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  1. I like the adventurous spirit and style of the R2AK, and hence this seems like fun. It does sound a bit bland drifting around, and rowing a yacht. Maybe I'll drag my Santa Cruz 27 up for it. So, why isn't there an offshore race down the Oregon and Northern California coast? For the trailer sailors, it would be a f'n gas and the logistics would be easy as pie.
  2. grimoire

    Cold weather boots.

    Check out the commercial fishing stores in BC. Any large port will have one. I also use rubber gloves in winter. I bought about a dozen pair of polypropylene liners for them for about $4 bucks a pair. I just swap liners when they get soaked, and the liners dry quickly. They are cheap, durable and have great grip
  3. grimoire

    Cold weather boots.

    Pretty much all Alaskan fisherman are wearing Xtratufs. They make them insulated and non-insulated. They're durable, agile, pretty cheap. Grundens makes foul weather gear that is a lot cheaper than any sailing brand, and a lot more functional as well.
  4. I'm in Hood River. Where are you at?
  5. The torpedo tube on the front of my boat puts me at 28' overall. I would think that if one had completed a Pac Cup and SHTP, and some of the other ocean races on this list, you could probably appeal to enter the Bermuda 1-2, as long as you had a truly well prepared boat. That's many years off for me. It sounds like a cool race.
  6. The Great Lakes site is fantastic, thanks.
  7. The Pac Cup in 2022 with both hands is definitely the plan. Probably the singlehanded scoot to Hawaii the next year. I’m obviously ahead of myself and dreaming, but I can see trailering to the Great Lakes and the East Coast at some point. They have some cool races also. Bermuda 1/2 sounds fun. Anyhow, I just think it would fun to have a complete list of the best short handed races in North America.
  8. Yo, Please help me cook up a list of the best shorthanded races in North America. I bought a Santa Cruz 27 a year ago. It is my first sailboat. I sailed it in the Gorge 3 days a week all summer, impersonated a racer as I got my ass kicked every Wednesday, and took it down the Columbia River and the coast of Oregon alone. I had the great pleasure of letting her rip while reaching across a 25 knot breeze with a 1.5 oz. kite up. I was able to maintain about 12 knots and hit 16 knots several times. Point being, I'm super psyched. I'm hoping to get to the Three Bridge Fiasco, Oregon Offshore, and Swiftsure next year. So, give props to your favorite shorthanded races. Scotty
  9. grimoire

    New foulies?

  10. grimoire

    girls run aground in WA State ....

    I won’t miss 20 bucks. I’m sure I’ll end up fucked and need a hand before long, in one way or another. Good luck, girls
  11. So, help me understand. A Westsail 32 is a real heavy boat with the sleek underbody of a rocking chair. I had a McKenzie River style drift boat for rivers, and no matter how much power you used with an outboard, it would not plane. So, compare a Cal 34, with a similar waterline, half the weight, a flatter underbody, and more modern keel. Apparently the shorter, waterline makes them sticky for surfing compared to the fabled Cal 40. I would think a Cal 40 would move pretty well on a trip like this, because it would surf a lot. Would the Cal 34 just plow along unable to break free, bruising the Southern Ocean like the Westsail 32, or would it be able to make better time? I’m playing off of CarCrashes evidence from the Transpac, where the Westsail 32 basically keeps up with the fleet. Just trying to better understand boat design in the real world.
  12. Anyone think my Santa Cruz 27 could do it in less than 200 days? This has the makings of a great wager. Could provide some crowdfunded entertainment for the COVID-19 year?
  13. grimoire

    well this is bullshit

    My boat is in the Gorge and off limits. I can’t think of a better quarantine activity than sailing alone. But..... I also work in the hospital. I have been issued one N-95 mask and told not to lose it because we’re out. People are bringing in hand sewn masks. The anxiety is high. My sister lives in China. They have quarantine. We do not. They have it under control.The statistics say we are super fucked Good year for a solo, non-stop jaunt around the globe... stay healthy.... dying of a lung constricting pneumonia is real shitty, I’ve heard
  14. At $30,000 total budget, I'd say go slightly smaller. I'd rather have an Express 27 in immaculate condition with new rigging, paint, and a suit of new sails than a slightly larger boat which needs work. The Express 27 is well proven for all west coast ocean races, is very manageable to single hand, and fun as all. I bought a Santa Cruz 27 last year with a hull which has been restored, for $13k. I'll have about $25k into it by the time its ready for long distance ocean races. It is nice to have a boat which is in really sweet condition. By the way, the SC 27 has a reputation as being super uncomfortable for a crew, but for 1 or 2, the cockpit is sweet. I can reach the main sheet, traveler and jib sheet with the tiller in my hand, and I have a backrest in the seats or on the coaming. It is small inside, for sure. Trailers add a lot of options. Sea of Cortez? Great Lakes? Salish Sea? Newfoundland? Carribean? Just a few days away.
  15. grimoire

    Santa Cruz 27 owner needs all of your input

    I’ll make the baby stay work. It’s easy to see how the mast could invert when the boat is really pounding. There’s a lot of flex in 27 feet of lightweight boat and the mast is relatively long. The middle of the mast needs a nudge in the right direction. Keep tossing in favorite resources about sail trim, race tactics, etc. The theory of racing sailboats is fascinating. I’m told I will definitely need a number 4 for the Gorge, and that I will use it all the time. If anyone has a number 4 for sale, let me know. Also, who makes a good number 4 if I need to buy a new one? I’m psyched on how many people are dumping knowledge on me. There’s a ton of shit to learn.