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  1. astro

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    I'm pretty sure that has been the aim for many years now. The RRS as they are now are pretty fucking good. They have been honed over the decades to be pretty good. People are still asking for a 'plain English' version, when I think that is what we have. So the problem is not that the rules are complicated, it is that people do not invest the time to understand them. Lazy cunts who would rather bully others with their ignorance.
  2. astro

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    Yes. So have I. Most sailors could not tell you what Rule 17 was.
  3. astro


    When do you have to?
  4. astro

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    How about to prevent chaos and damage? To prevent stupid and overly aggressive luffing? To prevent fast downwind boats repeatedly shafting those ahead? How about the general concept that the overtaking boat keeps clear? How about the maintain some sanity to Performance Handicap fleets? That enough?
  5. astro

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    Shit like that is why I sacked facebook two years after it started.
  6. So you endorse your brand of disinformation here, That reminds me ... disinformation ...
  7. The number of confirmed U.S. deaths due to the coronavirus is substantially lower than the true tally, according to a study published Wednesday in JAMA Internal Medicine. Using National Center for Health Statistics data, researchers at Yale University compared the number of excess U.S. deaths from any causes with the reported number of weekly U.S. Covid-19 deaths from March 1 through May 30. The numbers were then compared with deaths from the same period in previous years. Researchers found that the excess number of deaths over normal levels also exceeded those attributed to Covid-19, leading them to conclude that many of those fatalities were likely caused by the coronavirus but not confirmed. State reporting discrepancies and a sharp increase in U.S. deaths amid a pandemic suggest the number of Covid-19 fatalities is undercounted, they said. “Our analyses suggest that the official tally of deaths due to Covid-19 represent a substantial undercount of the true burden,” Dan Weinberger, an epidemiologist at Yale School of Public Health and a lead author of the study, told CNBC. Weinberger said other factors could contribute to the increase in deaths, such as people avoiding emergency treatment for things like heart attacks. However, he doesn’t think that is the main driver. The study was supported by the National Institute of Health. The 781,000 total deaths in the United States in the three months through May 30 were about 122,300, or nearly 19% higher, than what would normally be expected, according to the researchers. Of the 122,300 excess deaths, 95,235 were attributed to Covid-19, they said. Most of the rest of the excess deaths, researchers said, were likely related to or directly caused by the coronavirus.
  8. ahhahaahaaaa twice in the one post! Spin is extreme.
  9. astro

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    You know it's trolling when ...
  10. astro

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    Rule 17 is there for a reason. Racing hasn't changed much since it was put there. We don't need no steeekin match racing shit in fleet racing.
  11. Leon Panetta becomes latest prominent public figure to accuse Trump of effectively surrendering to the virus and abandoning Americans to their fate. Donald Trump has “essentially gone awol from the job of leadership that he should be providing a country in trouble” during the coronavirus pandemic, a former defence secretary and CIA director said on Wednesday. Leon Panetta, who served in various capacities under nine US presidents, became the latest prominent public figure to accuse Trump of effectively surrendering to the virus and abandoning Americans to their fate, using the military jargon awol, meaning absent without leave. “This is a major crisis,” Panetta told Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, noting that top infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci has warned that America may hit 100,000 new cases a day, twice the current rate. “But the president, rather than bringing together some kind of national strategy to confront this crisis, simply resorts to tweeting about vandalism and other things to kind of divert attention from the crisis that’s there.” He added: “We have a president that is not willing to stand up and do what is necessary in order to lead this country during time of major crisis. I have never experienced a president who has avoided that responsibility.” The virus has infected more than 2.6m Americans and killed 128,000, according to Johns Hopkins University. Newly reported infections topped 50,000 on Wednesday for the first time, an all-time high in the US outbreak, and are rising significantly in 40 states, more than a dozen of which have been forced to pause reopening plans. Hospital beds and testing capacity are under strain.