toecutter's Ghost

    Electric set-up (solar/lithium) etc..

    My thinking would be to use it as a super-capacitor of sorts. The idea being if your 48vdc bank shut down for some reason, at least you'd have a residual 12volt supply to avoid going totally dark.
  4. Toecutter's Ghost

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    But the motor is good!
  5. Toecutter's Ghost

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It's halfway there already
  6. Toecutter's Ghost

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    And, from GumTree, another.... Don't even include a rutter.
  7. Toecutter's Ghost

    Electric set-up (solar/lithium) etc..

    Will two panels in series be enough to charge a 48v bank from an MPPT? I'd think three, possibly four, in series as a minimum would be required? I'd use the small 12 volt 10 ah battery via a small dc-dc charger off the 48v bank to run the electronics so you'll have lights at least if the main bank disconnects. It won't even need to necessarily be LFP (small LFP batteries can cut out with even the slightest bump in current which can be very annoying) if you do this.
  8. Toecutter's Ghost

    I finally got my boat balanced like i want it

    Albin Vega. Required only minor repairs before plonking back in the drink
  9. Toecutter's Ghost

    Funniest Movie Scenes

    We got a bleeder!
  10. Toecutter's Ghost

    What mods to accommodate lithium battery bank?

    VA=W but also recognises power factor, which is assumed to be a value of 1.0 for a VA rating. In simple terms, power factor is something that affects loads powered by AC circuits and any device with a power factor rating less than 1.0 will draw more instantaneous power at some point for every AC cycle than it actually consumes as an average. The closer to zero the power factor, the higher the ratio of instantaneous power to average power consumed by the load. Generators and inverters are typically output rated in VA as the power factor of the loads is - obviously - unknown for any given application. The catch is that for many generators and inverters this VA rating is also the absolute maximum rating beyond which the generator or inverter will be unable to supply even the additional instantaneous power requirement of a load with a PF <1.0. Stuff connected to the grid isn't so much affected as both the laws of averages and the use of power factor correction devices by the utilities minimise the affects.
  11. Toecutter's Ghost

    Accidental embalming in epoxy

    Some epoxies more than others. Never had a problem with bugs until I changed to a 2:1 mix ratio formulation and used it to coat some plywood used for seating. It must've been a shit job because the flies were attracted to it like it was a turd.
  12. Toecutter's Ghost

    Who would not like to travel like Greta?

    Is climate change still a thing? I thought a month of lock down fixed it?
  13. Toecutter's Ghost

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    Me too!
  14. Toecutter's Ghost

    India - China Skirmish

    They're ahead of their time. That's the style Einstein predicted WW IV would be fought.
  15. Toecutter's Ghost

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I think you have these guys confused with another couple that were cruising the Arctic around the same period (their youtube channel name escapes me). Any bears shot by the Aussie couple above was done purely with cameras.